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Author Topic: Searching for males! New plots added, always looking!!  (Read 1137 times)

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Offline MissInkTopic starter

Searching for males! New plots added, always looking!!
« on: November 10, 2010, 03:00:01 pm »
I am on the hunt for new and exciting rps! I have a mixture of sex based, romance and adventure here!
I am semi-lit or Casual, whatever you want to call it. I can bang out
3-4 paragraphs for an intro on a good day, and at least 1-2 paragraphs
per post.
I try to be online everyday! And post 3+ a day (if I can)

18+ characters only please. All my characters are 20-25

I only rp over PM or Email. Since my internet is currently down, and I
am only able to use my iPhone, I would say email was better for me at
the moment, but PM is fine. No forums, sorry.

I have in the list at the moment –

New Mercenary Needed - Medieval Fantasy Adventure, Romance, Sex Based. MxF
An accidental meeting – Thief x Princess /Noble – Medieval Fantasy
High School for Demons – Demon x Human – Modern Fantasy
An untitled craving – Humanoid x Human – Fantasy Morden or Medieval.
Zoo with a twist – Neko based zoo
Maid for two – M/M/F
The Phantom Thief – Modern Fantasy
Me and the Sea – Medieval / Modern Fantasy
The unicorn mask – King x Maid – Medieval Fantasy
The Crow - AngelxHuman –Modern fantasy
The Rich Boys Maid – Richboy x Maid
‘Sex’itary – Office. Sex based. Looking for dom
New My robot and me - Sex based or Love and romance. (In Reply #2)
New Bringing Pokemon to the dark side - (Reply #6)

Mercenary needed - Read flyer below.
High Adventure Fantasy High Sex based. Humor.
Wanted: Mercenary. No orcs or goblins please. Males preferred...MUCH preferred...*lips/kiss print*
As you all know the gods are upset and people are going mad and sacrificing virgins and sheep, but I aint doing anything....and quite frankly...its a waste...
The rain falls for days, thunder causes fires, snow freezes our crops yet no one bothers to do anything. The god of thunder, Ixion, a horse, what would he possibly do with a virgin? or a sheep?! (Actually, dont answer that). Something is upsetting them and Im heading to find all 8 of them, so I need someone to come with me...Rewarded with much gold and female accompany/attention...if I cant find anyone 'bigger' at the time...
((I will be playing Lain (of course), she is a made up race called Drayn. They have their own language and worship the 'Holy Mother' which is the god of light. Dont worry, nothing surreal about her, doesn't have a long tongue or extra limbs, she appears human, but they are a rare race that rarely leave their birth town, more will be explained in my intro. I expect you to play temp characters when needed or if you see fit, I will too. I need you to have a good sense of humour of course and be imaginative, come up with events that are out of the ordinary. Open for brainstorming!))

An Accidental Meeting -
Medieval Fantasy MxF
Thief x Princess / Noble

The annual ball at the castle is happening tonight and your friend Blank think its a great idea to dress up as a noble as go pickpocketing at the ball.
You, the thief, at the ball notice a girl alone and while Blank is busy, you offer a dance to her. She gladly accepts but while they dance, Blank, with a pocket full of gold yells for him to run. In a panic, the thief grabs the girl and runs out of the city with her. Blank thinks she would be worth alot in the sex slave trade and makes him set off with her to the biggest city, 4 days away. You need to protect her from bandits and monsters, but will you dominate her? Slave her for yourself? Take her back? Or fall in love with her?

High School for Demons-
Demon x Human – Modern Fantasy MxF
Romance, Love and Drama

Shes failed all the entrance exams but for one...that she doesn’t remember taking an exam for. When she arrives at her new high school (which is also a boarding), she didn’t relised she left her own realm to get here. This school is full of demons of all kinds (mainly animal based, like crow demons would be humans but with black wings, cat demons with ears, tails blah blah you get it)
And when she arrives, the school body president, the most popular guy in school is calling her his fiancée and wonders why she doesn’t remember. He forces himself onto her (all the time), but stops if she protests for him to stop out of love for her.
The other guys in the school are attracted to the new and only human and also try to make her theirs and you have to stop them, but also the girls are after you! Will she fall in love with you in the end? Or will she end up leaving? Or will you get with someone else though you love her dearly?

