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Author Topic: A Few Possible Games  (Read 562 times)

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Offline MechanicalImpulsesTopic starter

A Few Possible Games
« on: February 22, 2007, 04:30:56 PM »
Alright I’ve got a few ideas for games running around inside my mind,  so I decided to post them up here and see if there were any takers.

Game One

Redemption of the Strangest Kind-  What we have here is the story of a half-fiend that found its way to the prime material.  Now, unlike many of his brothers and sisters a part of him has remained untouched by the evil that was sparked within his soul.  The creature is doing its best to remain on the path of good,  of course the creature has some tendencies towards evil and its doing its best to fight against it… 

Occasionally though,  the urge is just too over powering and he has to give in…  its during one of those breaches of self that he runs afoul of a female paladin.  The two duke it out for a time,  but the half-demon seems to be pulling its punches…  the Paladin soon discovers the torment in the creatures soul and attempts to help it along the path of salvation.

Now…  that’s how things get kind of weird.  The half fiend still has its dark urges and at times its almost impossible for it to hold them back.  So the paladin attempts to handle this in a quite inventive sort of way.  BD/SM,  yes you heard that right.  She allows our half fiend to tie her down and slack its dark lust upon her…  but also at times gives the beast the same sort of treatment…  hoping to gain a better grip on the creature so, that with a bit of force she can hold back the evil urges herself.

Eventually I’d kind of like to see a strange sort of romance building up between the two of the,

This does in a way draw heavily upon DnD,  but a knowledge of the system isn’t required…

If a party wanted to get involved in this game I wouldn’t mind…  but it is to remain free forum.

I would play the Half Fiend

Game Two

A Tzimisce and its Ghoul(Better name in the Works)-  Well if you know anything about Vampire the Masquerade you’ve probably heard of clan Tzimisce.  They’re flesh crafting horror’s of the Sabbat who are on a constant quest to attain perfection through the art of Vicissitude…  the Discipline that allows them to change flesh and bone like clay.

Well,  our story begins with a strangely sensual Tzimisce,  who is on a search for a new ghoul…  which are essentially humans who are empowered  and controlled by vampiric blood.  So, it puts on its best face and it hits the club.  It finds its target, and uses its perfect body to soon ensnare a victim…  they head back to the creatures haven and begin the process of blood bonding.

This game WILL get weird…  I must emphasize that,  the Tzimisce signature discipline opens up the door for hundreds of strange transformations.   And they will be worked both on the vampire and its ghoul all in hopes of gaining a better understanding of its body so that it can one day possess the knowledge that it needs to ascend.

The vampires can be male or female...  and the ghoul could be either male or female but no Male/Male

This game will involve heavy… and highly exotic BD/SM…

One warning if you don’t like the idea of blood,  this game is not for you…

No knowledge of the system is required as I will be altering the rules anyway particularly for Vicissitude

If multiple players would like to get involved I wouldn’t mind

I will be playing the Tzimisce.

More ideas to come later
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Offline MechanicalImpulsesTopic starter

Re: A Few Possible Games
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2007, 01:42:31 PM »
Bump any takers?