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Author Topic: Terra city: The inferno of dreams  (Read 3118 times)

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Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« on: November 13, 2010, 10:34:22 AM »
Welcome to Terra city, a city with it all. The good , the bad and the downright ugly. A city that is so big and unbalanced that there is no way there cannot be crime. So many factions and people all trying to get a piece of the big city, some have failed and yet some have succeeded. The people of the fine city live in fear of a disaster happening every hour of the day. The city is located around a mountain area, and stretched all across to the ocean. There is even a desert to the west of the city and as a whole the city celebrates all the major seasons Spring , autumn winter and summer. The city is split into 3 sections , one is the central section which is where all the major businesses are located as well as most of the city life and city people live. Central section is the biggest part of Terra City and has a high crime rate. Then there is the Upper section, where the rich and the faboulous live. Private schools, luxury malls, luxury service and high profile suburbs exist there. Only the exclusive live here and so its the smallest part of Terra city. Then there is the dark section, Terra Cities worst area. Criminals and traitors live here. A place where the law has given up hope, and where fear always runs the streets. The police when running patrols here need to be armed with more of a malice. In the dark section, the red light district, the racketeering , the organized crime all exist there, drugs and so on.

And yet even in a city such as this, where there is some times no justice and crime runs rampant. There are heroes, men and women who stand up for justice and righteousness, who stand up for what is right, for what they believe in. And with every hero, there must be villains, men and women who aim to seize power , seize the city and find justifications for their acts. Some are evil some are merely confused. The need for heros is dire in Terra city , which side will you be on?

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2010, 11:38:06 AM »
In the neon lighted streets of Central section, many people were walking, going about their daily business and some were enjoying the pleasures that the night bring with it. Many youngsters were out drinking and partying and why not? It was a Friday night, a night of sin and merrymaking. However there are some sins that run too deep in this city. Some sins not made in good faith. Such as the man in the alleyway who pointed his gun at a woman who had a small child with her. The woman was clearly frightened for her life as well as her sons life. The man who seemed to be no more than a common average thug, who thought he could mug a poor woman just to claim a quick buck showed no signs of hesistation, he would kill this woman if she did not hand over her items and belongings. "Hurry the f**k up b**ch, or else ill cap you and the kid !! I SWEAR IT!!!!" The woman was in tears, anything but her little boy, she wanted to protect her son no matter what, losing a paycheck from her hard earned work seemed a small reprise for the lives of her and her child. She slowly gave her handbag over to the mugger who still had his gun pointed at her child.

As the mugger looked smug and overjoyed that he was going to gain money from his little act of crime. He noticed his hand falling. Why? He didnt lower his hand, so why was it falling? In just a split of a second the theif understood. His hand was just cleaved clean off, cut from his arm. Blood spurted out of his arm as he fell to the ground screaming in agony and utter pain. A man with a white mask and white clothes was standing right next to them, the woman keeping her mouth shut, just in case this turned out to be some sort of psycho. The little boy immediately broke into a smile and pointed "MOMMY LOOK, ITS THE WHITE BLADE!!!!" White Blade said nothing as his right katana glistened with the red blood of the criminal. He had cut off the criminals hand before any more heinous acts could be committed. He reached down and grabbed the womans handbag and handed it to her, saying nothing. The woman took the bag and started to run while saying "THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"  White Blade simply replied without looking at her, "Leave now.... you dont want to see this...." She picked up her child and ran for the exit. The child waved at White Blade and White Blade looked at the child and waved back as they left the alleyway leaving only White blade and the armless criminal who was cringing "PL...ppp....please man..... you stopped me!! They were FINE!!! LET ME GO!!! TAKE ME TO JAIL MAN!!!!!!!" White Blade did not intend to spend all night mincing words with a criminal. He lifted his katana and plunged his blade into the criminals skull, impaling his head and inadvertently ending his existence on this world. The dead criminals body slumped to the ground as White Blade pulled his katana out of the mans head, blood spurting everywhere. White Blade looked up to the sky, another innocent saved, yet, he knew that criminals still ran the streets looking for their victims as he stood there. He decided to continue his search in th night. He climbed up the acess ladder nearby and headed for the roof top to continue his night time patrol , this time in search of more  criminals to execute.

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2010, 02:55:06 AM »
For all they spent their days in the Upper part of the city, Summer and Autumn Brown were more than eager to head into the less affluent Central section once the sun had set. Whether it was for business or pleasure, both girls enjoyed the slightly seedier sections of Terra City; pleasure-wise the dirtier nightclubs and looser men were infinitely more fun, but business-wise the Central section was where it all went down... well, most of it, anyway. Dressed in their outfits and ready to fight crime, the twins were more than ready to get in a good butt-whipping before returning to their regular sedentary life and bedtime.

Summer looked stunning as Wasp, with the shining black of her suit hugging her slight figure, amplifying what little she had in the chest department by pushing it up into a cleavage of sorts. Autumn looked no less appealing in her own crime-fighting outfit; the bustier was the same shape and design as her sister’s, though where Wasp’s was black with yellow accents, like her namesake, Butterfly’s was blue and pink with just a trim of black to accent the bustier, while her hotpants were the deepest shade of jet she could find. Not the most practical of outfits, perhaps, but the girls managed to move around in them easily enough, and they were light enough not to weigh them down in flight. When flying under one’s own wingpower, they’d discovered that the lighter they were the better; fragile wings such as theirs were not made for load-bearing.

They were near the spot of White Blade’s impromptu execution, and were able to overhear his victim’s last pleas for mercy. Although they themselves were more of the capture and send to jail ilk, neither girl would protest the death sentence of a criminal who deserved it... but had that petty thief been deserving of such a fate? Almost as if they were of one mind, both girls fluttered up to where White Blade had taken up his surveying position.

“That was swift justice,” commented Wasp in her dry tone as she stood just further down from him, her hands on her hips – and the position mimicked by her sister just a foot behind her.

