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Author Topic: Best Online Moments.  (Read 535 times)

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Offline SabbyTopic starter

Best Online Moments.
« on: November 14, 2010, 08:46:50 AM »
Share you're stories of online multiplayer :) Try not to linger too much on simple statistics though >.< This is for STORIES, not how many headshots was in your streak.

Mine is from GTA4. We were playing objective, two teams of two. Current objective was to steal a particular bike. Instead of doing all the hard work and going after it, I said "No, no, wait... I have an idea" To me team mate, and we headed for the other team's drop off point.

As the other two were speeding down the road towards it, we both back a truck out to block the road. The other team are like OH SHIT! O.O The bike went under the truck, and went about 30 feet with no one driving it xD the two guys were indented into the side of the truck like something out of Loony Tunes.

We both jump out, laughing our heads off, get on the bike. He does a few doughnuts, while I fire my SMG into the air, and we speed off. But we weren't content with just that... I got out my mobile and dialed the other team.

"What?" "BAHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHA! HAH! HAH! HAHHHHH!" Hangs up. Dials again. Ring... ring... ring... ring... "...What? >.>" "..." "..." "BAHHHHHHH-" Hangs up.

They got extremely pissed, and I dunno where they got it from, but soon they were behind us in a freakin' Lambo... and they're not even shooting! They took this so personally, they wanted to run us over o.o and the bike has about zero chance of ever outrunning this thing, so these guys are getting closer by the second...

We both hit a rise in the road, jump... and it's looking like the Lambo will land right on top of us and crush the bike. Our bike spears right into a tunnel stairway leading to the Subway, and the Lambo crashed, lodging into the tunnel, and BOTH players are launched through the windshield, and down the stairs.

We're driving down the subway, I dial him up again. "....what... is it?" The guy is seething. "Hi =3 Uhm..." "......Grrrr..." "Yeah, uhm, just kind of wondering, uhm... Fuck, this bike is so awesome guys" "FUCK YOU! D;< RAWRGHRGH!"

We both laughed so damned hard xD It was the funniest fucking thing EVER! xD and it's not over yet!

We were almost to the drop point, and we see them standing on the road... and one has a rocket launcher. It was such an "Awww shit..." moment. If the character models could grin like madmen...

He fires, we swerve, the blast takes us off of the bike, the bike goes skidding. We get up, shoot the first guy, but the second guy is already on the bike, and speeding off. I quickly dial him, while grabbing the rocket launcher.

"Hahahaha! What, you lose your bike? xD" "If I can't have it, NO ONE CAN!" =D His bike detonates, and he just starts screaming into the phone! xD

Was the best multi match of my life.

Offline Cuore Caldo

Re: Best Online Moments.
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2010, 11:43:44 PM »
"My moments where kind of unfortunate on the PS3 over a friend's house. We were playing One In The Chamber on Call of Duty: Black Ops. I was firing blanks. I kid you not. It was suppose to be one-shot kill too when somehow I got hit-marker on one guy. Then on many occasions when I have my sights lined up, I fire, nothing happens. My friend witnessed it, and it was utter bull crap it happened. Though that's my only best online experience so far. No wait, I lied. There was a time on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Two. I found some boosters. Then I was all like: 'Kill the boosters! KILL! KIIILLLL!' I was only going after them, I took out their flares (Tactical Insertions) with my semtex grenades, took them down with the Kriss Super V. Next match they were still in the lobby. I have found their booster spot on accident. When I found it I saw one of the boosters, we had a bit of a: Wait, what? Moment. Then I killed him off with my sub machine gun. They kept coming back to the spot and I kept denying them. So moral of the story kids, and excuse my language: Watch your funking ass when I find you boosting, ya little prick."

Offline Khanken

Re: Best Online Moments.
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2011, 07:58:13 AM »
Battlefield 2. Some time in 2007. I was fresh out of an Army field exercise at the time and rather bored, so I bothered to install it on a new computer, having cannibalized the old and left a lot uninstalled. The classes were all interesting, but I chose Support just out of habit from my roles in real life training and casual offline play. I was put in my first squad and instantly spawned to being given an order to take an enemy base. I had become familiar with the controls in offline mode over the past couple months, and so I ran to a distant jeep and went on a little offroad rampage. My first debut in this particular online game after years of growing up with shooters was my entrance into that camp, starting with running over an annoying enemy who thought he could gun me down with a side arm. I then ran behind a building to the stressful cacophony of gunfire and put a five round burst in the first thing to leap out at me, doubled back to the side of the building and stepped right on top of an enemy sniper. I filled him with several handgun rounds and threw a grenade around the corner. Once it burst, I took the sniper's post and killed three players, one by one, with the last of an M249 drum, each time squeezing off rounds generously. That was when the whole rest of the squad arrived, and on voice chat, began cussing out their leader for making them cautiously approach an empty base.

"Oh, it was full while you took your sweet time hauling your candy asses over here. Look at the kill log, you schmucks," I replied on voice chat. I realized I had addressed them as I did my fellow real life soldiers. But strangely, they liked that enough to laugh and put me in charge. The game would amuse me for a few more months, until its inevitable twinkling out to aimbot exploiters and newer, better games.

Offline BeaconOfSpirit

Re: Best Online Moments.
« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2011, 10:17:49 AM »
Unreal Tournament. Late 2000. I grabbed up a mod that allowed me to alter the number of players allowed in a world, and change the weapon spawns. So I hosted an online game in the Reactor... With sixteen players, and nothing but rocket launchers. My LONGEST steak of time without dying was seven seconds... And I wasn't even ranked last, lol.