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Author Topic: Terra city: The inferno of dreams  (Read 3147 times)

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #25 on: November 16, 2010, 12:01:06 AM »
Watcher took a slight step back as N formed the 7 foot tall metal humanoids, This is going to be more challenging than I'd thought. It still puzzled him at the innocent way the boy went about creating such obvious beings of destruction, it seemed to be such a sharp contrast to the way the boy thought and felt about what he was doing; he truly did believe he was just playing a game. There will be a time to analyze this later, now I have to do something about these men and N's metal soldiers.

Watcher sprang into action, with the speed and agility that seemed so out of place in one blind like he, he dashed around the metal humanoids and made for the remaining soldiers; he knew he was not going to very effective in a head-to-head fight with those metal monstrosities, the best he could hope to do was eliminate some of the armed men and distract the golems so that Fireflight could deal with them.

As Watcher neared the men a loud crack split the air and one of the men crumpled to the ground, Watcher pushed his awareness out as far as he could to get some warning if the next shot was meant for him. His cane twirling in his arms, till it was a blur Watcher lashed out with the blunt end, catching the first soldier he face on the side of the temple, knocking him out cold. The next soldier he faced fired his rifle before Watcher could render him unconscious, however Watcher was able to detect the shot moments before the man pulled the trigger and with a slight push through his mind he redirected the bullet along a harmless path, Always easy to deflect bullets than to stop them cold. Watcher turned his body as the bullet flew by and landed a solid punch to the man's wrist to knock the gun from his hand and then hit the back of his head with his cane to send him to join his comrade.

Watcher turned to face the rest of the soldiers and the metal soldiers, his moves had taken him through their ranks, Two down so far.
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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #26 on: November 16, 2010, 06:39:35 AM »
Everything seemed to happen at once. Fireflight had taken out several of the soldiers, and then the man form they alley had reappeared. He’d made some comments about joining forces and working together; ones that she’d certainly supported and had been happy to agree with. And then a bunch of giant metal men armed with giant metal swords had popped up out of seemingly nowhere.

“Right!” She called out. “Work together, do stuff. Great plan!” She was flying well above the Golems, making sure to keep out of the impressive reach of their greatswords. Even then, she didn’t want to take any chances that they might do something crazy like throw them at her.

“Tell you what, metal man. Do I make you hot?” She quipped as she soared past one of the Golems, unleashing a stream of superheated fire from her hand. The searingly hot beam sliced through the metal construct, melting metal before simply sawing its torso in half like a massive cutting torch. She had no worries about hurting the Golem or burning to hot; it wasn’t alive, just a mindless metal construct. In many ways, she was relieved that she could cut loose and use her fire against it.

“Bet that really burns you!”

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #27 on: November 16, 2010, 07:24:51 AM »
N giggled again, he then waved his hand behind him. "You guys cant touch these people at the moment..... go inside and find Uncle Wrath now....." The men who were panicking after the blind guy beat a few of them, began retreating into the entrance, heading for where Wrath was. N then turned back and moved his hand, the metal from the sawed metal soldier returning to its original form. "You got a really cool power pretty lady, just like Uncle Wrath, except his is black in color and so dark...... and i didnt know blind people could fight so well, you sure are funny mister... but still cant let you pass, Uncle Wrath said no visitors, and i obey Uncle Wrath" He moved his hands in a circular motion and the remaining metal soldiers combined together with some metal from nearby, making into one huge looking monstrous creature. It had horns, a huge giant frame in height, up till the 9th floor of Forders tower. It also had humongous fists and legs. N smiled and said "Meet my special golem, those things you fought earlier were just metal soldiers...... this is Diablo, my 3rd favorite toy, and you guys get to play with him" N then moved his hand down wards, the giant demonic looking metal golem, slammed its palm down , sending everything nearby flying b causing a shockwave on the ground.

White Blade kept walking and then saw some of the  soldiers. He dashed foward, cutting down the soldiers with speed. Halfway in he did a hand stand and sliced the soldiers legs off. He twirled while swinging his sword and landed on his feet. The hall was messy with blood, his katanas ripe with the color red, and White Blade did not say a word as he continued his march.

Offline Xenolord

Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #28 on: November 16, 2010, 08:51:00 AM »
Marisa paled as she watched the display before her. These people, the cloaked one and the flaming one... they were good. Like... REALLY good. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that joining in on this fray would have been a poor idea. Too many people with superpowers. The best thing to do would be to just watch, and see how this panned out.

She hovered around the building to look through another window, see what all this was about. And that's when she saw them, members of the Army. Her fists clenched and her teeth gritted agains the rage welling inside. 'Calm down, Marisa...' she thought to herself, relaxing her muscles as she watched. 'There will be time for revenge later...' For the time being, she just hovered there and watched.