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #3 on: November 14, 2010, 07:12:30 AM »
   a soft, sinful smile curled against her lips as those dark, bewitching eyes looked out into the city from her penthouse sweet, her view blocked by her own glass as she brought the fluid to her lips and enjoyed the intoxicating flavor before returning the drink to the table.  a fingertip moved to her noise, feeling against it before falling down her body, moving past those tempting tears of hers as she felt her fingernail move against the bare skin of her neck, sighing as a breeze of cool air passed by her face from the open widow, the wind allowing that long flowing black hair to dance in it. She was enjoying her solo bit of Heaven, her finger moving down her body, only a robe hid her body from view.. that purple and black satin robe was her choice of clothing.. she wished she could wear it anywhere..yet in this world.. she needed to blend in, and look normal..

a soft, pleased sigh spilt from her lips as she felt her fingers move into her robe, just around her chest, her mind in a dream state.. but she was interrupted by a knock at her door and own of her well dressed servants entered the room, he looked more of a CEO then a servant..

"My love" the tall, well dress man spoke as he knelt down in the door way, waiting "his loves" response, which was given by hypnotica's beckoning finger. The man quickly moved to his feet and walked over to her, kneeling once again by her side as he spoke.  "My love, as you ordered my men are out looking for any and all threats to you and your will..we are afraid we may have found some" 

Hypnotica looked over to her servant, her eyes staring at him as she moved her body from the chair, glass in hand. she moved towards her bar top, her servant not speaking a word nor moving.. so faithful she thought to herself before she spoke in that oh so pleasing voice of hers that brought a smile to her man servant's face. " so please... tell me, lover, what is this threat to me"

her servant stood and looked to her, noticing the folder in his hand, she beckoned for him to come to her. she smiled that dark a twisted smile as she watched her helpless and faithful servant walk to her and knee once again before her, holding the folder above his head. she picked up the folder and began to look thou the photos and the reports... these "superheros" even thou they were not a threat to her at this time.. they may become one later on.. she was hidden for now.. in plain sight.. but if any of these mortals wished to interfere with her operations...she knew she may be in some trouble..  she read over the folder as she enjoyed another intoxicating drink, a dark, playful smirk curling over her lips as a fingertip moved along the edges of one of the photos...she enjoyed the picture for a few moments before she spoke down to her servant..

"mmm.... This "Wasp"... seems like quite the lovely lady...doesn't she, my love"


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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #4 on: November 14, 2010, 09:51:37 AM »
White Blade climbed on to the roof of the building and noticed two colorful looking individuals who were standing there, in the other roof nearby. He did know someone was watching him earlier on, but not who was watching him. White Blade never made it a point to know many people, just his day time colleagues. However he was curious as to why these two were here, he did recognize them. They had claimed by the media to be people like him, fighters for truth and honor. He looked across and spoke in a unnaturally deep voice "I suggest you two stop hanging around here..... if the police find you, they might tie you to the scene..... police officers dont like costumed vigilantes so much...... i have seen you before, Wasp and Butterfly correct?" Across the buildings there was a alarm which had just sounded off.

In the deep parts of the dark section of Terra city, the streets were empty and the rats scurried as if fleeing for their life. Why would they not be scared? this particular part of the Dark Section belonged to the Army of Wrath, and the man which Dark section feared General Wrath. He sat on his seat in the middle of the giant hall located in the sewers of the Dark Section. He was not pleased. "Tell me Number 275, am i to believe that you failed the orders you were given to retrieve the schematics?" The soldier was wearing a black mask and a uniform with the Army of Wraths logo on it "Forgive me General!!! I didnt mean too!! THERE WERE TOO MANY GUARDS I SWEAR!!!!!" Next to wrath was a boyish looking figure in a grey hoodie , he had a child like voice "No mercy for the innocent......" A menacing chill ran through the night and the creatures in the sewer were trembling in fear. A black flame poured out of Wrath's body and began engulfing the pleading soldier."NOOOOOOOOOO, GARHGHGHGHGHG" The onlooking soldiers said nothing , remaining in their position , rather him then them they thought. The flame disintegrated the soldier until there was nothing left. Wrath then stood up "I do not tolerate incompetence...... you would all do well to remember that we are always at war, so i expect nothing but the best from all of you, in order to realise my dream!!!!!" The soldiers roared in approval, all but the boy in the grey hoodie whose face could not been seen yet. General Wrath walked over to his map of Terra City and held his hand over the map "THIS LAND IS MINE..... AND I WILL WAGE MY WAR FOR IT.... TRY AND STOP ME!!!!"

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #5 on: November 14, 2010, 02:52:29 PM »
Jennifer had just gotten home and had flicked on the TV while she was about to get started on dinner. It had been a long and tiring day, and she was in the mood to take it easy and kick back for the night. As much as she loved being able to use her powers and to help others, right now she was far too flat to do much of anything, a fact that she would have gladly admitted.

“...the discovery of a body in Central Section today, left in an alley. The victim appeared to have been a victim of a brutal slaying, his hand removed before being killed by a single blow to the head with a sharp object. Police are refusing to comment, but speculation is that this slaying was the work of the notorious alleged vigilante, White Blade...”

She’d stepped out of the kitchenette when she’d heard the story. As she watched, her tiredness and fatigue gave way to anger and resentment. “Who the hell does the bastard think he is?” She snarled to herself, a lick of flame rising from her clenched fist. “Justice doesn’t come from just randomly chopping people up. That’s only going to ever make things worse. Someone ought to teach that idiot a lesson in how civilised people act.”

Five minutes later she was airborne, dressed in her costume and tearing towards Central Section at speed, a trail of brilliant red flame behind her. Her dinner and her quiet night were forgotten; instead, she was determined to do something about this bloodthirsty idiot and bring him to justice. Flamestrike couldn’t stand criminals; a man who killed a mugger in cold blood was just as much a criminal as the man he had killed.

