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Started by Scaly, November 22, 2010, 12:31:23 AM

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Okay, I have a permanent request thread HERE. I'm posting this as a separate request because I feel it deserves it. Please look things over and PM me or post if you're interested.

The request is put into a lot more detail below, but in summery, I want something that takes place in my world Tantalee, a fantasy setting that includes some magic. I have done quite extensive work on the setting, and I would like to put it to use.
It could be a bit of a challenge, but this would be a very open process. Communication would probably need to be open at all times. Just because its my world doesn't mean that you don't have any power there. You can provide some context, as long as it fits. For really big things, its better to ask me first.

I would play a young (male) dragon locked into a human form. You would play the emperor who owns him. This is a M/M NC/bondage RP with lots of plot. Over time, my character Fyrai would fall in love with the emperor, even though the relationship is abusive. His master will NOT return those feelings. The role play would consist of you playing the Emperor, and being more in charge of leading the action of the play since you're the master. I would provide details of the environment and social cues in order to immerse you in my world.

My character:

Age: 300 (Equivalent: 25)
Species: Dragon - Human form
Sexual Preference: Men
Personality: Fyrai is rather excitable and bouncy. The behavior is typical to his species. He has a short attention span, and tends to get very distracted by shiny things. He is romantic by nature and not very easily embarrassed. Rather, he takes pride in being able to please his lover. He is high maintenance and has a tendency to be a little bit naive, but he means well. He is always ready to experience new things, and is thrilled by every opportunity.
Biography: Fyrai was born as an only child, something that is rare for the dragons. His parents abandoned him as an egg, but he hatched as a healthy dragon, and lived in the village. The other dragons in his village took care of him, and even though he didn't have parents, he lived a happy childhood there.
Appearance: Fyrai is average height for a dragon in human form. He starts about 6 feet high, with a toned but slim build. His human form is Caucasian, with short blond hair and green eyes. His dragon form is a blinding silver.
Settings: High fantasy, original

Your Character

Your character would be the Emperor of the Empire of Koh. He is a byrd, a mythical creature that is part human and part bird. (If the "y" in the word bothers you, I can spell it with an i instead. I use the y to differentiate between the sentient species and the little songbirds.) All the citizens of Koh are byrds. They have mostly human forms, but dawn feathers on their heads, crotches and underarms and have no hair. They have large, feathery wings that are twice the span of their bodies on average. Byrds are short tempered and angry. They have angular faces and dark features. I'd like to re-emphasize that I don't want your character to ever fall in love with mine.
Other than these specifications, you can do anything with the character that you desire.


This role play would take place in the world of Tantalee, in the Empire of Koh. I have some information about Tantalee and its individual countries here. Unfortunately there is not much information about Koh up just yet. During the RP, I would provide much more detail about cultural things as they came along.
I'd like to point out right here that Tantalee is a planet of my invention, and is copywritten by me. Do not use it or reference it without my permission.

For some background information, the people of Koh live on vaulted platforms that are at least two stories off of the ground. These are held up by massive columns and made of marble. They can be varying heights and styles, but all have only columns supporting a roof, without walls. In richer communities, a cluster of these platforms will form a "building" with each platform being an individual room. Since byrds can fly, there is no need for any kind of walkway between rooms. Rooms of the same building can be anywhere from just a few feet apart to a few yards, where as rooms of separate buildings are at least the height of one platform apart. As there are no walkways, people simply pass through rooms to get from one to the other.

The local cuisine consists largely of raw tossed "salads" of seeds and vegetables. Fruit is considered desert, and meat is a rare delicacy. Unlike other cultures, which have taboos on eating the meat of any sentient animal, byrds consider any meat except their own game.
Any poultry products, including eggs, are absolutely forbidden.


The magic system of Tantalee is based off of five natural elements (Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Lightening.)
At the time that this role play is set in, the only elements that have been identified for magic are Earth, Water and Fire. Each living being is born with a tie to one of the elements, and manipulates magic through the element. It is a skill that must be trained for most people.
Thus, at this point in time, only about 3/5 of the population of Tantalee can do magic. An individual's magic is stronger and more accurate when their element is around them in abundance

Fyrai, being a wind elemental, has not been trained in magic and cannot do it.


The plot would revolve around a particular time in the history of Koh. A neighboring country of Wyria was well known to be the home of the great explorers of the era, who discovered and visited a previously unknown continent. They returned with tales of dragons that could talk and had a society and a culture. The Emperor of Koh (your character) sent out explorers of his own, and hatched the plan to use these beasts as a source of cheap labor.

The explorers from Koh went back with extra ships and some royal magicians. They found that the dragons were dying of a plague. The healthy individuals where invited to get on the ships and flee the sickness. The royal magicians sealed the dragons into human form "for transport."
In this manner, they dragons were tricked into slavery and shipped to Koh. They were then left in human form and distributed around the empire.

The RP will open with Fyrai, who was selected as a sample of the "stock," being presented to the emperor.
I don't have a definite idea of how to end it yet, or how the course of the plot will go, but all of that can be discussed personally.
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I have changed the title, and added some pertinent information.
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I know this is a lot to read.
I added a little more about how the mechanics of the play would work, and reminded the reader that they still have some creative control.
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