Untitled Craving
Humanoid x Human MxF
Modern fantasy
Romance and Love

Im having a humanoid x Human craving. I don’t mind what the humanoid is, alien, nymph, demon, angel or anything else you can think of.
Im thinking along the lines of created human perhaps or animal human (like a neko or something), or alien. Hes captured and tests are done on him but he bonds with the apprentice scientist. He shows affection like love which can be sometimes rough, and other times gentle and kind. He often acts sexual towards her, thinking its normal and tries and often does have sex with her and the other scientists record their findings. 
Another woman grow jelous of her bond with you, and tries to throw herself on you, you can have your way with her but its not gentle, or loving like you are with the apprentice.

Wanting to brain storm with someone!!!

Zoo with a twist-
(Not anthro, think more Neko.) MxF
Sex based

You are fresh from the lab being transported to these where you will live out the rest of your days.
It is an island in the middle of the zoo, surrounded by water. It had an out door and indoor bit but there is no privacy but for a cave, that leads to a small room underground. It is already home to a female wolf girl who isn't pleased about seeing you. The keeper will give them luxuries if they do something for him. The keepers get a pay rise, if they can attract alot of attention to their
exhibits so the keeper (I would like to share this role) will ask the two do things for the crowd, which can be anything, fighting, bathing, interacting with the public, escape, being intermate...Anything!
(hence why I want to share the role)

Maid for Two
Sex Based

I don’t mind you play the two males or if i play one. You and your friend or brother, live in a large house together earning descent wages. You hire a maid to live with you to clean and cook for you while you are away.
She’s at your beck and call, what do the two want to do with her?

The Phantom Thief-
MxF Modern fantasy
Romance and Love

You are a thief, famous, handsome, and cursed. You can steal anything you want, and you do just that, all but the heart from the girl you love and on top of that, you have wings of black, able to fly whenever you wish which helps aload with your stealing. You fly her to romantic locations, you tell her your feelings but she cant return them. Meanwhile, a girl is obsessed with you and wants nothing more than to be yours forever. Will you stay by the girls side even though she cant return your feelings? Or will you find away to break the curse? Or will you just forget it and go with the obsessed one?
Open for brain storming.

Me and the Sea-
Medieval or Modern fantasy.
Romance and love
Sex based

You are a water nymph, a humanoid water dweller but without the mertail. Someone one day fell into your sea, drowning, but you save her. You cant stay very long out of water, but she cant stay very long in water, will the romance really work out?
Open for brain storming.

The Unicorn Mask
KingxMaid -
MxF only
Romance & Love

Instant romance time! Only for a short while, hear me out. The King is married to his wife, living in a castle with no children. (I'll play the wife, hence the instant romance...but it doesn't need to go very far or it can if you want) The queen has a personal maid, who is told to wear her unicorn mask at all times, unless otherwise told. She assists the queen and the queen only and is under strict instructions not to talk to the King unless otherwise told. T(Please stay away from
cliches. Kings are not always old men with long wispy creative. Aragorn wasnt that kind of king was he?)
The queen gives her maid a task. To serve her husband a drink, with first she must pour a vile of omionous green liquid into it first. She promises her maid a higher position and a place in the royal court. When the maid goes to do it, she refuses, and confesses to the King who has her and his wife arrested. She pleads with him to let her live and carry on serving him, and he does, since it was her whom saved his life.
She serves him still wearing the mask and he orders her to throw it away. As she continues to serve him he begins to fall in love with her.
A war starts, and he goes to the front line, to fight with his people.
Stupidly, the maid joins the fight too (her background story depends
if its Fantasy or Non Fantasy). We'll decide if they should die or

The Crow
Adventure based - Romance & Love

Long ago there was a romance between angel and a demon, which bore a child they named Crow. This caused a war between the two to wipe out the other. The child was killed, but the blood lived on 'infecting' a human to remain alive which gives the 'infected' human charcoal coloured wings, and the power to enter the demon and angel realms, but doing so will kill the host.
Lucifer wants her to invade the angels realm and the angels do not want a human to die so one of the strongest angels, a Seraphim, is sent to protect the person until the blood infection leaves the host. Demons of all shapes and sizes will come after her, and she needs a guardian. But angels who come to earth experience new things, emotions, breathing, feeling hot and cold, sleeping, eating, and pleasure. There is no need for sex in the angels realm as there is no death, but on earth...thats another story.