Online tuckers02

Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #29 on: November 16, 2010, 11:54:28 AM »
Sophie watched as several soldiers fell to Watcher.  She then saw them heading into the building.  She lined up a shot and fired once again, but something knocked her bullet's trajectory off.  She looked up through the scope and saw the metal beast standing there.  "The metal golem's shockwave deflected my shot." she said to the man behind her.  "All the soldiers made it inside.  There is only the hooded figure left controlling the golem and the two fighting him."

"Don't kill the boy.  We want him alive, remember?  Just wound him so we can take him." came the voice of the man behind her.  "Understood." she said as she lined up another shot.  She aimed for the smaller figure's back  If she just nicked the lung, then he'd be unable to concentrate with his troubled breathing, but wouldn't bleed to death before they recovered him.  The problem was going to be taking him away from the other two down there.  She waited for the perfect moment before pulling the trigger, sending the bullet unerringly toward the boy.

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #30 on: November 16, 2010, 12:15:32 PM »
The bullet curled towards N who then thanks to his unnatural reflexes dodged the bullet which only slightly able to graze him. He was now slightly annoyed "That was close.... and that was cheating... who would disturb my game..... these mean mean people........." N used his left hand for the first time in this battle. He molded some sort of metal, he was then measuring, "Judging from the place where the bullet came from , and the speed and velocity....... your over there arent you......"

He created a huge ball of metal with his left hand while maintaining Diablo with his right hand, and sent it flying from where he calculated the bullets origin from, the giant ball of metal was sent hurling to the girls location. Not that N even knew who was shooting at him earlier. He felt a sharp pain in his arm. It was slightly grazed. If Uncle Wrath hadnt thought him how to fight and handle pain, he would be in tears right now.

Offline lex87author

Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #31 on: November 16, 2010, 09:20:49 PM »
Watcher staggered as the shockwave reverberated through the ground as the Diablo Golem emerged, This boy is full or surprises, he has tremendous power at his disposal. As he regained his footing he felt the soldiers around him hurry into the Folders Tower, Foolish of me, in my eagerness to engage the enemy I left the tower vulnerable, I should have seen that coming... He turned his head as N spoke and rushed toward him, If I can get to him and incapacitate him, that golem will fall apart.

The sound of another shot flew through the air, anger and annoyance flashed from the boy as his mind searched for who had hurt him. N figured his spot and threw a massive ball of metal he'd formed into the city, then Watcher felt him noticed the pain in his arm.

Watcher seized the opportunity as N was distracted and grabbed the boy from behind, grabbing his arms in one hand and locking his other arm around the boy's head, "Now N, be a good boy and send Diablo away we need to go visit your Uncle Wrath." This close Watcher reached into the young boy's mind, he could hind nothing from him while he was in physical contact with him, he could hide nothing.

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #32 on: November 16, 2010, 09:56:32 PM »
N then said "No, no mister, we dont play the game like that......" The pipes under the ground sprouted from the ground below them to pry Watchers hands away from N. N moved forward, he formed the pipes into a steel wall. He was moving his hands carefully. He really did not need to move his whole hand to control metal , simply his fingers. Molding metal on the other hand was a task that required for his full hand.

N was now covered at the back by the steel wall, and the front by Diablo. N knew somehow that he had to be able to hold this place according to Uncle Wrath until he reached the 32 floor. N then said "No cheating mister, coming from behind is a cheaters move" He then moved Diablo to slam firelight into pulp, aiming the giant fist at Firelight. And then moves his other hand causing metal spikes to sprout from the wall, at least 3 spikes which extended and aimed to impale Watcher.

Up on the 15th floor of the tower was a observation deck, and Wrath was standing there and watching the fight unleash below. There were still 18 floors till he could get the schematics and Reacton. Wrath was not too fatigued and was now heading to the 16th floor. Right below on the 14th floor. White Blade was rushing, he looked to the sides and all the defences were disintegrated into nothingness by some sort of thing. White Blades initial thought was that the defences were eaten. But what could do that?

Online tuckers02

Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #33 on: November 16, 2010, 10:21:52 PM »
Sophie couldn't believe the boy moved out of the way.  She missed?  That had never happened before.  Then she noticed the ball of metal hurtling toward her.  She had thought she was safe and had let her guard down!  Foolish!  "Watch out!" she cried as she jumped off the balcony.  She turned in mid air as she was falling just as the metal ball hit the side of the building.  "Greg!" she called out, still falling no longer concerned with herself.

