Let us entice one another into a world apart (F seeking M)

Started by outsidethelines, November 15, 2010, 06:49:23 PM

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I'm outsidethelines, and I'm relatively new to Elliquiy. I'm looking for a couple RPs to get me into the swing of things.
Please see my O & Os (link in my signature) so you can get a clear idea of all those.
Here are a few Storylines, Ideas & Pairings. This is also listed in my O & O thread, but I'd like to have them here on the One on One Wanted forum to better advertise myself, haha  ;D

Story Lines, Ideas, & Pairings
-These are just basic ideas. Feel free to provide some of your own or suggest a modification to any of these!

I listed the ones I'm really liking the idea of right now, but like I said, don't hesitate to bring up another idea-- it may something else I like!

These are applicable to any time setting, but I would prefer these to take place in modern times.
Professor x Student -  the student would be me
Ganglife/streetlife (x cop) - you could be the cop, or we could both play as people in these direct lifestyles
Bounty x bounty hunter/cop - you could be the bounty hunter/cop
Espionage - you could be the spy, and I could be the spied upon. Or, we could work together as partners in some sort of espionage war
Kidnapped x Kidnapper - you would be the kidnapper
Shipwreck/Planewreck - We would need to be stranded somewhere. Otherwise it sort of defeats the purpose of being in a wreck together! **I am currently in a roleplay based off of this so it's not my TOP choice. Talk to me if you're really craving this, though**
Doctor x Patient - you would be the doctor. Since I'm usually not one for "quickies," we'd need to devise a situation where you'd be able to routinely visit/treat me

Old/Medieval Times :
- Runaway daughter of someone such as a duke, lord, etc. x Man assigned to retriever her
- Servant/slave girl x Master - I mean this to begin in nonsexual contexts, as in I'd be hired or bought as the servant or slave girl. Things would develop from there. This could ALSO apply to modern times, but the part where you acquire me would have to be a little more covert, seeing as that sort of thing is generally illegal as far as I know.

Fantasy/Magical :

Any time setting applies.
- Vampire x Human - You could be hunting or stalking me, or it could be a romantic love story in which we fall in love.
- Werewolf/Lycan x Human - Same as above.
- Fallen angel/half-angel/half-demon (x human)  - We could both play one of the creatures, or I could play the human OR you could play the human. Please keep in mind, if you were to choose half-demon, you need to have dominating human characteristics.
- Hunted x Hunter : Here, I would be the hunter, you the hunted. You should probably be very powerful, etc. to make it a challenge and so that I can fail (what good would it do to kill you? Haha!)
- Some sort of quest or mission : I don't know, perhaps we need to deliver a relic or save something, or I'm discovering my powers and you guide me through them (this would be similar to professor x student, just with a magical twist)
- Ghost x human


- None. I don't watch or read manga, so if you really like a manga or anime and bring it up, I'm not going to know what you're talking about. Feel free to explain the storyline to me, and if I like it we can move forward.

Already-made Storylines:

Keep in mind, the RP would LOOSELY be based off of these storylines. I don't want to completely copy them, and as I mentioned in my earlier post, I do not RP as already-made characters.
- Harry Potter
- NOT Twilight! I know I mentioned vampires and werewolves, but I don't want to do a storyline based off of Twilight. The movies were such a disappointment compared to the books... it's unforgivable to me :(
- The Bourne Series
- Casino Royale
- National Treasure. . Meh. We'd need to discuss this further to get me into it.
I can't think of anything else right now...

Please note, I am okay with swearing (including what some may consider excessive swearing), alcohol usage, drug usage (preferably limited to weed or occasional, not addicted, use of harder drugs), ganglife/streetlife and activities that those might entail (though let's refrain from using a real gang) and other subjects some may not feel comfortable with. Of course, these sort of situations would only come up in proper contexts and fitting storylines. If you feel this may be an issue, please let me know. 
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Storyline Ideas
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I like the half-demon x human thing. I say that you're a much feared demon of hell who feeds not only off of souls of humans but also their fear. The fear is kinda like a spice to make the soul taste better. You meet me one day while hunting for souls. I am of course surprised at first, but take the news that a demon is stalking me pretty well and suck up my fear to try and take you down. You are amused at my attempts and keep me alive to see if you ever manage to truly scare me.