“Yeah, you idiot. This is it. You’re going to answer for your crimes.”

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #6 on: November 14, 2010, 11:13:51 PM »
[Hypnotica] [penthouse]

The day light was soon coming to an end, which was fine for her. her day did not truly start until the sun was setting. After the information given to her by her loving servants... she decided it was time for some "field work" so to speak. dressed in one of her more pleasing night time outfits.. a thin black satin jacket with matching pants with knee high boots hidden within the fabric of the pants.. and nothing else.. she was a dashing sight to be hold.  Soon she was on her way, a smirk curling over her lips wondering how her plain will unfold tonight.

[Central section]

She decided to enjoy the night life of a part of town that she wasn't used too.  The so called "Central section" of the city.  a place, how she seen it, was where the lower and middle class of the city tried to show off how "refined" they were with there choices of entertainment.  she did not mind, once bit. As the night went on, and she moved from club to club, taking in the sites and learning the "customs" of these people here.. she has heard this was a dangerous, crime ridden place.. and from the clubs she could see why.. there was sin everywhere she walked, people using different types of intoxicants, people showing there love for one another in open plain site.. she thoroughly enjoyed watching two men drug a pretty girl's drink then carry her off.. she was enjoying this Sinful place.. she was even thinking of moving some of her operations to this part of the city... but that wasn't her goal for tonight.. her goal was to make contact with someone.. not just anybody.. any of those who's photos she saw and reports she had read..

as the night was ending, the bewitching hour [3 am] was at hand. This was the time when the clubs started to close and people would go home with the new friends they have found.. of course, this was the dangerous time, the locals knew to always walk in groups, never to be alone... and of course, never walk down a dark black alley, but Hypnotica wasn't a local..

She was quite the sight, the clicks of her boots could be heard echoing off the walls of the dark alley she walked, the dim moon light shining off that black satin outfit which played against her attractive figure... the silowet of her body shown off those almost prefect curves of hers...such a delight to be walking in such a dangerous area.. What was she thinking.

a hidden smile curled against her lips as she gave to look of terror, looking on a man who just appeared in front of her, tall and musky, his clothing badly torn and stained.  She quickly took a step back, bumping into someone behind her, who's hands quickly grabbed her jacket, pulling at it, almost exposing her to the threatening figure in front of her.  "my my my... Why do you have here? You look rich sweety.."  The man before her spoke as she felt herself being forced against the wall, her arms bring held over her head by one hand.

"Help!!! HELP!! Someone please Ahhh"  That pleasing voice of hers shouted outloud, as loud as she could, any person could hear her very tears from her screams.  the two men were unrelenting, pulling at her clothing and assaulting her, pushing her up against the wall, smacking her when she was told to shut up and didn't.  "OH GOD PLEASE, NO!! SOMEONE HELP ME!"


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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #7 on: November 15, 2010, 12:53:22 AM »
Alarms and screaming now? White Blade was now in between two emergencies, he then looked to the other two female masked ones on the other roof "Looks like there is no time to speak, justice must be handed out to others.... " White Blade sprinted and began jumping , using momentum from one roof to the next. He landed on the roof above where he saw the two men viciously assaulting a girl. He ran slided down the acess ladder of theh building and landed nearby , his katanas out and ready. One of the men stopped "DUDE, lets get out of here man.... itsss.... t...t...the White BLADE!!!!" The other one stopped from his frantic undressing of the poor girl and looked back "What the hell is wrong with you? So what if he is White Blade? He's just a sh**head with a mask...." The man got up, ready to pull his knife out of his pocket. Not that White Blade was going to let either of them do so. He was already in front of the two criminals. He swinged his katana, and with one swing the mans head was cleaved clean off his neck. And the mans lifeless body fell. The other man was pleading "IM SORRY MAN!!! DONT KILL ME!!!!" White Blade did not listen, he impaled the man with his katana, all the way through. "There is no mercy for the wicked.... that is justice......" The impaled man fell to the ground, his breath leaving the earth, along with his life. the last thing he saw was White, and then darkness.

White Blade looked to the side at the girl " Are you alright ? You must get to a hospital citizen....."

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #8 on: November 15, 2010, 01:18:47 AM »
Those dark eyes watched with delight as her plan had worked. during the battle she moved to the side, her clothing badly ripped, her hands covering what she could from any onlooker who may be around.  she watched quietly, hidding her smile as she watched this White Blade.  She almost felt sorry for the two men who had just lost their life for her own pleasure.. of course, that was their place.. they were, in fact, two pawns she came in contact during her night out, which she quickly brainwashed and had them attack her as they did... of course, they did not know that, nither did this White Blade.  Once this superhero's work was finished, she watched him, his body turned to the side, she didn't know if this was he was waiting for  more of a fight, or our of respect, not wishing to embarrass her by looking at her.. she honestly could care less.. she needed to see if these people were a threat to her domination plans.

"Oh god! thank you!!" that exotic assent'ed voice of hers spoke, almost music to White blades ears. She quickly rose off the ground, moving before the man, her hands moved down to her side as she was making her way towards him, those middle eastern eyes staring into his with all there glory and delight, they almost sparked in the moonlight. She was a fine sight to behold, even with her clothing ripped, that ample chest of hers oh so close to exposing itself the man, her hips swayed in the most serpent like movements any mortal could have ever imagined, soon she pushed herself up against the man's chest, he could feel her near exposed body against him, she was quite shorter then him, her face resting on his chest as soft cry was faked on it. he could feel her fingertips moving against his chest as her face looked up at him, her warm breath spilling against his face.. she was giving him her full treatment to see how he would react... seeing how well he could resist her hypnotic powers..