Her back hit a pipe jutting out from the building which spun her around in mid air.  She then hit the ledge of the building and then another balcony.  She grabbed on and was jerked hard, tearing her shoulder out of joint.  She just hung there with one arm useless about 300' above the ground.  Seeing another ledge, she swung herself toward it and tried to land on it, but as she landed she realized her ankle was broken from the first pipe she hit and crumpled, falling again from the ledge another 50' before she caught herself with her free arm again.  Hanging there with tears in her eyes, she cried out "HELP!" as her fingers began to slip from the edge she was on.

Offline Xenolord

Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #34 on: November 16, 2010, 11:17:07 PM »
As Marisa watched the steel ball crash into the side of the building, and the scream shortly followed, she realized he had aimed at someone. She hovered over to see a young woman holding onto a balcony with one arm, the other hanging uselessly at her side. She stared at her for a moment, deciding what to do. "No costume... no weapon..." Marisa muttered, watching the girl tear. "Wrong place at the wrong time, maybe? Who cares." She swooped down and grabbed the girl's hand, pulling her up just as her last two fingers began to slip. "Here's my question to you..." She floated higher, past the roof top. She didn't save people, especially people who were dumb enough to not move out of the way of a big boulder of steel. No, this kind of 'heroics' usually came at a great price for the rescuee. Think of it as a Conditional Mugging. The condition is, if she doesn't cough up, Marisa lets go.

"What's your life worth to me? Give me a reason not to drop you." Her emerald eyes hardened as she stifled a cough.

Offline Lionura7

Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #35 on: November 16, 2010, 11:47:37 PM »
Libra's eyes widened as N unleashed his soldiers, and then even more as the giant golem formed from the all the metal nearby, "We must stop that creature." Nodding as she floated upwards to avoid the shockwave, Averaen watched carefully as Watcher attempted to stop N, only to be thwarted by the child's powers, "Or maybe just that kid..." she muttered quietly.

She went into a free-fall, slowing her descent only as she landed. She was now to the left of the golem, out of its reach, but at an angle to target N clearly, "Vos vergandis gravis..." Libra murmured, thrusting her fists forward, a pool of darkness appearing on the wall behind N. She then pulled her arms apart quickly, muttering, "Ineo..." At that word, the void behind N activated, pulling him towards the wall. It wasn't strong enough to pull the golem, but strong enough to immobilize N against the wall.

(Color code: "Purple text" = Goddess Libra inside Averaen's mind, "Regular text" = Averaen aloud, "Regular Italic text" = Averaen's thoughts, "Dark Blue text" = Goddess Libra aloud, "Red text" = Both aloud; Just an fyi ^^)
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Online tuckers02

Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #36 on: November 17, 2010, 12:44:52 AM »
Sophie was surprised when someone caught her hand and pulled her up.  She was surprised even more when the young woman went higher.  Then the woman asked her the wrong question.  What was her life worth? she thought as she looked back at the building and the metal ball where the balcony used to be...where Greg had been standing.  Looking back up at Marisa, she simply said "Nothing." and let go.

Sophie came crashing down to the ground landing on her back.  For most, it would have killed them; and that's what Sophie was hoping for.  Instead, the  cybernetics that made her stronger also made her more resilient.  She laid there unconscious and coughing up blood, but alive though barely.  She had several broken bones now that would take days to heal...if she got the medical attention needed to survive.

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #37 on: November 17, 2010, 01:01:35 AM »
"Suicide over surrender? Admirable... but foolish." Marisa mused to herself. Hovering down to the ground, the girl was barely breathing. She had survived the fall, amazingly enough. She was hurt, that much was obvious. She was so young, so eager to die. Dropping to her feet, she walked into the street where an ambulance was responding to, most likely, the commotion at the tower. Screeching to a halt to avoid hitting the girl, he driver stuck his head out the window.

"You crazy, or something?" He was surprised when Marisa opened the door, yanked the paramedic out, and drug him to the ally. Throwing him to the ground by the semi-concious girl, she mused simply.

"Help her. Her sacrifice interests me. Don't let her die, or you'll get a nice rash somewhere nasty." She looked to the sky and started to hover back to the tower. 'Hope I didn't miss anything interesting...'

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #38 on: November 17, 2010, 03:25:06 AM »
N felt himself moving, it was if the gravity around him had changed. He was drawn into the metal wall he had set up earlier. At least on his side it was still fine. he saw the source of the mischief. He then moved Diablo towards the person saying "You entered the game without saying first? Thats cheating too!!!!" Diablo turned to the side and slammed its fist at the the girl. N could not move most of his body but at least he could still move his hand.

