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Author Topic: Roleplays in a variety of colors (Updated/Expanded)  (Read 894 times)

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Roleplays in a variety of colors (Updated/Expanded)
« on: November 19, 2010, 01:46:07 am »
Welcome to Chromatose’s many-hued highway…there are many paths to choose from, traveler, and I pray you will find a tone that will suit your desires….
Of course, these are merely concepts. Deviation from the plots listed here is anticipated and expected. Please PM me if you are interested, I’m much more likely to check that than this thread.

BLACK: Vampire x Normal person (M x F/M x M)
Setting: World of Darkness, original settings
Type: BON, NC, possibly EX depending on what elements you're okay with.
Elements: Bondage, mind-influence/control, possible rape, possible public humiliation, possible blood, possible body modification, possible gore
On a dare, you are spending the night in the abandoned cathedral downtown. Just after you fall asleep, you are rudely awakened, not by the police as you expected, but a solemn-looking man in a worn-out suit. Upon first hearing his accent, he seems like a character straight out of a cliché vampire movie, but even as your initial impression is confirmed, he reveals himself to be something far worse, far more alien than you could have ever expected. Held captive by the vampire, will you attempt to break his influence over your thoughts and reveal his existence to the world, or will you do your best to please him, unsure of whether what you think and feel is real or forced upon you?

RED: Dragon x Slave (M x F/M x M, this could be a multiple character or small group roleplay.)
Setting: Any fantasy
Type: NC, possibly EX again depending on what elements you're okay with.
Elements: Bondage, shapeshifting, possibly rape, possibly harem, possibly size difference, possibly vore.
You had always stood out amongst the other women of the village, for your beauty, for your talent, for your spirit. That was why when the dragon arrived and demanded tribute, you were the one chained to the pole and left to your fate. Forced to bathe and entertain the dragon, as well as take care of his hoard, you slowly come to learn about your captor. The dragon that took you turned out to be a strange dichotomy – on the one hand a soft-hearted art collector and a romantic, but on the other a callous, bloodthirsty creature who sees lesser creatures merely as food. Can you win his heart before he becomes hungry again, or will you lose hope in your humiliation and fall victim to his predations?

ORANGE: Master x Servant (M x F/M x M)
Setting: Sci-fi
Type: BON
Elements: Bondage
Without emotion, without desires or dreams to call your own, less than human, you were created merely to serve. Still, you long for something more…will the one that bought you and took you into his home be able to offer you that which you yearn for? He seems cautious around you sometimes, as if he’s unsure if you’re safe to be around…will you confirm his fears, or be the angel to turn his life around?

YELLOWGuardian Spirit x Human (M x F/M x M)
Setting: Modern fantasy
Type: Light
Elements: Possibly tentacles.
That day, your life changed forever. Saved from death by a mysterious creature summoned by your fear, you must now contemplate the power you have inherited. You are now protected day and night by a supernatural being that will serve and guard you without question or hesitation, but sometimes you feel as if something more than duty fuels his vigilance. Beyond everyday life, other supernatural beings have come to target you for your newfound power, and your guardian spirit only has so much strength…what will you do when he has reached his limits?

GREEN: Hutt x Slave (N x F, could be played as a multiple character or small group roleplay.)
Setting: Star Wars
Type: BON, possibly NC
Elements: Bondage, public humiliation, possible harem, possible rape.
Raised to be a slave, you’ve never been treated as anything more than an object. Trained to be useful to your future master, you found yourself to be given as a gift to the most horrifying of masters – a Hutt. However, this particular Hutt has little interest in the world of crime and debauchery his kind are given to. Your training never prepared you for what is expected of you, so how will you adapt to his bizarre wishes? Will you come to respect him or resent him?

BLUEPersona Summoner x Persona Summoner (M x F)
Setting: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona
Type: Light
Elements: Possible incest.
It’s your first day in a new school. Uncomfortable with the bizarre behavior of the other students, you find yourself talking to an older student (possibly an older relative) at the school. He tells you of a rumor that if you call a certain number on your cell phone on the night of a full moon, you can talk to your future self. After trying it and hearing a strange voice, you find yourself haunted by visions of a blue butterfly and translucent masks on the faces of everyone you know that no one else can see …

VIOLET: Demon Summoner x Demon (M x F, but I might be convinced to do M x M)
Setting: Shin Megami Tensei, any fantasy (I’d much prefer to do this within the SMT setting, but it’s easily adaptable to just about anything with demons.)
Type: Light, BON, or NC depending on how it's played.
Elements: Possible (bondage, rape, coercion, power struggle)
A spirit creature from another world, you find yourself called into the world of mankind by a young man in need of your help. Demons of all kinds are ravaging his world, and he is one of the few brave enough to seek supernatural help. Thus, his fate is largely in your hands, even as you try to understand the nature of the human soul. Will you try to manipulate him to your own ends or serve him faithfully? What will you do if you feel he is becoming a threat to that which you value most?

WHITE: Millionaire x "Special" Maid (M x F)
Setting: Modern
Type: BON
Elements: Bondage, whatever else happens. (This one is meant to be adventuresome  ;))
You couldn't believe your luck when the letter arrived in the mail. You needed money badly, and the job offer in the mail promised easily twice what you had been earning at the club. Although you weren't sure how to be a maid (the only maid outfit you'd ever worn was quickly removed much to customers' approval), the offer had been specifically for someone of your "talents" and it couldn't be any worse than your current job - strippers didn't exactly have much opportunity for career advancement. You arrived at your new place of employment to find it was the biggest house you'd ever seen, and your new boss was a sad-looking man who always seemed to wear the same grey pinstripe suit, and he made it very clear that there were certain places in the house you were never to go. What could he have to hide? What exactly is a maid supposed to do anyway?
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Re: Roleplays in a variety of colors (Updated!)
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2010, 03:43:08 am »
I'm open to suggestions in addition to my plot ideas. Here's some settings, genres, and pairings I like, with a star rating of how much I like them, want to use them, and/or feel I can convincingly play.

Sci Fantasy *****
High Fantasy *****
Soft Sci Fi *****
Espionage ****
Crime Procedural/Police ****
Military ***
Low Fantasy ***
Hard Sci Fi **

Huge Awesome Pairing List originally made by Angzyn (Thanks! Sorry for butchering it - it confuses me sometimes.  ???) Bolded roles are the ones I'm willing to play. If both are bolded, it means I'm interested in both sides of it.

Shin Megami Tensei
Star Wars



Arranged Marriage


Nurse/ Patient
~♥~Angels and Fallen~♥~


~♥~Vampires & Werewolves~♥~

~♥~Elf and Drows~♥~

~♥~Mystical Creatures~♥~

~♥~Roman Empire~♥~
Enemy Soldier/Military POW
Senior Enlisted/Junior Enlisted
Foreign Soldier/US Soldier

~♥~Movies and TV shows~♥~ (I only play OCs)
Star Wars
Star Trek

~♥~Video Games~♥~ (I only play OCs)
Shin Megami Tensei  (I,II, Nocturne, Strange Journey, Devil Summoner series, Persona series)
Guilty Gear
Mass Effect
Soul Calibur

~♥~Anime and Cartoons~♥~ (I only play OCs)
Gun x Sword
Omamori Himari
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Black Lagoon

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