"oh god.. thank you. you saved me.. " That voice of hers rang in his ear once again as he felt her moving up his body, moving onto her tippy toes  "Please.. thank you.. is there anything I can do.. a man like you should be rewarded..." her voice was moving from fearful to soft, pleasing, he could feel her breath moving up his body, she was standing as tall as she could, her lips mere moments from touching his as she spoke once more "please.. accept my reward to you, my hero"


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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #9 on: November 15, 2010, 03:33:05 AM »
Central Section - Train Station

With a loud hiss of pressurized air the door for the train opened, leading to a storm of pounding feet as its passengers disembarked amid a babble a conversation. Paul MacTello waited until the first wave of people had left before he started forward, his cane slowly sweeping back and forth in from on him.

Overhead a crackly loudspeaker announced, "Welcome to Terra City, have a pleasant day." Paul chuckled to himself and took a second to "sense" the world around him. Slowly the babble of conversation faded from his mind, replaced by the surface thoughts of the people passing him, ...I hope I'm not late to that meeting, or else I'm... eggs, milk, apples and what else did I... once the train arrives at the station all I have to do is step off the platform and it will all be over.

Paul lifted his head and focused on the last thought, homing in on its origin, as he used it to guide him closer to the person. As he approached he touched the mind of the other people, "borrowing" their senses to aid his own.

The first person he touched wasn't looking in the right place, they were studying their cell phone screen. The next person only glanced at the crowd where the thought had came from. After the third person didn't reveal anything more, Paul gave up and instead carefully reached out with a light touch of telekinesis, using it as a bat uses its echolocation. The light touch of telekinesis swept over the people around him, giving him a mental imagine as his mind touched the people and structures around him. A group of eight people stood near the waiting area for the next train on the platform opposite from the one he'd just arrive on, three were woman and five were men. Paul quickly touched each person's mind, searching for the mind that had given the thought he'd noticed.

He jumped from mind to mind before settling on a man waiting at the back of the group, who's sadness was obvious now that Paul was close enough to him, Where is the the train? Its supposed to be here by 7:19, its already 7:28. Figures the day I finally am going to go through with this the train runs late.

Paul gently weaved his way through the crowd until he was next to the man and spoke softly so that only he could hear him, "Excuse me sir, do you think you could help a blind man?"

Paul felt suspicion and surprise roll off the man as he looked over at Paul, he wasn't necessarily dressed poorly even though he didn't often sleep indoors, so Paul was guessing the man thought that Paul was trying to scam him, Why did this guy pick me? Can't he see I just want to do what I came to do and be done with it? Maybe if I give him something he'll just go away. The man dug into his pocket and pulled out a battered billfold and handed it to Paul, "Here you go man, hope things go better for you."

Paul reached out as if to take the the bill the man had held out to him and suddenly grasped his wrist when he made contact with his hand, he pulled the man close to him before he had a chance to protest and whispered into his ear, "Don't give up friend, life is too precious to throw away carelessly," instead of taking the billfold he pressed a worn card into his hand, "On this card is a way to reach someone who can help you, no matter what you need they will help." Paul started to pulled back and then smiled as he felt how startled the man was, "Don't lose hope my friend, when things seem darkest light is coon to appear." Paul released the man's wrist and slipped out of the crowd as the screeching arrival of the train covered his passage.

The man looked after the blind stranger that had grabbed him, How? What? How could he have known? He looked at the card the man had given him, pressed on the battered billfold he'd tried to give him, on one side was as only the word HOPE in block letters and on the back it was an address located somewhere in the Upper Section of Terra City. Maybe that guy was right, if a homeless blind guy can say there is hope, how can I give up? When the train pulled up to the platform he stepped onto it, rather than in front of it.

From further down the platform Paul listened to the man's internal dialogue, while he watched him through the eyes one of the other people in the crowd who was watching him after he and Paul had interacted. When the man stepped onto the train safe and sound Paul sighed and smile, "Well at least that's one life saved from giving into despair," Paul reached out again to sense his surroundings and then set out into the rest of the Central Section, a blind man here to restore the vision of hope to a city that had lost it.

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #10 on: November 15, 2010, 05:33:36 AM »
“White Blade!” A voice called out across the alley. “I don’t care if you think you’re a hero. I don’t care if you think you’re doing the right thing. What I do care about is that what you’ve done here is both illegal and very, very wrong!”

Fireflight was hovering over the alleyway, her eyes all but burning with fierce intensity behind her mask. She glared down at the white-clad man and the woman he was with, and, more importantly, the two mangled corpses that lay at their feet. Internally, she was smouldering with anger at what he had done; while he had probably saved the woman from a horrible fate, there was no way to justify such barbaric butchery. She’d heard the screams, first of the distressed woman and then the two would-be assailants. That had been enough to draw her.

Her face rankled with disgust at what he had done. “We fight crime, you and I.” She stated. “But that does not mean that what you do is right. Your butchery, this wanton violence, is wrong. It is not your place to be judge, jury and executioner.”

Flames flared at the ends of her clenched fists. “Surrender, White Blade, and accept the consequences of your actions.”

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #11 on: November 15, 2010, 05:46:58 AM »
As the woman was closing in on him, he slowly pushed her back "Its quite alright... you must go to a hospital, that is more important than all this.... no thanks is necessary..." White Blade could not engage in any sort of relation, with this or any other woman. He swore to uphold absolute justice and that was what he was going to do. Besides when she was trying to reach him, even if he felt slightly aroused, he remembered his dead wife and dead twin children, that was enough to repel those thoughts from his head. Before he could even move away. Another woman this time which was blazing with fire. The irony was not lost at all on White Blade, but he did not laugh. He stood there listening to her monologue.

"I cannot surrender girl..... instead, im not going to bother justifying myself and why i do what i do... its better you keep to your business and i keep to mine, this is a warning......" White Blade was about to walk away to the access ladder. He was in no mood to play around with some self righteous hero.