White Blade as now on the 20th floor which had a special elevator heading straight towards the 32nd floor. How did he know this? He was the one who originally handled the project on Forders tower and the Reacton before his crime fighting days. Back when he had it all and it was so cruelly robbed of him. Reacton was incredibly powerful. It should never fall into anyone's hands, that was his belief on the matter. In front of him when he reached the 20th floor was a big burly man who was heading towards the lift. The man turned around at the sight of White Blade , he was wearing some sort of high rankin military uniform. White Blade then said "Is it you? the one in charge of all the lackeys down there....."

General Wrath sniggered at the arrival of this white masked man who had arrived in front of him "Did i miss a happy costume party? I really must get my assistant to work on that....."
White Blade grinned behind his mask as he replied "At least im not dressed in some facist fetish uniform ... where did you get that? Toys R Us?"
Wrath was now no longer in the fun making mood. His hand clenched into a fist. He turned to White Blade "How dare you mock my war?!!! Ill destroy you first and then proceed to the REacton, HAHAHAAHHAAHAHA"
White Blade unsheathed both his katanas "Good, all this talking was putting me to sleep...."

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #39 on: November 17, 2010, 04:42:12 PM »

If Wake didn't have a prior engagement, he would've really enjoyed his walk through the night. Yet, even if that was true that he was a man on a mission, Wake took his sweet ol' time getting to the scene. He casually walked down the street with his hands tucked neatly in the loose fitting blue jeans he wore. His right hand playfully toyed around with the handle of the only weapon he ever carried with him, in-uniform and out. A sheathed WASP Knife. Accompanying his jeans was nothing more than a plain black shirt that simply had the word 'Illegal' written boldly on white in the front a set of worn out Nikes. Sure, he thought about changing into uniform which would've definitely have been quick but he opted against it and instead decided to play this one by the ear. Besides, even though he could've easily have gotten to the scene in less than half a minute, he preferred to take his time and let the situation develop.

And develop it had.

Wake had heard several shots rang out (above him oddly enough), several cops scrambling around the area for one reason or another in a panic, and the small gathering of police he had seen before become a full-blown ring that anyone could see from the two block perimeter that established around the tower, yet none of this would really deter or hinder him from what he'd come to do. Hell, they would've needed to know he was coming to even have set up something remotely challenging or difficult for him to get around. Then again, not people knew about him and even less knew about what he could do. And that was exactly how he liked it. He liked to operate from the shadows and actually preferred to let people think what they would. It was easier that way. Not to mention people tended to be rather predictable in their trains of thought.

But that was that and this was this. Being that he was standing at the front of a thick crowd, he looked no different than a common citizen. Well except for his white hair, but people often assumed he was merely setting a fashion statement. They never took more than a single glance at him before they forgot who he was and would never care to think too heavily about something that didn't make sense. He was nothing more than a random guy in a crowd at this point and when he took a step forward, which was the equivalent to disappearing for him, of course they'd wonder. But that was all.

Being that the human eye could barely catch his movements with him appearing as little more than a blur, Pariah's power was often confused with that of teleportation. Well at least until someone recorded his movements and replayed it in slow-motion, or if their eyesight happened to be just a bit better than a norm but that was besides the point. What was the point was that people would often imagine he hadn't been there or would assume he'd left or something. It was always easier to fall back onto logic ya know?

But being that he arrived semi-late to the tower, Wake wasn't really expecting much to left of the first floor lobby. He was slightly surprised at the crowd that remained in the lobby but showed little to no emotion as walked in. He casually stepped inside and looked around tiredly while assessing the situation until he finally brought his bored eyes up to meet those of a huge metal monstrosity that filled the room. Grinning softly, directed at no one in particular, and with his hands still tucked neatly in his pockets, Wake nonchalantly asked the super powered crowd, “So what I'd miss?”

Offline lex87author

Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #40 on: November 17, 2010, 06:27:33 PM »
Watcher stumbled backwards as pipes from below him pried his arms off the boy, This boy is more clever than I thought, I need to be more careful. Still he'd managed to get something from the boy before he'd been separated from him, Floor 32, there's were Wrath is headed. Watcher quickly considered his options, there was nothing he could do against the Diablo Golem aside from distract N and clearing even that was proving difficult, however he didn't want to abandon Firelfight to face the monstrosity on her own.

Then a new consciousness entered into Watcher's field of thought, No wait its two, but there is only one body. The one on the surface is that of a young woman, but the other is ancient and powerful... Libra? No that can't be she is only a myth, but myths have been true before. As Libra landed near the Golem and used her powers to restrain N Watcher nodded, Fireflight now had an ally that was far more capable of helping her than he was. Turning his head in her direction he called out, "Wrath's target is on the tower's 32nd floor, you and Libra should be able to handle N and his Golem I'm going after White Blade and Wrath!"

