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Author Topic: Looking for a few new stories  (Read 1908 times)

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Online DaevaTopic starter

Looking for a few new stories
« on: October 11, 2010, 04:18:45 PM »
Now that I am caught up on my posting and I find I have a bit more free time again, I am looking to add a couple of story ideas.
Please PM if you are interested in any of the idea's listed here or have your own as I will not be checking this thread often and Please please please read my On/Off list before you contact me.

Thank you :)

In addition to the storylines listed below, some of the pairings I am interested in are:
Master/Dom / Slave/Submissive (both consensual and non consensual)
Unwanted marriages leading to romance eventually/possibly
And at least a dozen others that I'm not thinking of at the moment

A woman has finally met the man of her dreams and he's proposed to her. He brings her home to meet his family for a weekend. What her fiance' doesn't know about her is that she managed to graduate college by sleeping with one of her professors on and off for three years. Imagine her surprise when its her future father in law

A young woman from a prominent family finds herself in a bit of trouble when she's kicked out of college following a scandal. Her family at a loss as to how to deal with her sends her to a friend of the family to straighten her out (this could also work with her being sent to a special type of school for the same thing, I'm open on that) - Taken

A highschool seniors parents recently came into money, now moving to an upscale neighborhood, a long way off from the dump they had lived in, they can give their daughter everything, including a private school education. The problem is, she doesn't fit in, doesn't know the new social rules that goes along with their new station. A young man in her class decides to take her under his wing and teach her how to get on in this new world, with none too gentle reminders when she slips.

She was innocent of the crime, but found guilty anyway. She did the only thing she could think of to do, she ran. Several years later she had started to build a new life for herself and met what she thought was the man of her dreams. But was he there just to find her and bring her back or have another motive? Details to be discussed with partner - Taken

They were best friends since childhood and now were sharing an apartment together. She saw the brother she never had and he saw the love of his life. How far will he go to win or take her love for him? Details to bed discussed with partner.

A modern day (or old world) Romeo and Juliet. They are madly in love, her family forbids her from seeing him, in fear that he will be as cruel as other men from his families line, his family forbids him from seeing her, afraid that she will bring about the destruction of their family.

She's in massive debt and at a loss for where to turn. The only person who would offer her help is a close friend of her families, though in order to pay the debt, she would become indentured to him for a period of time. She goes to work for him, he's determined to teach her to be more responsible, can love bloom? Details to be discussed with potential partner.

Set either in a historical setting or an altered present...a woman is married to a wealthy and prominent man, the only thing he had asked of her was an heir, and she could have everything. When she failed to give him one, he decided to get a new wife, selling his current wife. Several directions this can go in, up for discussion with partner.

I've tried this story before, but it died down as it was getting started. While I'm not huge on F/F stories or stories where I take the top/dominant role, this one would be an exception, the storyline was a woman was having an affair with her boss, who was married with a family. Eventually he leaves her when she gets too attached. Deciding that if she cant have him, she'd take the next best thing, his daughter and keep her for herself. - Taken

A young woman (late hs or early college age) is working part time for one of her fathers friends (babysitter/cleaning, etc.. this can be discussed). She starts to take notice of him as more than just a family friend but as a man and goes out of her way to make him notice her - Taken

A woman has been watched for by someone for over a year now, he knows where she works, her routine, her social life, everything. Finally he decides he has to have her for himself. It wouldn't be the first time he'd obsessed and collected a woman. What he didn't know, couldn't have seen, was that she had a twin sister, and he's collected the wrong woman. More details to be discussed with partner - Taken

As children they played together, as they started to grow into young adulthood, they had courted until her family took the wrong side against the King/Local ruling Lord/other. Her parents were executed for treason and she was sold at the slave auction, bought by her one time friend. Details on where this could go to be discussed - Taken

When they were younger, she was shy and awkward and often the target of his teasing and pranks. Years later they meet again at a party, though she's blossomed since he'd known her and doesn't recognize her at all. Not realizing she'd harbored resentment towards him all these years, she decides to turn the tables and make him feel as horrible as he'd made her feel. The problem is, the more she gets to know the man, the more its hard to hate him for what he'd done as a boy. I see this story as being more of a power struggle, she wants to hurt him, but she starts to fall for him. Details to be discussed. - Taken

After an accident a woman fell unconscious and never woke up from it, leaving her daughter and her husband alone. Rather than go to live with her real father who she never sees, its decided she'll stay in her own house, though what she hadn't counted on was her stepfather expecting her to take her mothers place in every way - Taken

Dating your best friends ex is a definite no no, so when one woman does, she does it at the peril of the friendship. What she hadn't counted on was the ex had no intention of letting her go, at any cost - Taken

The prophecy spoke of a marriage between the two since before they had been born. They were born on the same day, one in the morning, the other at night and each bore a matching birthmark, marking them as the chosen ones. Their marriage would seal the treaty between the two most prominent families in the realm. She's soft and gentle, he's been known to be cruel and heartless. What he doesn't know is she's in love with his brother, what she suspects is he's bedded every woman he's come across. - Taken

As the daughter of a servant, she often played with the children of the house as a child, and later served them as they got older. She grew much closer than was appropriate to the eldest son and a love affair between the two bloomed. Several ways this story can go, to be discussed with partner - Taken

He was sweet and attentive, charming and was always so gentle and affectionate, every woman's dream man, but she wanted and needed something more. She ended hte relationship because he couldnt be what she needed. Imagine her surprise when she sees him a year(s) later at a BDSM club with a woman who was clearly his submissive/slave? Now, she wants him back. Details to be discussed with partner - Taken

She is a woman living alone (perhaps with servants/staff) in the middle of a countryside that has been ravaged by war. He is a soldier from the enemy (kingdom/country/other). He ends up injured on her front door. She finds herself unable to turn someone injured away and mends him back to health. Will he be grateful to her and fall in love? Will he still see her as the enemy and though she saved him, still do something vile? Details to be discussed with partner. - Taken

A young woman is the daughter of an influential and powerful man (could be a corporate type or mob type, I'm open on that). She comes home after being away at school and falls for one of his employee's/bodyguards. Used to the polished and refined types she met, his rough demeanor and unwillingness to put up with her haughtiness only serves to draw her towards him more. - Taken
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Online DaevaTopic starter

Re: Looking for a few new stories
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2010, 05:45:26 PM »
Updated with a few new story ideas

Offline WickedTemptation19

Re: Looking for a few new stories
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2010, 08:23:25 PM »
Hi, i love your idea about the professer/father in law. I haven't read your on/offs cause my phone wont let me. If you'd like to send me a link via mail or whatever that would be nice. I'd certainly like to do that story with you