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Author Topic: Terra City: Summer and Autumn's blind date [Closed]  (Read 482 times)

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Offline BoudiccaTopic starter

Terra City: Summer and Autumn's blind date [Closed]
« on: November 16, 2010, 01:05:39 AM »
In the quieter parts of Terra City, twins Summer and Autumn were preparing to entertain dates, purposely oblivious to the chaos that reigned supreme downtown. After all, every girl needed a break from the mad world of a superhero in order to let her hair down and simply have fun, right? Right. So that was exactly what they were doing.

They’d been set up by a mutual friend, who was insistent that they get out and find men. Of course, he hadn’t known that the reason they’d been single for so long was because personal lives and saving the city under a secret identity didn’t exactly go hand in hand with one another, so actually meeting someone worth more than just a one night stand was near enough impossible.

And as for dating a fellow superhero? Huh – they were all far too busy capturing the bad guys. Not that either girl would hold that against them, of course... weren’t they just interested in the same thing?

By the time they were dressed (Summer in a little black dress, Autumn in a long, swirling pink dress), they had mere minutes to spare before they would be picked up by their blind dates. Neither had the slightest idea who would be coming... but wasn’t that half the fun of it?

Offline SpellboundVixen

Re: Terra City: Summer and Autumn's blind date [Closed]
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2010, 02:23:03 AM »
a devilish smile curled over hypnotica's welcoming lips of hers as those dark eyes watched as her "servants" walked to the apartment where the two super twins lived. She chuckled to herself quietly as she brought a glass to her lips and enjoyed the intoxicating fluid safely hidden within the windows of her limo. 

She has spend alot of cash on the study of these new people within the city of Terra. these "super heroes" everybody had been speaking about.. it was only a matter of time before her path would cross with theirs.. and of course she sinced they would nice like her ideal world to become real... a world controlled by her wishes and desires..

Hypnotica went over every piece of information she had on the two women who seemed like twin, the wasp and the butterfly.. comparing them to video footage of every twin that had ever entered a night club..she even sought out a math geek at the local high end college of the city to make out the numbers and see who they prodiced the wasp and the butterfly to be.. from there luck just happen that these two girls, Summer and Autumn were to be the first on her list of test subjects... in any event.. they were attractive... if they turned out to be normal she would either let them live their lives normally... or take them for herself as "living art" of course this was done only on her whim.

the two well dress and most attractive servants she had to offer walked to the door of the apartment,

Jackson took the lead, a tall man, well built as if he were in the military all his adult life, his Greek skin matched the blue silk button down shirt and matching jeans in the most charming of ways. Arther was his friend to his right, a good ole Texan who moved to this city a few years ago.. he was soo delightful with his southern draw that hypnotica had to keep him.. Arther was the same size and build as Jackson but his style of clothing was different, a flannel pattern satin button down shirt hugged his well crafted chest well, his cowboy hat resting on his head, almost adding flavor to his shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes.. he was country stock.. of course, what woman wouldn't enjoy that, or so, Hypnotica thought

she watched as she two knocked on the door, waiting to watch the events of tonight unfold..