Breaking into a run Watcher hurried into the tower, his senses reaching out to feel in the first floor of the building. Everything was in disarray and it took Watcher a moment to get his bearings and find the buildings stairs, 32 floors is a long climb. Watcher pounded up the stairs, his long athletic strides taking two steps at a time as he rose floor after floor before he literally stumbled into the remaining soldiers N had sent inside before he'd made his Diablo, crashing into the last soldier of the group as he neared the 18th floor, Foolish, I'm so focused on sensing the things further away I missed the ones in front of my face. He scrambled to his feet, connecting his fist to the temple of the soldier he was tangled with as he did.

One of the other soldiers called out as he rose, "Its the blind guy! Kill him!" With a thunderous roar the guns in the soldiers hands erupted, spraying death all over the stairwell at Watcher.

Grimly he reached out, his body twirling to avoid shots as they were fired, moving to avoid the aim of the men as he felt them and lightly touching the bullets that he couldn't dodge. A touch here and the gun of one soldier moved to disable the gun of another, a touch there and a bullet fired over the back of a comrade instead buried itself into the leg of another; it was like an elegant, but deadly dance as the Watcher weaved ever closer to the soldiers. He lashed out with his cane, its sharp tip striking at knees and elbows, leaving screaming men in their wake until the reverse end of the cane knocked them out.

After only a few moments Watcher had eliminated half the soldiers, with all but one down with no lethal wounds. The others froze at the top of the stairs as they stood looking at the blind man standing before them, four in all, they looked at each other at the same time and then dropped their guns before jumping over the railing to the lower stairs and rushing away, if a blind man could beat them up they wanted no part of it.

Watcher took a deep breath and hurried up the next flight of stairs, he could feel White Blade above him and the evil presence that he assumed had to be Wrath and the anger that flew between the two men. He had just reached the 19th floor when he heard laughed and felt a power growing inside Wrath and a grimness from White Blade, This isn't going to be good, I must hurry!

Online tuckers02

Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #41 on: November 17, 2010, 08:40:17 PM »
The paramedic was about to complain about being dragged out of the back of the ambulance until he saw the condition the little girl in front of him.  He quickly checked for a pulse and breathing.  How she had survived this many injuries, he didn't know.  "Her lung's collapsing." he said as he rushed back to the ambulance.  He grabbed a chest tube and a knife before racing back to her.  He made an insertion in her side and slid the tube into her lung to release the pressure.  A few seconds of blood spewed out then the air.  Sophie then began to breath normally and was out of immediate danger.

"So what happened?" the paramedic asked, but Marisa has already left.  There was no one there but the paramedic now with Sophie, all alone.  Once again, she was all alone.

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #42 on: November 17, 2010, 10:34:19 PM »
As she hovered towards the tower, an interesting thought crossed her mind. 'There's an awful lot of police cars responding to that tower incident...' Her thoughts told her as police cruiser after police cruiser raced down the road to the tower 'I'd bet my bottom dollar, that's a good portion of the police force... leaving very few to respond to other incidents... like a bank robbery...' Before she had even finished thinking about it, a plan began to form in her head.

But not now. No, now she'd wait. She dropped to the street level and began to walk away, passing a closed flower stand on the way, several bouquets in the window. Smashing the flimsy window, she grabbed a bouquet and hovered back to where the young girl had fallen. She had arrived just about the time the paramedic was ushering her into the back of the ambulance. Landing on the top, she decided to ride it to the hospital, and show her a little kindness, even if it were to be her last.

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #43 on: November 18, 2010, 12:16:38 AM »
Giant metal fists are quite frightening, especially if they're careening towards you.Fortunately, they're also rather slow and Libra curved her body to go around the fist rather than avoid it altogether. Feeling the rush of air as the fist passed her she stretched her arms upward as she came to a stop underneath the golem's arm, "Turpis bestia vulnero haud magis, trado ut vorago quod licentia irut cadeo!" She shouted as she thrust her open palms forward, aiming them underneath the golem's now outstretched fist. A large mass of darkness opened where she aimed, and unlike the one that bound N the darkness seemed to ripple like water, flashes of deep blues and purples appearing in the pool, "Lapsus edurus!" she cried out, closing her fists. The gravity field would then activate, drawing the golem's fist down and pinning it to the earth.  She then jettisoned upwards, getting a full view of the scene. The cops and the people on the ground were only in the way, and even with the golem partially immobilized they were not safe. She took deep steady breaths pondering her next move, larger fields always gave her a bit of trouble.