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Author Topic: New insanity from Rayne. (Males, Females and Futa are all welcome.)  (Read 1525 times)

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Settings (Most of these settings are from books and can be the actual characters used or characters made up based inside the lore of said series.)
vamipe earth
kushiel series.
Coldfire Trilogy
The Dresden files
Night Angel Trilogy
Trinity blood
Final fantasy

Stories: Bold parts are the ones I will be playing.

Blast from the past (M/F, F/F)
A teacher has just started at a school after running away from her past.  Her past being where she had been dominated and mastered by a teacher back in highschool that became a huge scandal when another student had turned him in.  Now she is trying to leave the past behind,  Though a very bright student has different ideas and decides to blackmail her.

Vampire (M/F F/F)
Fanged huntress
A world where the Templar's are a group independent but working for the church to hunt down the non human.  A huntress on her own (The character I wish to play) Has tracked a target into the dark Carpathian mountains.  Where this goes from this point, or how much depth is in it is up for discussion.

A strange fetish for something dealing with either and or both sounds really good.

2nd gunslinger
This is based off the world created by Stephen king in his Dark tower series.  I am looking at a story about another gunslinger other then Roland, preferably sometime before Roland's journey.  While riding out alone this Gunslinger is surprised by a door appearing and a Woman accidentally stepping through.

A world long before the current one we live in, many of the gods love to walk among the people.  One of these gods like to play with its lovers.  Transforming them to whatever most suites his taste, or their personality.

Demon Queen
A queen of a land has fallen asleep, more or less dreaming more then she is awake.  Her kingdom lost and in a fit of her own magic and inability to control her dreaming states she escaped a coup of her kingdom.  Due to her mental state she is susceptible to a demon coming into her life and letting her return and reclaim her  medieval kingdom.  What will the demon want in return? Why is she in so much of a dreaming state?

Estranged daughter (Mother/daughter.)

An american woman when she was far younger moved to the middle east to continue her career.  Giving birth to a daughter through an affair she gave the daughter over to a sister back state side in order to keep her daughter safe and get a better life.  Now nearly twenty years later the daughter has come to the middle east in order to see her mother.

Final fantasy 13
Would like to do a final fantasy 13 story about fang/lightning.

I must hand credit for this idea where credit is due.  I got the basic principles for this idea from Professor Loki Caprions lab.
About the academy

This academy is open to anyone, from anywhere.  A place where anything dreamed could possibly become possible, or end in devastation.  The head of this small academy is Chancellor Rayne Bluestone, a rather inquisitive woman with way too much time on her hands.

The purpose of this thread is to  create a compilation, of tales involving this academy and its Chancellor. Unlike some similar threads, the Tolarian Academy is not so much a "social gathering" point as it is a chance to play out vignettes with Rayne, or any NPC that may come open in time. If you would like to participate in a short tale with the Chancellor (or anything else that might be there),  you should find your nearest way to the academy gates.

Stories set in the academy need not be focused on anything; they could just be interactions with the Chancellor, herself, within her living quarters to being some minor adventure on the surrounding lands or even an experiment. Tales could range from the lightest of "Vanilla" stories to the disturbingly "extreme", depending on what it is you crave and what the Chancellor is willing to do. In the name of knowledge, sometimes anything goes. As such, this thread is located in Extreme, but it doesn't always have to be.

To prevent "line backup," the academy has been split into a Group setting. Thus, each character who wishes to interact with the chancellor will get their own thread. This also opens up the possibilities of characters crossing over and meeting each other later on, if the opportunity presents itself.

Academy Guidelines...

    * Speak to the Chancellor before entering her lab. There may be a scene in progress, or someone else about to enter for their story.
    * The Chancellor's word is law. If she wishes you to leave his sanctum, it would be very wise to heed her words.
    * Respect the limitations put in place. Each tale will have some limitation placed upon it based upon the comfort levels of all involved. It would be most impolite to violate that trust.
    * This is not an "Out Of Character" room. While you may be playing a character similar to yourself, this is still all fun and games. Do not bring any real-world drama crashing into the fantasy world!
    * Have fun! That's what we're all here for, right?
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Offline Rayne BluestoneTopic starter

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Re: New insanity from Rayne. (Males, Females and Futa are all welcome.)
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2010, 10:57:31 pm »
New story idea

Demon escorts
A highly successful Escort service has opened up and their women are kept constantly busy.   Though want few know is that the service is run by a group of demons that takes in the girls and changes them to fit the needs of clients and puts each girl on a retainer with that client.

How this story will work is up to discussion with anyone interested.