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Author Topic: Ideas~  (Read 838 times)

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Offline PoisinTopic starter

« on: November 19, 2010, 04:45:57 AM »

I live a life where I pretty much have full control of everything and am very much in charge of everyone around me. I have found myself losing some interest in playing dominant characters; and much prefer to play the submissive ones. If you can throw a good idea my way I wouldn't mind playing an in charge roll, but I'd prefer to not have to.

So this is my first idea thread; and I'm not sure exactly how good it will look. If you see an idea that you like~ please don't post in the thread. Please contact me via PM. Don't IM me; I would much rather prefer a private message and then if you'd prefer to talk over IM that will be fine. This way I don't have just random people talking to me over aim or something! XD;;

ANYWAYS~ please also see my on's and off's list. I've had a few rp partners completely ignore that; and then decide they wanted to do one of the very few things I say absolutely not to. Needless to say they are no longer my rp partner (especially becuase they wanted to act put out by the fact I wouldn't do something I already had established as a no).

I'll do any scene; and any setting. I can do any sort of pairing and can play any sort of character. I just can't do rape; full out rape that is. Not that I say no to it; I just don't give very good responses to it. If it's something that tries to make the other character feel good during the rape then it's fine.

Now onto the ideas!
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Offline PoisinTopic starter

Re: Ideas~
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2010, 04:46:59 AM »

Donít fuck with us
A popular girl pisses off another popular girl by picking on her younger less popular brother. Stealing his clothes when they went skinny dipping and running away after. To leave him nude to walk home; having to hide in the forest so no one can see him he getís caught by some punks and beaten to with in an inch of his life. When his sister finds out she gets the girl (played by me) back and ties her up to the lockers in the middle of the school And strips her naked. Leaving here there with no way of escape when the students start to trickle in for the school day.
Multiple characters; or one really dominant guy who will fight off anyone else that tries to touch her.
Non-con bondage.
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Offline PoisinTopic starter

Re: Ideas~
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2011, 12:52:44 AM »
Beauty and the beast.

Any form or take on this. I love the story both the Disney version and the original of it. I've read at least 50 versions of this story and just can't get enough on it. It doesn't necessarily have to be straight up beauty and the beast; it could be another sort of version. I'm open to ideas.

Offline PoisinTopic starter

Re: Ideas~
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2011, 05:47:32 PM »

Anything with an obsessed feel to it I would like to do.

a prompt for this (genders aren't set of course; I just generally type prompts out for m*f):

He's been watching her for a while now; haunting her steps, a shadow that follows her where ever she goes. She doesn't see him; doesn't notice him there but he is. He's been getting closer lately; sending her things. Wanting her to know he's there; wanting her to know that he's watching her; wanting her to know how well she knows him and that they're meant for one another. But then there's someone else; they're taking claim for all the things that he's done; trying to steal his glory, to steal her away from him. He won't allow it. So he steals her away

This story can go any way we want it; what ever setting or time era we want it, and what ever sort of type sexual rating (non-con, con, bondage, extreme) we want it I'm open to ideas. This is just an idea like I said; none of it's set in stone on what I want.

Master loves me most
This story is actually one that would put my character as the obsessed one; though it would be with an already established relationship.
My character is hopelessly in love and obsessed with your own; and is willing to do anything to gain your characters approval. Your character knows that and is more then willing to use it what ever advantage they can.

this one too I'm open to lots of things; we can keep it between the two of use or we could bring in other persons. Either way I am more then willing to play multiple characters; given that you would be willing to play multiple characters as well. (wouldn't want to burn out after all.)