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #12 on: November 15, 2010, 06:08:50 AM »
[ Hypnotica ]

She almost screamed at the realization that her plans have just fallen apart, not only did she not have enough time to effective bring this man to her beckoning will, bout she did not think of two superheros appearing, nor did she expect them not to be on friendly terms.

she moved aside from the action, looking onto this new attraction with a hidden smile, oh did she enjoy the look of that outfit the fiery one wore... full of opening for her to work her magic on, she thought quietly in her mind. she stood there for a few moments, her eyes struggling to make eye contact, hoping she maybe able to bring this one under her control quickly and quietly, ending this little boasting contest but the woman's eyes were firmly on White Blade.

the next thing either of the two would notice would be the sound of her heels clicking ageist the ground and she trotted off and out of sight of the two Heroes.  effectively her preemptive strike on these threats to her plans of domination had failed.. but she had learned one thing, she noticed, even for a moment she was getting to this White Blade. She knew if she was given more time alone, under a more, controlled setting, he would fall under her will, and if he could, the rest could as well

[fin: hypnotica returns to her penthouse]

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #13 on: November 15, 2010, 06:29:25 AM »
“A warning?” Fireflight snapped, watching the man as he walked towards the ladder. At least the woman was out of the way and safe from harm should anything happen. “With what you have done, you have made it my business, White Blade. There is no justification for this savage butchery, this horror. By doing this, you lower yourself to their level. You make yourself no better then they are.” She deliberately emphasised that last point, as if to give weight to her anger and contempt for him.

“I do not want to fight you, White Blade. I know that you and I want the same things. What I want you to do is cease this senseless slaughter.” She was hoping he would see reason, that he wouldn’t turn this into a fight. While she didn’t like his methods or what he did, she still understood his dedication and drive. If she could convince him to see reason, to give that much up, then she felt that he could be turned from a threat to a powerful weapon for real justice.

She’d all but forgotten the woman now, focusing instead on this man, trying to decide if he was beyond help or could yet be redeemed.

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
« Reply #14 on: November 15, 2010, 06:48:18 AM »
Paul felt the cool breeze caress his face as he stepped out into the night, his cane scrapping against the concrete sidewalk as he made his way down the street. The faint sounds of nightlife drifted from their origins to him, This part of Terra City is as active at night as it is during the day, just the type of business is different. Paul received a few traces of the thoughts of the people entering or emerging from the various places of nighttime establishments and quickly decided he needed to wander elsewhere for the time being, sometimes the unpleasant thoughts of people could be almost disturbing. He set off on another direction, an area that seemed to have fewer night clubs.

He wandered for hours, mentally mapping the Central Section as best he could, one things he had taught himself was to memorize as much as he could about an area, you could never know when you needed to find a place quickly and being blind could make that difficult; preparation was time well spent in his mind.

He was rounding another corner when he heard a woman's scream echoing down the street before him, he hurried down the street reaching out to get a sense of what was happening as he pulled his cloak out of his pack and pulled in on over his other clothes, Its not much of a costume, but it will have to do on short notice.

As he neared the source of the scream he felt puzzled at the emotions he felt, the woman was definitely not afraid, quite the opposite she seemed to be enjoying what was happening and the two men he felt seemed to adore the woman. Those feelings alone almost made Paul turn away, taking everything for some strange late night meeting that he had noticed a few times already. However, this one felt different, the woman seemed to be enjoying what was happening but not in the way it would seem, it seemed as if she had planned this to happen; the men "attacking" her seemed to be following her script. Paul stepped into a nearby alley, feeling the wall to be sure he was hidden from view, something didn't feel right and he wanted to wait a moment before exposing himself; the one thing his sense of the three people was that the woman was in no danger, quite the contrary actually.

As he looked on another person arrived, this one a man of cold efficiency, who lashed out so suddenly that by the time Paul had heard the sound of his blades moving through the air and felt the pain from the two men, both of them were dead. Who are these people? That woman feels no true gratitude to the swordsman who saved her life, she seems to have expected it? Paul blushed as the woman's sexuality blossomed as she tried to seduce the swordsman, What manner of woman is that to have those thoughts floating to the surface of her mind? Paul stepped free of the opening to approach the two carefully, trying to get a better sense of them.

As he neared them he overheard the end of their conversation, as a third person appeared this one high above him. The heat radiating from her, paled in comparison to the anger she was feeling towards the swordsman, or "White Blade" as he'd overheard, which made for a stark contrast to the distain that White Blade felt toward the fiery woman who called herself Fireflight. It seems I'm not the only one who fashions himself as a helper to those in need, though our manner seems to be different in the way we accomplish our goal ir seems to remain the same.

Paul paused as Fireflight spoke again to White Blade, sensing the critical impasse that was approaching between the two differing views of "justice".

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
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White Blade climbed up the access ladder onto the rooftop seeing as the woman wasnt stopping him from doing so. He looked down from on top of the roof and then said "If you wish to pursue this matter any further let me say this... what i do, i so that no one has to suffer again because the system doesnt work. These criminals do not deserve to roam our streets and kill our people simply because the system failed to keep them behind locked cells...... i would ask you to stop , but i know that it is pointless to tell you this, but you are still young at heart, you have yet to face the horrors of the true world, not an idealistic one.... it is good that you have this sense of justice embedded into your mind. Good... use that and do it your way.... i have nothing against you for wanting to try that route, you can see then for yourself..... I have my resolve , and nothing will sway me......." White Blade did feel the girls words to his heart, he was not a machine, he was a man of flesh and blood. A man with emotions and morals. He had the weaknesses of a man, but , whenever he remembered the murder of his family, he puts the rest out of his mind. He then looked elsewhere, there was another alarm sounding off "Forders Tower..... why would an alarm be sounding there?" White Blade then began dashing forward to see what the commotion was all about. Hopefully nothing much, he really did not want to deal with more criminals today.

