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Since most of my ideas can be solo's or group plays. This thread will be in both "solo's wanted" and "group's wanted"

Imagine 'Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus' is playing (The Mars Volta- Frances the Mute 2003).

there are some things about me that I tend to repeat. It's only because I want to make those things clear.

First and for most, I do not care if some one I'm writing with is a male or a female. A male writer controlling a female. A female controlling a male. vice versa, backwards, upside down or in groups. I really don't see anything but the words. If the character is a believable person I won't ever think about the writer behind them.

I want strong characters, no exceptions.

I would like to work with writers that have 'voices.' If you don't know what I mean by that, do research.

I want to find people that see this as a writing experience. Yes, some smutty sex scenes will find their way into what I do, but I'm a storyteller at heart. I don't write on these boards to release some particular kinds of energy. I'm not bottled up. I'm repressed, it's different. ;)

A segue. Have you ever read Carl Gustav Jung's book 'man and his symbols' ?... either way, i'd like to talk about something called the Anima/Animus. Here a basic layout of Carl Jung's Anima: Every person is both male and female, we have all of the 'parts'. Men have a feminine energy inside of them. This has been proven by science rather plainly, every man has both testosterone and estrogen. Every woman has both estrogen and testosterone. When the body balances those chemicals together well, there is a healthy woman/man. In our dreams and our reality, we are forced to identify with both our masculine identity and our feminine identity. If we do not, unique neurosis manifest.

I've come here to write. The writing process to me is how I learn about myself. I read a story that I wrote years ago and I realize how much I've grown up. Each chapter I write is a photograph of my consciousness in the moment that it was written. When I write about sex, I become a better lover, and in turn a better person. I want to dive deeply into my subconscious and come out with a bit of light I can shine on the world.

Oh yeah, and I'm a really good writer.

These are my story ideas. All names are subject to change.(you may notice that I write about woman a lot. ... do you blame me?)

My Good Ideas:

In the Country Peaches.

(light solo/ light group)

There are a few settings this story could work in. The swamps and creeks down south in Louisiana, Carolina, Georgia, florida etc – The cold rain forest of Washington, Oregon, and southern BC – The midwests flowing hills and long fields of farm – even the united kingdom would suffice.

This has a lot to do with people discovering sexuality having very little guidance and information. It would be best as a M/F but a F/F makes sense to me too.

I imagine two friends who've been getting to know each other for years. Probably meeting around the age of ten or twelve. For now, I'll name them Jack and Jill. Their chemistry will differ depending on who writes the story with me. The town they grow up in will be either Christian, small, or both. These are two intelligent, quick witted, and deep thinking individuals. Jack may not be all three, and Jill may not be all three either, but I'm looking for strong characters with a motivation and a personality.

The antagonist would probably be the parents or some jealous friend. Or, we can avoid the antagonist all together and have a true romantic story on our hands.

Very innocent people, Jack and Jill's high school experience was not all that turbulent and neither of them saw any reason they should date. their school work came to them easily and they strolled along their young lives in comfort. It allowed them to concern themselves with hobbies and passions. They are attractive, yet modest and relaxed. They are privileged (to some degree) and peaceful.

Jack and Jill are the type of people to spend an afternoon hiking through the woods and have a good time. They both know how to fish, and their imaginations are full. I can see Jill passing time by herself experimenting with nature and being awed by it's lack of limits. As the characters flesh themselves out, their passions and habits will appear and (hopefully) be appealing as I'm seeing them right now.

The sex ed in the schools that they grew up in would have been instructed by prudy, uptight, and ultimately ignorant adults. They would have preached abstinence and all that good stuff. As they graduate high school and transform into new people, they become curious about sex and each other's bodies.

the draw of this for me comes from the setting. The characters will be nice to know and fun to write. But, the vastness of their surroundings will supply a great backdrop for their leap into the wide world of sexuality. Admittedly, there will have to be a level of rebellion involved.

(this could also be a good group play. Perhaps four or five friends that all do this together. I would almost prefer this to make it more intense and dramatic. They would go into it together and expect very little problems, but the raw emotions that go along with sex would force them to begin fighting and cheating on each other.)

That Street Girl

(light human solo)

Jill is a street performer. She handles an old Takamine acoustic guitar that is far too big for her frame. She plays obscure Ani difranco songs, beautiful Damien Rice and Glen Hansard tracks, and various other well written pop songs. However, for the most part she plays originals. She's gorgeous, talented, and a brilliant song writer but her confidence is low. She has an overly modest presentation in all facets of her life that keep her from being the center of attention all the time. She likes to busk on the street because it doesn't put stress on the performer. It puts stress on the bystander. She rarely plays on stage.

Jill is about 24-26. She lives on her own in a cheap apartment up town. Her childhood is mysterious and probably traumatic. She has many friends that live in her apartment building with her, and others that she has connected with while living in the city.

