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August 16, 2022, 10:57:21 am

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Author Topic: The lord of the rings: The fellowship(s) of the ring.  (Read 6306 times)

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Re: The lord of the rings: The fellowship(s) of the ring.
« Reply #50 on: December 13, 2010, 09:39:56 am »
Since your character is an elf-friend, Ruby, I think my character Thoronur will naturally look out for her. ;)

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Re: The lord of the rings: The fellowship(s) of the ring.
« Reply #51 on: December 30, 2010, 10:16:21 am »
Name: Thalia Tristos

Age: 17

Race: Human

Appearance:  -she practicing her swordplay-
Generally she appears feminine, rustic in full garb and equipment and wears the Ring on her right hand on the index finger. Its unique a weaving of leaves and vines, with the race stone of man and elf a green sapphire for elven folk smaller than the ruby for the race of men and an inscription on the inner band - Forestbraide of Man, Warden of the Nature and the Wild is the Bearer (in elven). When relaxing tends to be nearly or totally nude however she is a free spirit and her running in the wilderness in some flowers and enjoying herself is a pleasure to her.

Weapons: Elven Curved Longblade, Knife, Composite Shortbow

Burden: Leather Armor, Backpack, Quiver with 20 Arrows, Lembas Bread in Leaves and a Leather Wrap Enough for 7 Days (she tends to forage with the help of the ring and local animals for food this is her emergency provisioning), Nice Travelors Outfit, Ladies Grooming Kit (traveler friendly), Waterskin and Coins (for the things she needs traveling in the relams of men).

Bio: Born in the North a commoner of sensitive and caring nature she spent much of her time in the woods and among the elves that found her, refreshing. Her father was a ranger one of the long lived ones and her mother is a healer of no small skill. She was visiting her godmother an elvenwoman when the dormant ring awoke in her presence and slide towards her, where she donned it. Word spread of the rings choice and was widely well-regarded and the wearer is deemed an Elf-Friend. Sadly besides the ring she has no combat skills and rangering skills an deficite she is now working on. She knows the common tongue of men and the tongue of elves at a good level for a human (like a teenager).

Have you read the books?: [Yes, The Hobbit]
Have you seen the movie?: [Yes]

Abilities: Ringbearer of the Lesser Ring the Forestbraid of Man and Chosen by the Ring*

* Is one of two rings one held by an elf lord Lortherian an ancient elf and one by a=the raceof men (hers). Both grant similar powers a aura of friendship and kinship with nature, the ability to talk to animals of all sorts who are inclined to ve friendly, an innate understanding of the wilds and an understanding of the health of the wilds where the wearer resides out for at least a league. The ring has like the other the powers to aid plants in growth and health, keeps the wearer warm wearing lighting garments and cooler based on the environment, casts a rich moonlight and minor magics like healing of modest quality - its not immediate however. There is a price the bearer isalso bound to defend the wilds and nature but any means available to them that doesn't have to be direct combat and most are diplomats as much as warriors but based on the bearers skills, the rings are wise not to risk themselves unreasonably in this binding with the wearer.