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Author Topic: Seeking Seduction & Teasing [M Seeking F Characters]  (Read 2035 times)

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Seeking Seduction & Teasing [M Seeking F Characters]
« on: November 11, 2010, 01:55:51 PM »


Welcome to my thread, I'll update it when I can and add new ideas to the newest posts.

I'm happy to play with anyone that is interested, however I'd like the roles to remain heterosexual. I'm not expecting pages and pages of writing in reply to my posts, however a bit of detail is desired. My ONs and OFFS are in my signature, so do feel free to read them, hopefully it will give you a better idea of what to expect.

The roles aren't set in stone in terms of how they would be played out, however at the same time I'm not looking for massive changes from what I've written out either, if that makes sense. I'm perfectly happy to accommodate for particular kinks and fetishes that one may wish to be included, so long as it fits with the RP and isn't upon my OFFs list.
If you're interested then please do send me a PM.

My Ideas

The Sweetest Thing
I've had the craving to play out a RP such as this for a long long time, however only now have I really managed to describe what I'm looking for and put it into words in a way with which I'm happy.

There were many words with which you could describe Hayleigh, however the one which would always crop up time and time again was sweet. She was cute, full of energy and always had a smile across her face. She was the girl that all the guys secretly looked at lustfully, however she never really seemed interested in a boyfriend. That was until she set her eyes upon Steven, he was a right cutey in her eyes, the sort of guy that she just wanted to jump upon. That's how Hayleigh was different though, she wanted a boyfriend to hang out with, to snuggle up with, to kiss and hug, however she wasn't all that interested in sex. For sure she wanted to know that she turned him on, she wanted him to pop boners around her, sure it was fun to touch eachother in nice ways, but, well, Hayleigh just hated cum. Just the thought of a boy doing such a thing turned her off, why she didn't know, it was just so icky!

I'm looking for someone to play Hayleigh in a RP where we will follow her and Steven on their relationship, where they have all sorts of fun and adventures, however she tries to bring Steven around to her way of thinking, making him promise not to ejaculate, all whilst they discover themselves and eachother in their relationship.

A Sensual Tease
Recently I've had a massive craving to do a RP where a guy is seduced by a woman whom is very sensual and very much into using the mind as a powerful sexual stimulant to excite and toy with. I would see it almost like an education of sorts where the female would take him away from the norm of getting off as quickly and often as possible, and taking him down a new road, a road where orgasms are treasured and few and far between for him, instead concentrating on the feelings and the pleasures that he would usually take for granted. I think this could lead to a number of exciting scenarios and exchanges between the two characters, and the RP would follow them as their relationship develops and blossoms. The female character would be 'in charge' so to speak, however that doesn't mean that the male will be a complete wimp, instead he embraces the games she plays and there will be plenty of flirting and passionate moments between the two of them.

I've not a specific set of characters in mind for this idea for I think it could easily be played out in a number of different ways, with older or younger characters and in various ways of life, so should you have any preferences in regards to this I'm all ears.

I Need Help With My Homework
Michael was never really that popular at school, sure he had friends but they were all like him, a bit geeky, afraid to talk to girls and not very cool. Sarah on the other hand was one of, if not the hottest girl in their year at school. Wherever she went she had the boys lusting after her, and the girls secretly wishing they could be her. As of this it was a surprise to say the least when seemingly out of the blue Sarah came to Michael after one class asking if he could help her with her homework. You see, Sarah was spending her time doing other things rather than work, what she needed was someone who could do her work for her, enter Michael.

Sarah wasn't stupid, she knew that she only needed to flirt a little and make him think there was something in it for him and she'd have him in the palm of her hand, and that's exactly what she did. Poor Michael was so blown away by the fact that she was wanting to spend time with him that he fell for her trap just perfectly. After their first meeting Sarah sent Michael home with a boner and a promise not to jack it off, for he'd get a wonderful handjob from her should she get a good grade on her homework, it wasn't like Michael was going to say no to that now was it? It went from there, everytime they would meet up Sarah would make an excuse to not let him cum, be it the grade wasn't as high as she had hoped, or some other petty reason he was too horny to realise was not true, instead just having to endure day after day or her teasing tortures.

Most boys would of just jacked off, but Sarah had planned for that, if she even expected he had done so then she would never talk to Michael again, and he certainly didn't want that. Sarah would regularly check up on him, making sure he was still stiff and denied, not to mention giving him handjob for doing the homework, but he just hasn't done well enough to earn that orgasm he so desperately craves.

A Step Sister Like No Other
The main focus of this RP will be on a Step Brother and Sister. Duh!  XD

A few years ago their parents got together and found love, and since then they've lived together as a happy family, much to everyones delight. Their parents met when they were both in their mid teens, and they've grown accustomed to eachother during that time, the parents delighted at the apparent lack of ill feeling between the children. The step siblings get on very well together, they always have, despite their slight age and personality difference, but maybe that's what allowed them to do so, rather than being too similar which could well of ended in them bickering a whole lot more. I'd like it so the sister is a few years older than the brother, and in a way she's always felt a little responsible for him and kept an eye out for him when she could. The reason for that is that he can be quite shy and quiet, especially around new people, where as she is a bit more outgoing in her personality.

I'd like the RP to start a changing point in their relationship, that point being that the sister has decided that she needs to get him to open up a little more, especially when he's around girls. To do that she decides to do what she does best, which is to flirt with him and tease him a little, in hope that it'll give him a bit more confidence and boost his self esteem. What it does have is a slight effect on his sister, for she just finds herself wanting to tease him more and more, slowly finding more and more ways to drive him wild as their relationship continues to develop. In return the brother finds himself lusting after his step sister more and more, falling head over heels around her.

I see this as being a long term RP, where we would follow the two characters as their relationship grows from simply step siblings, to a more flirtatious one, and then maybe even on to more, depending on individual preferences, and where the story goes. I'd like for the teasing to remain a big thing throughout, even during the latter stages of the RP, for I think it would be most fun for her to play out her teasing games, all whilst keeping it secret from their parents, and their friends. Of course their would be more than just that to it, as I'd like plenty of plot as we build the characters and let things grow between them.

Thanks for reading!

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Re: My RP Cravings [M Seeking F Characters]
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2011, 02:35:07 PM »
Updated 1 role, removed 2 taken ones.  ;D