Her love interest could be a close friend or a new fan. An older man would make sense for her, some one that can teach her to be more confident is a must. I'll leave most of this character to whomever decides to write it with me.

Give me your Black Mail

(NC human solo) blackmail, not rape.

So it's all gonna start with the characters, here's the bare minimum: Jill, cute girl next door type. Jack, a man very attracted to Jill. Stanley, a close character to Jill and Jack. Dan, an enigmatic character that can ruin Jill's life.

Jill and Stanley live together. Jack knows Stanley before he knows Jill. Dan is probably Jill's father, and Stanley is probably Jill's brother. But, he could also be her lover or even her husband. Jill will do something unforgivable, (solving problems like this are very easy for me.) She could get an abortion without every consulting her husband (which would cut Dan out of the story). She could lose a lot of money in a poor investment or bad habits.

Basically. Jack is going to blackmail Jill and use her like a prostitute.

IF!! Stanley's name is changed to Stacy, it opens this up: Dan is Jill's husband, and Stacy in Jack's wife. AND Jill and Stacy are friends. I'd like to keep it between these four characters. Jack and Jill will be the center of it all and will eventually grow extremely fond of each other, ripping the whole group apart. OR! bringing them all together into a wild group of swingers.

Basically, blackmail is hot.

Other ideas:

I'm a fan of witchcraft. Of course, I don't like to imagine a whole wild world around the characters. I'm talking about one witch..or two...or three... w/e living in the modern world and discovering that witchcraft is real. M/F   F/F either or. A really cool idea that just came to me: what if they (two witches/warlocks) find a spell that temporarily transforms them into the opposite sex. That way, we could do F/F – M/F – and M/M all in one rp with only two characters.

I've been thinking about a college girl becoming a gourmet chef. She would live with a few roomates, but ultimately I want to find out who this cute little chef girl is walking around my imagination.

I wrote a story a while back about a girl playing football in highschool. Her father taught her to be strong and her older brother is a football player. But ultimately, Jill is a very fragile person. She has muscle tone and strong limbs, but she is thin and girly. So she walks onto the team a couple weeks into the first part of the season (no games yet, just practices and conditioning). She is already very knowledgeable and trained (by her father). The coach doesn't want her on the team and the players give her a lot of shit, but after a few weeks she becomes so impressive, that she is given the starting Quarterback position. It's kind of a parody of the classic football movie. She is essentially the star quarterback at the school, except she's not a guy and she hates cheerleaders. The team is not very good, she ends up getting hurt and fighting through emotional trauma. One of the assistant coaches falls in love with her. (he's young, just out of college. She's at least seventeen. This story would probably work better at a small college with a poor football program. It would make the story more mature. I don't know about all ya'll, but I don't like writing about highschoolers anymore.)

I know a shit ton about football. I'm a fan, it is fare to say. I'll need a partner who can tell me how the wildcat formation works; what a punting situation is; how to react against a blitz; etc. I want to write with some one who knows the game as well as I do.

The Post Script stories:

-I'll do vampires. Copolla, Buffy, and Lost boys. Not twilight and true blood.
-I have a girl named Westa that anyone can love. She's athletic, smart, sexy, and mysterious. I dare you to try her out. She's the main character in my novel: “SKIRT”
-Did you know that projectionists still exist. Those guys that make movies work above the movie theater. Well, it's not very professional anymore and we can throw anyone up in those scary huge dark lonely rooms. It's a nice fantasy I've been dreaming of for a while.
-I wanna fuck a rockstar. (not a shitty ACDC, The Darkness, or Kid rock) Some one with real talent: This is essentially the opposite of “that street girl” It's an incredibly talented male musician finding my character and falling for her. It could be hardcore and full of bondage and drugs.
-an adventure story in modern day. If you have a playstation, this'll be easy for you to imagine. Tomb Raider meets Drake's fortune. If you don't play playstation, go check out wikipedia and figure it out. I want this, it would be a new kind of hot.
-secretary and a big time corporate boss. This is really classic for a really good reason. I could play either of these roles for sure.

The most F'ed up thing I've ever imagined:

I thought this up a long time ago... don't ask why. I saw a lot of pornography when I was a kid. I don't get it.

Four male friends some how gather the means to build a house in the middle of nowhere. I imagine they have stolen money through the internet, or their parents. Maybe they've got the know how to do some hardcore bank robbery. Whatever! These guys (only a few years apart, but any age would work.) The house they build (in the middle of nowhere) is actually a large prison cell designed to keep their captors comfortable. You probably guessed it. Their captors are girls. They will kidnap, and force these girls to be in a harem. This is definitely a group play. All four guys should be under control of a writer and about six girls will be held inside. I'll control one girl and one guy to regulate the story. 

feel free to post on this thread or message me.
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