Supernatural type romance, or hate/love relationship rp? Maybe? ... Anyone?

Started by Ion, November 11, 2010, 05:17:42 PM

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I'm just going to come out and say it; I'm a strange person.

I'm not so much concerned about the gender of the rpger as the character they rp in question. I'm open for rp with either males, or other females - I can play female OR male characters myself, but would rather play a female since I tend to somehow end up playing males most of the time and a change would be appreciated (I can, however, be swayed into taking the male role if your plot idea/character interests me).

I'm looking for Hetero rp - while I have no problem with gay characters (I myself own a couple), I seem to enjoy straight/hetero relationships in rp more.

I was hoping for some kind of supernatural rp, maybe? As in... something not entirely human (yet still having some sort of a... human form/shape/whathaveyou - like a vampire, a ghost, a werewolf, a demon, an angel, etc, etc, etccccc), with a human. But again, I can be swayed away from this theme with relative ease so long the plot/character offered is interesting.

I was also hoping for some sort of hate/love relationship going on. You know the typ; where they start off hating eachother, and it evolves, over time into love. There's several tropes that seem to pike my interest and are similar to what I wish to rp;

- Belligerent Sexual Tension
- Unresolved Sexual Tension
- Heel Face Turn (This would be fun if played right!)
- Slap slap Kiss

There are many more, but yeah (I spend more time than I probably should reading TV Tropes - it sucks you in *sigh*)

I don't have a character OR plot in mind yet; in fact, I'm more interested in a person capable of literate, nice rp, whose style might mesh with mine. I'm happy to work with him/her on a plot and decide on characters. I would rather ease the plot into sexual rp, if it gets there - aka, I do not wish for a Porn Without Plot. I'd rather a story that will be accentuated with sexual rp when the time calls for it.


I am not looking but this looks too good to pass up ;D  I am interested!!!  Do you get your name from chemistry as an unstable atom or from Ion Fortuna from Trinity Blood? hee hee ;)
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Actually no XD It's the name of one of my female ocs, from a while back. I wanted a short, easy name to remember. I HAVE in fact, seen Trinity blood though, and do like that character - I had however, forgotten  that was his name (durrr if I'd remembered I'd have probably picked another name, oh well)

So tell me! What exactly are you interested in doing? : >!


aaahhhhh as I read more I see your in the same conundrum as me... wanting female hetero roles.. but everything else is right up my alley, so the speak, hee hee maybe we can get creative and have our own mates type thing in our posts and work on a platonic level in the high-fantasy genre  ;D  Let me know if you want.
Not accepting new roles but Photoshop riches await you instead.