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Author Topic: ~Assorted Fandom~  (Read 1098 times)

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~Assorted Fandom~
« on: November 20, 2010, 07:33:49 pm »
Hello there, dear reader.
Please read this, before looking through the fandoms below.

This is my list of ideas I got from different corners of popular or obscure culture. Anything might show up here, be it Harry Potter, Doctor Who, or Naruto based ideas. These are ideas and plots are based on or around characters and/or events that are in some way significant to their original stories.

Please look through my On's and Off's before responding to any fandoms below.

For my original ideas, please go back and look up my Original Ideas, Cravings and Fantasies, or my Gallery.

I would like to point out that an idea is usually not cut in stone, but can be tweaked and adjusted to suit us both. Please make sure to point out what you want from a story, and what elements you are particularly interested in, when/if you contact me about it.

Please only contact me via PM.


I hold no responsibility for any spoilers found in the below stories, nor do I want any information on the events of any story or series not -directly- tied to the roleplay in question!


Naruto Shippuuden - Grand Gallery!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Basically, there are barely no limits to what kinds of plots we could discuss when it comes to Naruto. It's simply too hard to list every single erotic idea and/or fantasy I've had revolving around this amazing story.

My favorite characters of the Naruto universe are (roughly) as follows;

1 - Hinata
2 - Zabuza
3 - Orochimaru
4 - Ten-Ten
5 - Shino
(6 - Kakuzu, because he deserves to be on the list!)

As for my favorite pairings, which are also the ones that I would deeply desire to actually play;
(In any pairing involving Hinata, I intend to play her.)

1; Hinata x Shino
2; Kiba x Hinata (May also involve Akamaru)
3; Ino x Asuma
4; Haku x Zabuza

Basicly, you can name any character you want, and any particular idea for a plot, and I'll look it over and give you an answer. I'm willing to consider anything, as long as it fits my O/O's.

As for characters that I personally want to play;


More may be added!

Yahiko, Pain
Akamaru (Technically a boy, right?)

More may be added!

Right at this very moment, I managed to put this picture together by combining some frames with my amateur'ish skills in photoshop. This particular picture just takes my breath away, and revolves around two of my favorite characters, and perhaps the pairing that I desire most at the moment;

Hinata x Shino

However, I also managed to make that particular picture feature only Hinata, should it spark any ideas.

Warcraft - Menagerie of Madness!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So, the Warcraft universe.

I find the Warcraft universe very inspiring, and I know quite a lot of the story. I wont say that I know everything, but I will say that I probably know more than most, and because of that I feel comfortable putting this up as a fandom I'm definitely always interested in.

As for actual plots? I have no idea where to begin really.


Basicly; I'm willing to play with and against most, if not all playable races and species, with the only real exception being undead. Perhaps a death-knight or something along those lines, but a Forsaken undead, or anything more decomposed than that? Not really my thing, sorry. I may be able to deal with -sexy- zombies, but partially rotten ones? Nah.

There are loads of other races, species and facctions in this universe that I would love to play as, or with. Think up that amazing plot you've always wanted for a Warcraft fan-fic, but never got to see. It might be an Ogre on an Elf, Mok'Nathal on a dwarf, or that hot gnome chick and the human captain, I really don't know. If there is any story you want to play out in the warcraft uinverse, send it to me, and we'll see how it works out in the end.

Freeform; What I mean by free-form is that this would work as a story that is not really planned out. You will play any character you desire, and I will basicly be the world, and throw stuff at you accordingly. We will need to discuss kinks, plot points, and other related topics before we can jump into this, but basicly it will be an erotic verison of text-based World of Warcraft.

For more information on this kind of playstyle, have a look at my 'Ultimate Adventure!' thread.

Marvel - Fuel For Fantasy!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Right, I can barely even begin to describe the stuff i would be willing to play out when it comes to the Marvel universe. I have always had a great love for it, and i am quite a comic enthusiast. I wont say i know it all, but i will say that i know more than most, and I'm not ashamed of it. I -wont!- request that you know everything though.

As for basic ideas, we can do it in many different ways, a few basic frames listed below;

1 - An open-ended RPG styled adventure in which one of us will play a character throughout a line of events, or one grand plot, the other will be taking on the role of several characters, though not at the same time ofcourse. There will be good and bad relations all the way through this story, some might blossom into intimate scenes, others into brutal struggles of good and evil.

2 - A typical pairing, two heroes, a hero and a villain, or two villains. Basically, the classic RP pairing of two characters, and we see where it goes. It might go many different ways, and couold include many different elements, ranging from Vanilla to hardcore Non-Con relationships.

3 - Any other idea or system you might have though of that isn't currently listed here. If the idea is good, we can start doing some planning, and i might steal it and list it here.

An idea that I -desperately- want to play out would be a Mutant Teenage Romance! (Bad pun, i know)

Basically, a story taking place at Xavier's institute, i am open to many differnet combinations when it comes to that though. A more descriptive verison of thsi idea will go into my main ideas thread.

Pokémon - A Trainers Trials!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is a fairly typical story idea, based on the most common Pokémon plots. Basically, it's open to discussion what exactly might be going on.

Will probably include sexual relations to Pokémon of different kinds.

Might include PokéMorphs. (Pokémon's in a more furry/Anthro style, possibly people turned Pokémon, or Pokémon turned people.)

The storyline itself might be based on either a Pokémon trainer, a certain Pokémon, or the most logical thing, a Pokémon breeder. Basically, what i expect out of this is for you to contact me, should you express any interest in the idea, and then give me a brief description of what you have in mind. When describing it, i would prefer having more than one line to work with, please be sort of thorough, so that i actually have a chance of knowing whether it's the kind of story i want or not. I'm open to almost any ideas in this regard though, i like to think, i would Even be open to some very serious Pet/Master play in this regard, perhaps even reversed, with the Pokémon being the master. Anything will do, just go ahead and give me a shout, so that i might know you're interested. And do remember to look over my O/O's.

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