The doors to Forders Tower was disintegrated before their very eyes. The guards didnt know how to react to this. "What in gods name?" Then black flame engulfed the guards turning them into nothingness. Disintegrating them as a solitary , tall figure with a generals cap, and trenchcoat, walked foward. His soldiers of at least 20 people accompanying him. One of them saluted "General, the Reacton is in the vault on the 22nd floor, we should be able to take it if no more disturbances arrive......." General Wrath then said "Do not stand here and speak then captain, get to work!!" Wrath had the urge earlier that since his soldier failed to get the schematics and the object he wanted, he would go himself and he did. Forders tower, owned by Forders electric and power supply company the biggest company in Terra. They built it, the one thing that Wrath wanted, the one thing he would use to bring the city to its knees. He would win by the end of this day, there was no doubt in his mind of that fact

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The pain that flashed through White Blade's mind as he spoke of his resolve, stirred the pain and guilt in Paul's heart, This man has faced the fear that all man wish they will never have too and yet he too carries on  like I do. As White Blade ran off toward the sound of a distant alarm Paul hesitated for a moment, considering between Fireflight and White Blade before approaching Fireflight, "Forgive the intrusion, I felt it only appropriate to introduce myself as it seems we are all here for a common purpose, my name is Watcher. I have already gathered that you are Fireflight and the man who is leaving is White Blade. I feel that the alarm he is after seems to be something that concerns him greatly."

Paul climbed the same ladder that White Blade had used, having "sensed" it from White Blade's own mind earlier, and turned to face Fireflight once he had reached the top of the building, "Do not judge him so harshly, his methods of justice may seem crude, but he has been through much in his life, as have I. The scars he carries from his past guide his motives, but do not thing him without a sense of honor or morals; they are just hidden beneath his anger."

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Terra City. It had been Marisa's home for a few weeks while she recovered from yet another barrage of medical tests. Her father had moved to Terra to make use of their science facilites and medical appropraiations, but he hadn't expected the corruption that ran rampart through the city's streets and sewers. Between the Army of Wrath, and all those costumed vigilantes running around, it just wasn't a safe city.

Sure, those costumed 'heroes', as they thought themselves, ran around trying to 'protect the innocent' and 'punish the wicked', but they just usually wound up doing more harm then good.

The Army had claimed her father as a casualty of a raid, and it infuriated her. Seventeen, and without a living relative. Her body was weakened by disease and diagnostic, strengthened by machine and motor. When her legs failed her, machine picked up. When her arms failed her, motor picked up. When her heart would inevitably fail, her life would end. But for now, more machine then human, she would try to purge the city of that which corrupts it. Villain, hero, vigilante, or otherwise.

She let out a hacking cough as she sat up in bed, her legs swinging over the edge of the bed. The heavy green metal boots which sat next to her bed beckoned her, promising her the freedom to feel the ground move beneath her feet. Though not paralyzed, her legs were too weak to keep her standing.

She reached over and took hold of the costume lying next to her bed which she had set out the previous night. Lying down, she slipped the neon green skirt over her legs and waist, clipping it in the back. She sat up and slipped her feet into the boots, the monsters clicking to life with her touch. Two sharp needles pierced her leg muscles, stimulating them enough to get her to move. She stood for the first time in her life. The boots clanked against the wood as she moved around, feeling more powerful. Pulling the sleep shirt off her head with great difficulty, she tossed it weakly to the bed.

The gloves on the bedside table were designed by her father, just as the boots were. As she slipped one hand inside, two needles pierece her muscles, supercharging them. Strength. She put the other on and flexed her fingers. She pulled the green sailor suit over her head and  made sure it fit nicely. Perfect fit as she planned. The small golden tiara sat, calling to her. On the inside of the metal were the words 'For my little Princess ~ Dad' lovingly carved. A final message from her father. The emerald set inside shimmered in the dim light. She placed it on her head, and looking very much like one of her favorite cartoon characters, she smiled and coughed again.

"To walk..." She muttered, looking down at her self. Most people in her shoes would have been wheelchair bound for the rest of their life. But not Marisa. She would walk, she would run. She would give chase. "Thank you, dad..." Clumping over to the closet, she threw the doors open, the large pair of wings attached to the backpack staring at her. Pulling it off the hooks, she slipped it on her back, the large mechanical wings flapping happily. A small button on her right wrist clicked to life as she felt the pack settle in. With a push, she felt herself hovering off the ground. "Thanks for everything, father..." She muttered to herself, pushing the button again to drop.

To walk. To run. To fly. She had truely become something she never thought she could. She'd become normal, and more. The doorbell rang. She marched over and opened it.

"Package for - uh..." The delivery man studdered, staring at her. "Uh, Package for Marisa Cole?" He held out the box. She took it from him, coughing some. "Are you sick?" He asked.

"Yes. What of it?" She responded in a cold voice. Everywhere she went, no matter where, it was always the same 'Are you sick?' or 'Don't cough on me.' or her favorite 'I don't want what you have.'

'Slight Genetic Abnormality' is what the doctors had called it. A hiccup in her genetic makeup that turned her into a living conduit of viral infections and diseases, a strange cross between telepathy and pestilence, caused by her years of being a medical ginuea pig. Ten years being on so many different medications finally paid off. She stared at the man, held her hand out, and smiled.

"Thanks for this. Why don't you take the day off? You look like hell." She spoke, the man starting to cough and hack. Not fully understanding what was happening, but man gave a weak nod and hobbled away. Living conduit of infection and disease, walking pestilence.

Sailor Pestilence. A fitting name for a fitting person. As the man hobbled away, she tossed the package onto her bed, and walked out of her small room, seeing the world outside for the first time in seventeen years.

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Fireflight nodded to the other man. “That is maybe, but that doesn’t excuse what he’s doing. It’s wrong, and needs to be stopped.” She spoke with a degree of anger and determination that even surprised her, never thinking that she could be this impassioned about this subject. And, while she could understand that he may have motives, that didn’t make him a better man for it in her eyes. “Now, if you’ll forgive me...”

