Downfall of a Hollywood Star..!!

Started by rpgirl85, November 17, 2010, 12:10:33 PM

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Krista Travenla  was a famous Hollywood actress. But then her popularity began to fall. A couple of big flops hit her career hard. And there was a new sensation in town ' Jackie Tomas' A new actress with whom every big producer wanted to work with.
Krista knew this new actress's witchy ways. The bitch slept with most producers to get casted. And the bitch did mild drugs too. She wondered how people will react when they will find that the innocent looking face that everybody loved was a drug using whore underneath. But there was nothing she could do.
In a party a few months later at Louise Frazier's house , both of them were present. Out of a surge of jealousy, it was Krista who changed Jackie's drug packet with uncut dope. Later, Jackie overdosed on it and nearly ended up dead. When it came out that Jackie did drugs, her popularity took a hit. But not for long. She married a big producer, the biggest pervert in Hollywood ' Louise Frazier' . Louise made sure that Jackie was once again the queen of Hollywood. He was a powerful man. And Krista's career just continued to take a hit with small budget flops.
Two years later.
Jackie was now the undisputed queen of Hollywood. Krista was just hanging in there with some small budget projects. Louise was the biggest producer in Hollywood. Out of fate, Louise was going through tapes of some of the parties that took place at his place. And that is when he saw it. It left him stunned at first. It was on tape..Krista changing Jackie's packet. When Jackie saw it, she was shocked too. She had nearly ended up dead because of that incident. Now a plan began to form in Louise minds. To get payback for her wife and to satisfy his pervert needs by using Krista. He would personally see to it, that Krista , the Hollywood starlet will now be Krista, the porn star.
Krista - taken ( me)
Jackie - open
Louise - taken (rahatngt)
(the char of Louise is a pure evil pervert...the nature of relationship between Jackie and Louise can be worked out by the rpers playing those chars..))