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May 21, 2018, 02:31:07 AM

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Author Topic: Midnight Madness.  (Read 605 times)

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Midnight Madness.
« on: November 18, 2010, 06:29:14 AM »
Just  something I wrote last night during my battle against sleepiness. Enjoy =)

“You must acknowledge the power of things which you have no control,” Lucas said as he lead her to look out of the window. Below them, the world was in turmoil. Criminals ran amuck harassing women and children as they tried to navigate through the devastation. “It was not always like this, Lucas. All of them are not like those we see now.” Gena leaned her head closer to the glass allowing its coldness to relax her thoughts. The main hold where many of their kind gathered was towered over many of the human buildings. Not so much to draw too much discomfort for the humans to live with though. Their feral dogs guarded the gates well so that no intruded on their grounds. The pack had no reason to move the stronghold in all their years residing in this county since no one excect the high ranking officials were allowed to converse with the humans. Even they were only allowed to talk to them under certain conditions and rules enforced by the king.

 “Whatever, Gena. Just know that you must never interact with them. If you did you will suffer consequences far worse than anything you could ever imagine. We were not brought into this world to help them. Have you forgotten what they would do to our kind if they discovered us,” Lucas grabbed her by waist. “Do not forget your place.” When Gena was about to protest to him, his hands tightened around her waist. Gena fought to hold in the scream that threatened to alert the visitors of her discomfort. Even if they did hear her scream they would probably take enjoyment out of it.

A few moments earlier, Gena’s arm had nearly been ripped away from her body when her uncle, Lucas, grabbed her out of the reception area. Lucas had saw that she was about to argue with an official over humans. He knew that Gena would not stop defending them once the conversation started which would only embarrass the family further. Gena was already looked down upon since recently she requested to be allowed to converse with the humans. None of her kind could understand why she would make such a plea. 

Lucas left out of the room as swiftly as they had entered. All of them cannot be evil. Gena thought as she watched a child below play with a fluttering butterfly. Gena moved the long ceremonial dress out of the way as she walked out of the door that Lucas had just went through. She moved over to lean over the banister that showed the dining area below. Their home was full of many guests since a cousin of hers needed to use Lucas’s home for her reception. All types of elites of their kind showed up to receive the latest gossip from each corner of the world. 

Humans. Gena thought as she grabbed a glass from a servant before he made his way pass her to the diners. Was it not our fault that their kind succumbed to such animalistic behaviors?  With the emergence of the werewolf kind, the humans hunted werewolves as they hunt the animals that use to decorate their bedrooms. Pretty soon the werewolf race decreased to such an extreme that the pack was forced to place severe rules and relegations on interaction with the human race. When these rules proved that their kind could repopulate as long as everyone obeyed them, strict consequences were put down to strike fear into anyone who dared disobey them.  A howl rang through the night as a notice from wolf guards that an arrival was coming towards the gates. From the pitch and length of the howl, it meant that someone very important was getting ready to come through the gates. Everyone in the dining area was looking at each other which meant that they also had no clue who was about to arrive. Suddenly the smell hit everyone at the same time. The Queen?

Gena dropped the glass in her hand, ignoring as it shattered into pieces as she hurried down the stairs. Already the elites in the household were moving to their knee which is the proper way to greet her highness. “Gena, get down here,” Lucas snarled to Gena. Gena shook her head at him in annoyance. Why would she come downstairs if she had not intended to properly greet their queen? They could hear his footsteps as he approached the door. The door was swung open by one of the queen’s guards, Herepides. Herepides was a sight to behold. He was one of the biggest wolves in the pack. He had been known to crush the skull of any man or wolf who dared to try to cross his path to attack the queen. 

Queen Laufeia stepped into the room from behind Herepides. From out the corner of her eye, Gena could see the queen’s eyes roaming over all the backs on the floor to her. “Lucas.” Her words were like music to all the wolves gathered on the floor before her. Lucas wasted no time when he heard his name slip through those full lips. He moved from the crowd and bent down before her with adoring eyes. “My life has greatly improved since gazing upon your feet.” Lucas was about to move down to press a submissive kiss to her feet when he heard Herepides growl a warning. Laufeia chuckled. “Where am I to sit so I can bestow the proper blessings ?”

Immediately everyone rose from their positions on the floor to find the proper chair for Laufeia. Gena looked around for her uncle. It was not long before her gaze settle on him still kneeling next to the queen. He seemed to be keeping her amused. Gena wondered if she could make an escape before anyone took notice of her again. Just as she was about to sneak out the room she heard a slight whisper. Looking around, she saw that most of the workers were setting up the room to fit the queen’s presence. Finally Gena’s eyes locked with the queens. Laufeia’s silver eyes beckon Gena over to sit by her uncle. “Gena, do you not wish to greet me properly?”