Love Triangle Roleplay. <Searching for 2x male's to play dog hybrids.>

Started by MixedEmotion, November 10, 2010, 05:44:46 PM

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Alrighty, so here we go.

I'm looking for two male characters who will play C1 and C2 in my plot to my female character.
The two males are dog hybrids/Inu's. They can transform into full canine mode or human mode, where the ears and tail of their breed remains.
Of course if females are interested in playing male characters, that's perfectly fine!

Here's the plot!

In a time where there are human hybrids were let loose to live with humans, MC, a small, young female neko (just ears and tail of a cat), living in an apartment complex especially for hybrids such as herself, is out in the forest minding her own business when she is hunted by a few hunters. Hybrid blood is a great money maker on the black market, and the actual hybrid itself would cost thousands to slave off. Being scared of humans, she runs off, trying to lose them when they corner her in her feline form. Terrified, she changed to his human/neko form [ears and tail still in place] and tries to hide away, only to get caught. C1, a dog hybrid, comes to MC's rescue and MC dashes off, not noticing that C1 follows her scent back home to his own apartment complex. MC is terrified of dogs, her mother and father always used to tell her about how horrible the canines were and that they were dangerous, so she always tried to stay away from them. Though unfortunately for her, C1 becomes attached to the little neko and won't leave her side. Soon enough, they become friends, MC warming up to C1, but another dog butts his way in to their relationship. A larger, meaner dog who lives in the same complex as them both and happens to be C1’s brother. C2 has taken a liking to MC, but MC is scared stiff of dogs. What will happen in this love triangle? Will MC fall for C1, the fluffy, kind and caring hybrid, or C2, the manipulating, strong and rough hybrid?

I hope I find a couple of takers (:
Post here or PM me if anyone is interested or has any further questions~

Thanks for now!
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