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Author Topic: Hong Kong Action Theater  (Read 1400 times)

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Offline Natalie C. BarneyTopic starter

Hong Kong Action Theater
« on: June 04, 2005, 10:51:22 AM »
     I was thinking of running a game based on those asian action movies, will have gritty martial arts action like the good old days and plots (some serious and some just fun). I likely will not use the RISUS system but have an idea for a simple rules sheet. For the initial story I plan to have the heroes (no villians just heroes for players) facing an ancient demon and his army of possessed fighters the KRAZY 666 [there are 666 of them]. This will be in the Heavy Section to to gross action movie violence not sex (light there), they will not mix!

     So anyone actually interested?

Offline Hunter

Re: Hong Kong Action Theater
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2005, 10:54:03 AM »
*hopeful look*  dX rules set?

Offline Natalie C. BarneyTopic starter

Re: Hong Kong Action Theater
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2005, 11:08:01 AM »
*hopeful look*  dX rules set?

HUH? Ok you get I never heard of this so no. Be home brew I want to have rules everyone can use and is easy.

Offline Hunter

Re: Hong Kong Action Theater
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2005, 11:14:27 AM »
*sad look*  Okay, I'll take a look at it when the game pops up.

Offline kasen03

Re: Hong Kong Action Theater
« Reply #4 on: June 06, 2005, 08:53:42 AM »
This sounds like alot of fun too?

I'm trying to remember..there was this RPG that was designed for Hong Kon action flicks..the name escapes me right now.  Very very rules lite..and more geared towards 'action' then dice rolls. (Thus if one posed well..that influenced the outcome, as opposed to stats or rolls)

Either way..sounds like alot of fun.  What time era set in?

Offline Natalie C. BarneyTopic starter

Re: Hong Kong Action Theater
« Reply #5 on: June 06, 2005, 03:07:43 PM »
Well I was thinking around 2005, can have the whole rise of evil and some technology. Will actually be in the orient more centered on Hong Kong. And my rules will include bonuses for: Description of the Martial Arts and Action Moves, Bad Dialog and Slapstick... For the martial arts will be authentic level no running along power lines and dodging a hundred thrown knives. Think early Jackie Chan and Jet Li not when they were corrupted by special effects.

Character sheet example:


Martial Arts Style: Your all a master with theis style the base skills is Butt-Kicking + Smartz + Guts divided by 4 (rounded down) PLUS 30%. Will be able to raise this will xp. Damage 1d6 per 10 Points (rd) plus +1 Damage per 10 Butt-Kicking. Must be a real style or an offshoot of one- even if from a movie one. Includes the use of one appliable weapon of choice.

Skills: Get 5 points you can get one skill for 1 Point at STUDENT LEVEL, 2 Points at TEACHER LEVEL and 4 Points at MASTER LEVEL. Each level adds +10% to the roll with that skill. These don't have to be action related MODELING can help with social interactions and such for example.

STATS: (assign 250 points minimum 10 and maximum 80)


Experience Points: Will be able to spend these for new skills and improvements. Adding a new skill will cost 10xp, raising one a level is 10xp, raising Martial Arts is 5xp per 1 point.

Experience Points Given: 1 xp automatically per adventure, 1 xp if you learned something, 1 xp for suitable description of scenes and 1-3 xp GM discretion for making me enjoy the adventure.

Bonuses: Want bonuses for damage then yu have to give detailed details of the fight sequences, this will add 1d4 to 1d10 damage. If you try riskier moves or funnier moves you get a bigger bonus. Example: Springing off of fire escapes, attacking a guy at each spring, as you go up the sides of the building to fight the boss at the top...each time detailing the bones cracking and such its worth more than another scene with less detail and risk. Basically if YOU could get really hurt if you mess up its worth more for the end move against the last foe you can see. On the plus side if a hot model action woman opens her top and gives a thug a breast rub on his face before kicking his butt or has as a schtick of being clumbsy stumbling as an opponent attacks so they trip and fall into a vat of beer then thats good too.

SCHTICK: Kind of action hero or heroine you are, examples are: Slapstick (Jackie Chan), Sex Kitten (La Blue Girl), High Flying Master (Jet Li) etc. Have fun with this. Doing moves with a schtick helps- you may get bonuses attack or damage.

HERO POINTS: You get one and can buy them with xp at 2xp each. If you really want to do something spend one. Villians of note get these also called VILLIAN points. Once used they are gone. So if the DEMON KING is about to paste you by hurling you into a volcano and your nearly unconscious spend 1 and do a scene of you surviving. You get one chance to impress the GM and if its good enough you live.

LIMITS: Will be Light generally with Heavy themes but akin to La Blue Girl so any ravishings will be of a pleasant sort or fade to black. No extreme gore assume a Rated R action movie.