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Author Topic: Aura's Desires Part 2 (searching M's)  (Read 794 times)

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Aura's Desires Part 2 (searching M's)
« on: November 12, 2010, 05:35:33 am »

Come to me with some twilight vampire idea, I might just take you and force you to watch real vampires. Twilight are fairies wanting to be vampires.

Now that is over onto other things I will write. And wouldn't mind.

Bold: I will play that. Red: I have an extreme craving for it.

Secretary X Lawyer or Doctor
{In discussion; Willing to have up to 2 different plots with these roles}
Good girl X Bad boy
Sister X older Brother
Twins (MxM/MxF)
Brother X older Brother
Father (step Father) X Daughter
Jock X Loner
Good girl X Demon
shy Demon X bad Demon
Demon X Angel (either way)
Elf X Elf
Elf X vampire
Girl X vampire
Student X Teacher (only if its a good plot)
Girl X werewolf {In Discussion}
Slave X master
Neko X Human {In Discussion}
Neko X Vampire

Some fan based I will think about writing:

Harry Potter
CSI (any)
Eureka (sci fi)

Some I have plots for, some I don't. However, I am open to anything.

Romance is welcome, if not a must. I would prefer long term, but one shot's are welcome too. I am rather open to a lot of things, however please check my lightswitch (link in wiki) for clarification. And if it isn't there, well ask, I don't bite (too hard.)

Now onto some plots. (ok maybe just one for now.)

Name: Destiny
Role: Ex-Slave
Need: Doctor/ Master, Asking for him to be mildly kind
Plot:  She knew what a master was at the age of 14. That master was her father. Staying with him for two years, she pleasured him and kept his house clean, however her virginity was never lost. When she turned 16, her father sold that precious item to the highest bidder, an older gentlemen who paid a hefty price for it. She was now his and did everything for him, from simple aggressive sex to drinking his own urine.  She was only fed the leftovers and when he had parties, she didn’t eat at all, was kept in a cage unless she was needed and had to drink toilet water. She was treated lower then a dog. When she was 22, only months before her birthday, he had a heart attack in his sleep. Caged up downstairs in the basement, she cried for days. She fell unconscious after a week of no water or food. When he was found, by a coworker, she was found by the police. Seeing as there was nothing they could do to him, she was carried out of her own feces to the nearest hospital. She woke up a week later and asked the doctor where her master was. The doctor, knowing what she was at that time, said that her grandfather was dead. She was skittish, always tried to escape and rarely excepted food from people. She slept most of the time and after a month the doctor branded her as his with his own mark. She saw it one day above her ankle and asked him what it was. He never answered her. However, he did order her to eat and get healthy. Five months after that, she was released. The doctor who had taken care of her was suppose to take her to a shelter for abused women, he, instead took her to his house. She had a new master and she knew it.

Pandora's Box

Stacy was just an every day girl until one night she went to a part with her friend Tricia. Stacy met a guy and they became an item. But after a while he got Stacy into a dark circle of drugs and depressions. He left her and that night she overdosed and almost killed herself. Her parents who were worries sick decided to send r into a rehab program after she was discharged from the hospital. The sent to St. Anthony fo Paduas rehab.

Marius (you can change the name if you want) was just a popular guy with a secret. He had it all. Was the schools all star team quarter back. Cheerleader girl friend. Amazing grades. The works. Behind that all was a cycle of depression, fear, Oxycontin, and molestation. Turns out daddy wasn't such a great guy after all. But he wouldn't tell anyone. One night the pressure of the secret became to much. He tried to hang himself but his little sister cut him down from the rafters before the deed could be done. His mother worried sick sent him to St. Anthony's of Padua for help with his depression and suicidal thoughts.

The meet the first day of group counseling. Stacy would have once fallen for a guy like him but now she cant even talk to guys with out wanting to scream and run away out of fear. Marius would have once felt compassion for the broken girl who needs a shoulder to cry on right now. But he has changed too. Partnered together to over come their problems the only question it possible to move on and meet new people and live a new life.....or does he past follow and haunt you until you want to die from insanity.

Need a Change

Now This is video/song inspired. Not much of a plot to it yet, but I will come up with something soon.

YouTube - The Sorcerer_s Apprentice - -Secrets- by OneRepublic w/lyrics

Sarah Age 26 Wealthy. Beautiful. Has everything she ever wanted. Masters in Criminal Justice. Daughter to the Mayor.

however, it all gets too boring. She craves something different. Faking her own kidnapping, she dies her hair blond, and applies for a job at the station a few cities over.  As she is brought onto the staff, she is partnered with a guy, who has at least a good 5 to 10 years of experience. And is slightly older then her. Soon she and her partner is placed on her case, the case of her kidnapping.

However her partner knows she is hiding something, and tries everything to bring it out. and I mean EVERYTHING. Even going to the length of sleeping with her, not expecting to fall for the vixen. He started to investigate and finds nothing on her, only making his gut instinct on her stronger.

Suddenly the case comes to a close. The outcome: She simply ran away. Her father makes numerous appearances asking for her to come back. But the question is does she? Or will she remain in hiding.

And some Photo plots. :D

1. (Open to any ideas here.)

2. I was seeing this one more of a NC but any ideas on this one as well is welcome.

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Re: Aura's Desires Part 2 (searching M's)
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2010, 07:14:47 am »
I'm interested in both the neko x Human and the human x werewolf idea. I'm hoping to try and the human (for the neko). The other one I'm fine with either or.

Offline Lady AuraTopic starter

  • I take on many roles for many friends, are you one of them?
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Re: Aura's Desires Part 2 (searching M's)
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2010, 07:52:38 am »
PM Sent.