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Author Topic: (M for F - Solo RP ideas)  (Read 970 times)

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(M for F - Solo RP ideas)
« on: November 19, 2010, 12:24:15 PM »
Just a few quick ideas, this content will porbably be posted elsewhere, as I'm pretty much willing to RP in any forum. PM me or feel free to IM me if you're interested or curious about playing any of these roles.

Mrs. Pearl's Obsession:

Diana Pearl is a housewife in her early 40's. Married to a fine, well respected minister. She is active in the community and well respected and her friends envy her life and her seemingly perfect marriage. Truth is, the fire has been out of her 22 year marriage for at least the last 8 years, and more than anything else she craves that fire and passion in her life. She craves the feeling of having a man who wants her, lusts after her, and sets her bed sheets on fire with passion... All the things her daughter Mandy has with her boyfriend Jacob.

Mandy has just graduated from college, Jacob will be starting his senior year next year. Throughout high school the two have been an item, and Diana knows, from glimpsing her daughter's diary, they have been sexually active. Rather than putting a stop to that or telling her reverend husband, Diana has been watching from afar, admiring how Jacob and Mandy interact, Diana continuing to keep tabs on her daughter's journal entries, her jealousy growing. So badly she wants what Mandy has and over the last few years her obsession for Jacob has grown and grown...

This scene will beging with driving Mandy to her new college which is across country. Jacob rides along with Mandy and Mrs. Pearl to help get his girlfriend settled into her new dorm. The four day drive to school will highlight Mandy and Jacob's relationship, with Mrs. Pearl watching them, especially paying attention to them in the hotel room after dark. Once Mandy is dropped off the return trip with only Mrs. Pearl and Jacob is when she will attempt to seduce the teen and take her daughter's place as his lover. I can see her dressing like mandy, doing cute little things that Mandy and Jacob do together, possibly even wearing some of Mandy's clothes though they are a tight fit on the bustier, curvier woman.

There is no real dom/sub theme here, only an obsessed woman and a boy committed to his girlfriend. Still, Mrs. Pearls sexual experience should be vast enough to seduce the boy, and once he succumbs the first time the following encounters will grow easier for Mrs. Pearl, who will not care about the boy's guilt or the fact that she is betraying her daughter. Her obsession is all that drives her.

Demonic Dreams:

Spades, a perverse young demon has been punished by the powerful abyssal Duchess, Sessina (who happens to be his mother). He has been barred from returning to the abyss until he has converted 99 mortal souls to the worship of the Lust-Mother, Sessina.
Spades must corrupt mortals toward the sins of debauchery and perversion, already he has established a cult of 14 members sworn to revere and worship the “Sex Goddess” Sessana, this RP details his attempts to corrupt and seduce his 15th, 16th & 17th members into the cult.

He targets Emma Cooper, a hard working single mother of two who works long hours as a nurse to provide for her two boys (Adam 18 and Jason 16). With all the responsibilities of providing for her family, her sex life has become non-existant save for a book and a toy in bed at night.

Spades starts with her by viewing her dreams for a few nights, a harmless voyeur, learning her fantasies, learning her cravings until he begins to manipulate her dreams, using her sexual cravings to try altering her wants, warping them toward something sinful and taboo. The faces of the men in her dreams will start to be her sons, the dreams will grow more erotic, more vivid and intense, leaving her in trembling orgasmic bliss upon waking every morning, and thoughts of those dreams and her sons will follow her through the day.

Eventually she gives in, and when an opportunity arises for her to make herself available to her sons as a lover she will do so (one at a time at first). Eventually the family will fall into depravity, making mother and sons easy converts for the cult of Sessina to recruit them.

The Sleepover:

Nicklaus White. Successful business man in his early 40’s. Fit, healthy with an active workout regiment and still dashingly handsome.
He is married to his 2nd wife, Stephanie (age 28) and has one teen daughter from his first marriage (Chloe).

Every summer for the last ten years Nicklaus has taken a two week break from the company he runs to bring his family to the beach house. This year, his new bride declines the vacation; with her mother sick she stays home to take care of her, leaving Nick and his daughter alone for the vacation.
Once they arrive Chloe re-connects with one of her summer-time friends, a girl she has been seeing every summer for the past 8 years. Jade was always a sweet, polite girl who’s mother ran a small bakery along the touristy avenue that runs along the beach. Jade always comes to stay the night at least once while Chloe is down on vacation and this time is no different.

Jade has changed however, her youthful body has developed some womanly curves since the last time Mr. White saw her, and her sweet good-girl look has been replaced with a Gothic or Emo make over. Chloe is quite fascinated with her friend’s new look, and Mr. White is even more excited by it than his daughter. He is quick to let Chloe know that, since Stephanie isn’t here, she is not obligated to do “Family time.” She can hang out with Jade as much as she wants, including having her over at the house for as many sleep overs as the girls can handle…

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Re: (M for F - Solo RP ideas)
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2010, 01:16:34 PM »
Tango I pm'd you