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Author Topic: Beloved Lucas  (Read 677 times)

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Beloved Lucas
« on: November 19, 2010, 10:18:39 PM »
The sound of the organ filled the cathedral as Lucas hammered away at the keys. His fingers gently pressed the keys as the tears from his soul rolled down his face. The church was full of music but not with people to appreciate the sound. It had been such a long time ago when children would sing to Lucas's delightful melodies on Sunday mornings. Much had been lost during this last year. The only thing that held him together now was his faith in the Almighty. Lucas swiped his robes out of the way as he rose up from the organ.

The church was well keep before the members had been killed by the diseases that ran rampant from the dead on the ground. Shattered pieces of glass lined the floors where the insane had thrown rocks at the face of the Almighty when insanity took them. Even the pews of the church were now cracked and bent out of shape from the madness that consumed frail minds. The only thing that remained untouched was the holy alter where the picture of the Almighty hung above it.

Lucas walked over to the altar and knelt down as unspoken words flowed from his mouth. He could feel the power uncoiling from within him as he opened his mouth. The sound of the organ remained in his mind as he felt the painful burns of light over his body. Lucas did not allow a gasp of pain to escape his mouth. This would be the last stand.

After moments of kneeling before the beloved alter, Lucas rose up then grabbed his staff which was place next to the alter. He turned towards the huge doors to go outside. The echoing sound of his shoes against the tiled floored matched the beating of his heart. The sound of the fiends growling now overpowered the sound of the organ in his mind. They were waiting for him. There is nothing to lose now. Lucas thought as he pushed open the doors to the outside world. The sky was pitch black with streaks of red across its vast emptiness. Lucas looked out to see the fiends waiting for him.

Lucas's hand grasped the staff tightly as he gazed out at their grey bloodied skin. Drool slide down their misshapen faces as they watched him with hungry eyes. This was the only thing the low ranking fiends could feel. Hungry. They could never be satisfied. They had destroyed everything except for Lucas. Now was the final battle. Lucas heard footsteps moving behind the fiends lined around the cathedral. Their leader was here to watch him die. Somehow this fiend controlled all the low ranking fiends. Only the leader's eyes glowed with intelligence. Unafraid, Lucas moved slowly down the stairs of the holy cathedral towards them.

The leader motioned his hand in the arm then suddenly quickly brought it down to his thigh. The fiends moved upon like hyenas towards a kill. Lucas ran upward to meet them as he threw his staff into the body of fiend. A ball of holy energy came from one hand as Lucas's other hand ripped the throat from a fiend. As more of the fiends gathered around him, Lucas uttered a word that caused the ground around him to erupt in flames. The leader of the fiends smirked as he sent in more of his fiends to attack.

Lucas grabbed his staff out of the body of the fiend then he used it to swirl around himself. Soon his body was moving so quickly that he become a tornado of light that killed the fiends that came near him.   Lucas stop spinning to see that majority of the fiends army had been killed. Lucas almost fell down to his knee since the use of the powers had nearly consumed all his energy.

Footsteps moved over bone crunching them into miniature pieces. Lucas looked up to see the leader a few yards away from him. Lucas reached down to grab his staff while still keeping his eye on the fiend. "You know that more will come," the leader said as he smiled at Lucas. "There is no way to kill what is already dead." Lucas stood up as he tried to gather some more strength. The two being looked at each other for approximately a minute but it felt like an eternity.

Suddenly the leader moved almost leaping through the air at Lucas. Lucas blocked the leader's claws with his staff as he punched the fiend in his face. Many blows were exchanged. Lucas could not summon his holy power since he had used majority of it to fight the army. The fiend sensing Lucas growing weaker began to fight more ruthlessly. The world began to slip from Lucas's eyes as his staff fell from his hands. The fiend moved away from Lucas's last weak blow as he knocked Lucas to the ground.

Lucas attempted to crawl back to the cathedral but instead he was kicked in his stomach by the fiend. The world was becoming blacker and darker by the second. The stench of death around him nearly suffocated his lungs. Lucas closed his eyes and opened his mouth, "Lend me your strength to overtake your foe." The fiend realizing Lucas had began to pray began to beat Lucas harder. The sound of a bone cracking made Lucas cry out and scream yet he did not stop his words. "Lend me your glory and your will be done," Lucas cried out as tears of pain streamed down his face. The fiend turned Lucas over on his stomach then spit in Lucas' face.

Lucas could hear the bodies of the fiends beginning to reconstruct themselves as he felt the darkness begin to take him.

"It is done," a voice whispered through the a breeze. The darkness disappeared from the sky as the sun showed his mighty face. Lucas's eyes were burning as a blast of  holy light came through his eyes. The sound of Lucas's scream of pain merged with the screeches of the leader and fiends.

Lucas's body laid on the ground. His body was completely burned beyond recognition.

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Offline N2O

Re: Beloved Lucas
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2011, 04:44:12 PM »
Dancing flower,

I like your writing style. Your descriptions were wonderful and I hope you'd share more of your writing here so I can read.

Offline FlowerTopic starter

Re: Beloved Lucas
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2011, 06:12:25 PM »
Thank you N20  O:)

I'm pleased that you enjoyed my short piece. I regret that I do not have many stories that qualify for this section but here is a link to another one :)

I hope you enjoy it