Without another word, she burst into flight, leaving a blazing trail across the skyline over the city, following the source of the alarm. She had two reasons for her haste; the first was to simply discover what was going on and put a stop to it. The second was one that she wouldn’t publicly admit; she simply wanted to be there before White Blade – or some other maniac – showed up and turned whatever was going on into a bloodbath.

Within moments, she was there. Below her, she could see the entrance to Forder’s tower. The doors had been destroyed, and there was a squad of heavily armed goons around the entrance. She could quickly figure what had gone on, and knew that she had to put a stop to it. Swooping down, she engaged her powers, projecting a wave of small fireballs towards the enemy squad. Several of them detonated amongst them, sending soldiers reeling back.

The fireballs were a technique she’d developed. While scorchingly hot, most of the energy was dealt in the shockwave of their blasts. The results were that they could be used to take out opponents, to stun them without killing them. While yes, they would be injured, it was a lot better then the other option.

“Okay, whoever you are!” She called out as she prepped a second wave. “Whatever’s going on here has gone far enough. Surrender now... or else you’re going to get burned.”

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Re: Terra city: The inferno of dreams
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Paul raised a hand to shield his face from the heat of Fireflight's , his mind also heated by the raw emotion White Blade had stirred up in her, If I had the time to investigate I imagine there is something about her past that makes her so opposed to White Blade's style of justice.

Having made contact with Fireflight more directly Watcher was able to follow her like a mental beacon for himself, however if he hadn't had that the rumbling of the ground beneath his feet would have guided him to the Forders Tower. Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, using a slight push of his telekinesis when he wasn't going to make the jump. He slid to a stop on the rooftop across the street from the Tower, thoughts of anger and feelings of evil filled the area, This is not just evil people at work, there is a source of the evil that is poisoning the city.

He heard Fireflight's challenge to the group of men and immediately detected a hesitation from the majority of them, they were waiting for orders from another, following the source of their thoughts he found it belonging to being whose thoughts were fully and entirely evil; yet beside this wellspring of evil there was also a mind a relative innocence and naiveté, the mind of a child.

Watcher leapt over the edge of the building and felt his way down using handholds to the street below and slowly approached the crowd of men, pulling his walking cane from from his belt and pulling the end off to reveal a short, but sharp blade of about six inches in length. He reached out with his mind and canvassed the surrounding area: 20 armed men formed a semi-circle around the collapsing building with the evil man and the child-like one behind them, Fireflight was still airborne imposing herself between the men and the open entrance of the Tower, and behind him but rapidly approaching he felt the cold, hard thoughts of White Blade as he approached.

Watcher reached out into the minds of one of the armed men who seemed to have some level of responsibility among the others and focused on probing his mind, What are you here for?...Forders Tower... primary source of the of electricity and power for Terra City... Mission Objective: Seize and hold control room, then await orders from General Wrath of Commander N...

Watcher tightened his grip on the handle of the cane and glanced up at Fireflight, prepared to share his knowledge with one he felt was here for a similar goal, but before he spoke she released a multitude of little fireballs upon the soldiers, She already knows, now the key is to prevent these evil men from achieving their goal. In the momentary confusion cased by Fireflight's attack he moved to join her in blocking the entry way, his blade-tipped cane held ready, "it seems we have a common goal Fireflight, might I suggest a alliance, at least for the short term?"

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“White Blade. White Blade...” Kaji mused softly as he sat slouched back in his recliner as news of the vigilante's exploits were depicted by the local news channel.

“-Gun matched the prints of the man's severed hand which was cut cleanly off. Though they arrived promptly, the estimated time of death was approximately three hours ago. Police speculate that they believe that this was yet again done by the costumed crusader, White Blade. Though some believe his actions to be to extreme, this reporter on the other hand-”. Four large green letters spelling MUTE suddenly filled the top right corner of the TV as the twenty seven year old felt he'd heard enough when the broadcast became opinionated.

“Blah blah blah, who the hell cares?” Kaji complained loudly in his empty apartment as he pushed himself off and out of his chair, leaving the remote in his wake, before walking towards the refrigerator. That guy really pissed Wake off. He'd happened upon several scenes of the man's work before and they weren't pretty let him tell you. At times, given the carnage, Wake had to wonder what part went to what man. Yet, it wasn't the deaths that ticked him off. It was the needlessness of it all. Kaji was a firm believer in only doing what was necessary. If a man wanted to struggle and resist then that man wanted to die. But most of the scenes weren't those of men fighting to the death. They were of men struggling to live. Men lying in pools of their own blood while a long bloody streak could be seen of the spot they had crawled from before being put out their misery. Scenes like that.

The thought lingered in his mind as he opened his fridge and scanned its contents for a moment before pulling out a cold brisk tea. The can popped open with a satisfying PSSSSSsss and Wake took a small sip before moving towards his window and staring blankly at the streets below.

It was funny really. Although things like that pissed Wake off and he could probably list a hundred and one things about why he didn't like it, he had absolutely no desire to stop it. WB had never gotten in his way, not that the man could catch him, and the killings weren't really his problem. Besides, being a mediator between the good and the bad wasn't really his forte. He was a guy that did things at his own pace and preferred to keep it that way. And speaking of doing things at his own pace, Kaji's train of thought was suddenly broken as a news alert on the TV caught his attention from the corner of his eye.

Almost instantaneously, even though the remote still sat idle in the chair, the green letters that had been lingering disappeared and the sound from the news broadcast once again filled the room as Kaji watched from the exact same spot with the can still held up to his lips.

