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Author Topic: Petting Parties are the Bee's Knees! - CLOSED - (Rawring Twenties!) - F+/F+  (Read 730 times)

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Offline ZeitgeistTopic starter

Firstly, searching for one or more committed writers for this story. At the most two and myself for three total. This story may likely require the writers to take on more than one character and/or an NPC from time to time. I am not at this time committed to playing one role in particular and that is wide open to discussion. Either reply here with your interest and thoughts, or certainly PM me too.

This story will explore the lifestyles, fashions and proclivities of Flapper. While not by definition lesbian they were certainly open to experimentation and it isn't really a stretch at all some were likely lesbian or had inclinations in that direction.

For more on Flappers, see here: The sources therein also link to more information that will be helpful and useful.

Three girlfriends plan a 'petting party' where the boys are not invited. A new girl, younger than the three, and an aspiring Flapper herself, wishes to join in on the clique of young women. The three reluctantly agree but only if she can contribute to the party by bringing a bottle of whiskey. Unaware of the 'girls only' makeup of the party she procures the bottle of whiskey and arrives at the party. Surprised the new girl actually managed to get her hands on a bottle of whiskey, they readily allow her to join in.

Something of a ruse develops though as liquor isn't allowed in the dormitory the women live in, and under that premise it is decided that the new girl requires punishment (spanking) lest the cantankerous landlady finds out and kicks them out. Nevertheless whiskey shots are passed around and before long they're quite tipsy and amorous. Events develop from there in a quite obvious direction ;D

The story won't start with her arriving bottle in hand at the party. There should be a bit of character background developed as well as setting. I'm envisioning the girls at a speakeasy perhaps, plotting their 'girls only' petting party. I'm envisioning the new girl having an uncle or other family member or friend who has access to whiskey, and from them she gets the bottle for the party. This is open to conjecture though and we can discuss that. The trio of girls will be rather impressed she shows up with a quality bottle of whiskey, and didn't really imagine she'd show up, thinking they've set the bar high enough she wouldn't have been able to meet it.

Dialog will be fairly important in this story in recreating the time period, the Roaring Twenties. Flappers had something of their own lingo and slang also. We'll want to use this for sure, though judiciously and sprinkled about enough to add to the story.

Setting will be Chicago, along with speakeasies, dance halls, cafes as well as the dormitory. The dormitory I imagine as something of a brick building containing a number of flats rented out to single unwed young ladies. The landlady is a cantankerous old lady who doesn't at all approve of the Flapper lifestyle. She'll not pass up an opportunity to brow beat the young women but ultimately leaves them be so long as they pay their rent and don't bring liquor in the building.

Keeping in mind this is Chicago in the twenties, mob crime and violence would be on the front pages, and while not a part of this story its likely the Flappers are well are of it.

Fashion will be very important also in capturing the mood and feel. These Flappers often had bob cuts, wore art deco jewelry, 'step in' panties, simple bustles and straight-line dresses. Bust size was not emphasized and they wore bras that flattened their chests.

Other random thoughts off the top of my head: Jazz, dancing, suffrage and woman's rights. Weaving these things in will contribute to the right mood for the story.
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Offline jantraveller2010

Re: Petting Parties are the Bee's Knees! (F/F)
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2010, 02:35:17 AM »
Hi there. I would be interested in working on the younger innocent girls character, though whilst I love detail I am more a modernist, so would have to work on carrying it off.  We can discuss and see if you think i might be suitable.

Offline ZeitgeistTopic starter

Re: Petting Parties are the Bee's Knees! (Rawring Twenties!) - F+/F+
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2010, 10:58:23 PM »
Still open. Some lovely imagery to grease the wheels perhaps...

This story is now closed for myself and PhoenixDavidov.

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