Looking for some play fun (male)

Started by Deli, November 08, 2010, 12:10:06 PM

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I don't play Dominate character I only play the submissive ones. So i'm looking for the dominate character.

1.  A werewolf and a human love.  A forbidden romance

2. A smart girl is paired up with the number one Sport stare in the school. This guy plays every sport in the school. He uses her by making her do the homework as well as have a bet going on with other people that he couldn't sleep with her and use her in any sexual way. The if want  could end up falling for her.

3.  A forbidden romance with a teacher and student. The teacher has a thing for a student that is failing a his class.

4. An older brother uses his younger sister for sexual things for he is blackmailing her on whatever he finds out about her.
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