“-Suddenly without notice. Several reports have come in about explosions being heard on the premises of Forders tower with no cause currently known.” Kaji watched the screen as the news copter that seemed to be hovering around the building showed a ring of police slowly gathering around the entrance. The correspondent who stood at the scene, or at least a few blocks away from it, paused for a moment and pressed her finger against her ear before widening her eyes in realization of the information she was just given. She quickly regained her composure though and continued her report. “I was just informed that apparently an unknown group of people have assaulted the tower and that-...” She paused again as she was apparently updated on the situation again pressed on from where she had left off. “-A group of vigilantes have already engaged with the terrorist group.”

“Mmm....” Hummed Wake casually as he continued to watch the report.

“A party and I wasn't invited? I must be losing my touch.” He grinned slightly at the thought and downed what remained of his tea before tossing the can up in a wide arc towards the trash can.

“The number of causalities at the point are unknown but we'll keep you updated on the situation.” The woman's words went unheard as did the sound of the small chink of the can bouncing off the wall and landing miles away from the trash can on the floor. For you see, the moment the can had left Kaji Wake's hand he was already gone and out heading towards the tower that was visible out the window he'd been looking out of.

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Averaen sat atop the roof of her apartment complex, surveying the sparkling city. It wasn't the greatest town out there, but it was her home and she sighed happily on her perch. Normally, she'd be out at a rave at this hour, but tonight she just felt like enjoying the night air.
"Do not lose focus Averaen, there is much work to be done." A familiar voice called out inside her mind.
"But Libra, it's so nice out." The girl complained aloud, her face contorting into a small pout.
Regardless of what would never be discerned as a series of screams and sirens poured out from a rather specific area downtown. As she stood, she could see the glow from Fireflight's flaming persona and the trail left behind as she moved from one area to the next.
"That looks bad..." she muttered as she ran inside to change clothes. Clad in her battle uniform, she jumped out of her window, propelling herself towards the source of the commotion in the night.
Landing softly on a nearby building, she surveyed the area with her bottomless black eyes, making note of all the forms she saw, Looks like everyone else showed up to the party, too... She thought as she watched Fireflight lay down her terms, and another cloaked individual attempt to join her in the fray, "It seems there are others who wish to discern the cause of this commotion as well. Keep steady for now." Libra responded to her thoughts.

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White Blade dashed as he reached the main entrance of Forders tower, and it seemed that Firelight had managed to beat him to the place. Not that it mattered anyway, the main orchestrator was inside that building. He saw the soldiers and some blind man and Firelight positioned as if in a standoff. White Blade walked looked to the other buildings. He knew what he had to do. He dashed across past the roofs of the buildings and ran at full speed. Forders tower had a glass window located at the 3rd floor level. White Blade dashed and flung himself into the glass window from the opposite building roof. The window smashed into many pieces, shards of glass dispersing everywhere. White Blade was in and now ready.

The soldiers were looking a little edgy "What the hell?!!!" "Its that white costume GUY!!!" "This is bad, if the General found out........" Then suddenly , a child spoke "Its ok..... uncle Wrath wont mind......" The soldiers then seemed like they were put at ease. A mere child, a boy walked in front of the group with a grey hoodie blocking his face. He then said "Take 5 men and go and play with the white mask man......i wanna play with those two......" The soldiers saluted "YES COMMANDER N!!!!" The boy known as N walked foward his childish exuberance shown by his giggling. He then said "Your very pretty fire lady..... you took out a few people."  N moved his hand, metal was from some of the cars and structures around them began distorting. It all formed in between N and the two heroes, firelight and Watcher. N then molded the metal by moving his hand slightly till they achieved humanoid forms, at least 5 of them. They stood at 7 ft tall and all had swords. N giggled as he said "Now, lets play a game.... a really fun game"

Wrath was now at the 15 floor. The defences were nothing to him, his black flame engulfed anything that moved in the area protecting him. It seems the designers of this tower didnt take it upon themselves to prepare, which made Wrath slightly annoyed. He could here noises from the floor below and instead of getting worried , he was excited. Finally, there would be a war, his war, and now was the hour of its beginning.

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The night air was calm on Marisa's face. The sound of her metal boots hitting the concrete was about the only sound to be heard as she walked down the sidewalk. She looked down at her feet as she walked. It was a funny feeling, to watch one's self trudge across the ground for the first time. She had gone from infirm and bed-ridden to healthy as a lark in the span of several seconds. Her father, in his last dying days, had done what he had always promised. He saw to it that Marisa could enjoy life as any other normal seventeen year old girl could.

But this seventeen year old girl also happened to be able to give people sickness at the drop of a hat, an addendum she happened to love. A few people she passed giggled at her as she walked. One made the passing comment that she 'looked rediculous' in her outfit, but each comment was met with the same indifference she had grown to show others. She coughed a little, still wide aware of how sick she still was, and she picked her head up.

"Halloween's in October, you freak!" A male voice called to her from a distance. She kept walking.

"Whoa..." Another began, stepping away from her. "Walked into a damn movie set..."

"What a weirdo." A third chimed in. She ignored these voices, muttering about how little they knew. In the distance, a plume of smoke could be seen rising over the buildings into the night sky, black flame jets launching from windows several stories up. Marisa smiled. No doubt some 'vigilante justice' going on over there. Probably be some unsavories to boot. She clicked the small button on her wirst, levitating a few feet off the ground. She would go and check it out.

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One of the armed men behind the boy in front of Forder's Tower fell to the ground as blood sprayed from his head three full seconds before the sound of the gunshot could be heard from half a mile away.  "One soldier down.  Five more went inside." Sophie relayed the information to her handler as she looked through the scope of her bolt action sniper rifle.  She pulled the bolt back ejecting the spent casing as it clinked to the floor and pushed the bolt back into place loading another bullet.  "What about the fire girl and cloaked man with her?" she asked as she lined up another shot.  "Leave them be for now.  They're keeping the soldiers outside."

They had learned about the attack on Forder's Tower from one of the soldiers that she had taken captives during the raid for the schematics.  She was still upset that she had let one get away.  "Roger." she acknowledge as she pulled the trigger once more and watched another soldier drop moments later.
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