Looking For More Role Playing Partners! (Male or Female)

Started by Obito Uchiha, November 13, 2010, 05:55:55 PM

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Obito Uchiha

First off, I don't tend to work well with Supernatural or Fictional stuff. Almost all of my role plays will be Modern world and Human on Human. My only exception might be for Neko type characters, Meaning body of a human and ears, tail, paws if want, of a cat. Other then that please keep everything to human type role plays. I'm Strongly into Submission and being made forced into situations. I have the ability to play either a female or male character for this part. Though I will say if I play a male role that he is forced to cross-dress as a female. I would like a strongly active person for this role but I understand stuff comes up or some days just don't feel up to doing it and that's fine, I just don't want 1 or 2 replies a week. I would like the dominate person to be a strong type. I don't mind if some masters are caring and sweet, but i would like to have some training and discipline done to my character at times. I did have a few going which I would be happy to give links to if you would like to request them. One in particular I enjoyed, but the person has dropped out on me and it was very entertaining for me.


That's the link to my Slave thread where it has a couple ideas, but I am always up for discussion on how the role play should proceed. Some of my other stuff I won't mind doing are regularly simple pairings. Incest is fine though that's what i tend to get a lot of requests for. Again I'm typically the submissive character but if need be i can be a tad aggressive, though I'm not the best person for that. I won't Post any plots mostly because i find it more fun finding out what others enjoy as well and then discuss how they would like the character to act and make a story around that.

Student x Teacher
Brother x Brother
Brother x Sister
Sister x Sister
Maid x Master
Classmate x Classmate
Stranger x Stranger
Friend x Friend
Brother x Brother's Girlfriend
Sister x Sister's Boyfriend
Open to More Suggestion Pairings.
If you add my Yahoo IM account please place a message saying that your from this site when friend requesting, Thanks

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