The Rich Boys Maid
Rich BoyxMaid
MxF only
Romance & Love

A girl gets a job in a rich familys home, needing the money to carry on studying and paying the rent on her flat. Their son is studying to take over the family trade. He makes up a lie, and blackmails her with this lie and makes her do all manner of things...but later, begins to fall in love with her. As he comes to terms with his feelings, a childhood friend whos mother owns a large company, appears and the sons father pushes him to marry her in order for their companies to combind more

MxF (Preferred) or FxF.
Sub - Looking for Dom
Anal/Rough/Bondage/Sexual Torture/Anything else you want

You are a business man, you own a large company of whatever you want,
and you have a large building which your office is the very top. You
are married, but stopped sleeping with your wife about a year ago, and
you are looking for a new Personal Assistant / Receptionist for your
top floor office.
You interview one girl and give her the job, making her sign the
contract that also binds her to you for as long as you want, and there
isn't anything she can do about it.
You treat her as you please, weather that be, keeping her under your
desk sometimes, or sexual torturing her by making her wear vibrating
panties, or a love egg, and controlling it from your desk, while she
sits at hers on the desk in front of your office.
You dont have to 'fall in love with her' but you do care about her
more than your own wife, and give her presents and even take her on
But what happens when your wife gets suspicious? Will you divorce her?
Or will she kill you first?

These are guidelines, you may add or change.
I will not be on this board so do not post here, please pm me. I am
also welcoming your plots as well!!!


I do anime and games lists below but I DO NOT play the cannons with the cannon story line. I don’t mind playing a cannon for your OC if you do it for me too.

Fruits Basket
Fallout 3/New Vegas
Shaman King
Final Fantasy 7,9,10,13
Silent Hill
Resident Evil
Avatar (Not the anime)
Battle Royale
NiGHTS into Dreams
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Offline MrFerguson

Re: Lots of new plots...Looking for Ms some Fs
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2010, 10:05:10 pm »
I'm sort of interested in the zoo idea. PM me if you'd like give it a go.

Offline MissInkTopic starter

Re: Lots of new plots...Looking for Ms some Fs
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2010, 01:20:36 am »
Adding new plots as i think of them!

New -

My robot and me
Sex based
Can be love and romance

I took the overal story line from the Chobits anime series.
Computer tecnology has come far and now you can by 'Persocoms', computers that look and talk like real humans, but from odd shaped ears, often tiget ear shaped plastic where their ears would be, this contains ethernet cables, power cables, tv connect wires and USB ports. They can connect to the tv, and allow you to search the internet by telling them what to search, and what to type as their no mouse or keyboard anymore.
Problem with them is that they look so much like people that often, others find themselves falling in love with them, or using them as 'toys' as well as computers. There is even Persocom based porn on the internet.
You have finally got enough money to buy one of these expentive Persocoms and you take her home. You choose what you want to do with her, as she only knows what you teach her.

Offline AtlasEros

Re: Female Searching for Males, come in...Over...
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2010, 06:02:27 pm »
I'd be interested in doing any of these.  Feel free to pm me, I'm looking forward to chatting about this.

Mercenary needed - Read flyer below  this was the one I was most interested in, I have a lot of characters that could fit this easily

The Rich Boys Maid

The Phantom Thief

Maid for Two

Untitled Craving

Offline Pumablues

Re: Female Searching for Males, come in...Over...
« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2010, 08:21:56 pm »
I'm interested in "Mercenary Needed", "Untitled Craving" and "High School for Demons".  I'm very experienced with fantasy and science fiction rp, so feel free to pm me.

Offline The Dandy

Re: Female Searching for Males, come in...Over...
« Reply #5 on: November 12, 2010, 01:54:38 am »
I'm interested in Mercenary Needed, contact me if you are still looking

Offline MissInkTopic starter

Re: Female Searching for Males, come in...Over...
« Reply #6 on: November 13, 2010, 10:52:57 am »
I have another plot, not sure what people will make of this one..


Yes, I want to bring this happy childrens anime to the darkside. Why not! Isnt it about time Ash lost his virginity, and give Brock a break, hes got a hard on everytime he sees a woman. C'mon 4kids, give em a break.
If they wont then I will! Looking for someone to bring it to the dark side. OCs perfered, cannons not so much.
I have a plot if anyone is interested.
Lab testing has everyone uninterested in the little creatures and in comes the next best thing. Pokemon Gijinkas! Human pokemon. They have the same powers and abilties as the little creatures but in human form. (   or ))

So, I dont mind playing a pokemon choice of yours and be your pokemon and be other charaters inbetween, or if you want to be mine? Either way, the Gijinka will be in love with the trainer to cause a forbidden romance between them. So, does anyone need a new pokemon, or does anyone want to be mine?

Offline Haipeabyss

Re: Searching for males! New plots added, always looking!!
« Reply #7 on: November 14, 2010, 08:27:59 am »
You have a PM about this last one ^^