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Author Topic: Space 'Sword and Sorcery' (LF female CHARACTER, UN, up-to BON)  (Read 890 times)

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Space 'Sword and Sorcery' (LF female CHARACTER, UN, up-to BON)
« on: November 07, 2010, 07:29:51 pm »
Introduction: In the year 13,013CE, Man has spread across the Orion Arm, creating a disparate grouping of cultures all unified under the Divine Empire of Her Holy Creation, the religion that has connected nearly all humanity together, even as secular nations fought amongst each other. The technologic wonders of the Divine Empire allow for fast, cheap travel between the stars over the WebWeave, a mosaic of nodes that allow for pocket-dimension travel.

However, the Divine Empire is far from utopian. Warlords fight amongst each other on the Outworlds, the Divine Empress, figure-head of Her Holy Creation, keeps humanity in check with insidious agents and controlled distribution of information and entertainment, and the Orion Arm is a place without decency. The rich oppress the poor, keeping them down and letting them fight amongst each other while the social elite go about their wicked games.

Jona Colt, thirty-six years old, is a cutthroat. He is a special kind of charismatic ruthlessness, who takes what he wants and cares little for authority or ‘the moral high road’. To call him any single thing would be only a part of the story; he’s fought for warlords, he’s been a warlord; he’s fought in the Divine Army, he’s fought against the Divine Army. Currently he’s flying aimlessly across the WebWeave with his young (in the vicinity of nineteen-twenty) female companion (you), an equally ruthless girl with an insatiable appetite for all the good things in life. How they met is something we can work on, although it’d be along the lines of them gravitating toward each other.

Unfortunately, the Orion Arm is being assaulted from the inside. A sect of heathen gene-freaks, called GeneReapers, has taken control of the Kulmos Sector and is preparing for war with those who worship Her Holy Creation. Unfortunately, Jona has history with the upper echelon of the GeneReapers, and that is something that the Divine Authority (the secular government of Her Holy Creation), has found out as well.

Now he’s being forcefully recruited by the Empress to track down and kill his former compatriots, and your character, young and wild, has nowhere else to go but with him.

.:Exiting from Weave, Mr. Colt:. The life-size, vaguely glowing blue hologram of Jona’s on-board Artificial Intelligence, Eve, chimed in, appearing as if sitting on his desk, legs crossed, completely nude. The image was so finely detailed, that Jona had to take a moment to appreciate the perfectly programmed swells of her breasts, the sharp pinch of her waist, and the flair of her hips, before nodding and tearing off the thin sheet that covered his equally nude body.

“Where are we, Eve? I don’t remember punching in the coordinates,” Jona asked, the sudden resonance of his voice causing his head to pound in pain.

.:You asked me to set a course for the nearest pleasure-world, sir:. Eve explained, slipping off Jona’s desk to saunter over to him, her heavy, full breasts gently bouncing as she moved. Placing a very real hand on his shoulder, she smiled down at him. Eve was tall, programmed to be the composite of a hundred different beautiful women, and with the ship’s hologram technology allowing her to take physical form, as long as she stayed within the ship, he had made sure she was the absolute definition of perfection.

.:You said something about needing to blow off a few dozen loads on an Okazi sex-family:. the AI husked, pressing her form against Jona, her free hand running along his scarred chest, her one leg hooking around his thigh.

Wrapping an arm around her tapered waist, he growled as his morning-wood pressed up against her thigh and his hand cupped a firm, bubbly asscheek.

“That’s right,” he groaned, his lips ghosting along her sharp jaw, “spending a week buried below a flexible, cock-starved sex-family sounds like a wonderful way to lay low-“

He was cut off as he felt an electric heat grip his cock as Eve chuckled, her hand stroking his turgid shaft while she lent in to nip his ear. “Well, we’ve still got three hours before we’re on the ground, sir.”

Smiling at Eve, he nodded, letting go of her ass as she drifted down to her knees, her feet tucked under her beautiful ass and her knees pressed together. She looked like an incredibly slutty little girl, waiting for her reward.

Running a hand through her hair, hissing as it sent electric shivers along his arm, he smiled, gripping his cock in his hand, before feeding it in to her open, waiting mouth. Smiling around his cock, Eve spent little time on his head, her electric tongue flicking across his piss slit once, twice, than three times before she dove down, burying the cock at the back of her throat and sucking like a mad-woman.

Jona sighed, relishing in his AI’s skills as she very swiftly brought him to a nice, dirty orgasm, ropes of white cum squirting out of his cock head to travel down her stomach, to be broken down in to near nothingness.

Humming in programmed delight, Eve slowly stood up and, her hand gripping Jona’s cock, she led him over to the desk, where she promptly sat on the edge, her legs spread wide with his cock aimed directly at her perfectly programmed pussy.

Three hours later, Jona sat in the pilot’s chair of his ship, one arm on the computer panel entering in the necessary landing sequences, his other holding on to Eve’s jostling waist as she rutted on top of him, simulated sweat pouring down her porcelain-blue body. They had fucked pretty much none-stop since exiting Weave, and the only thing keeping Jona going was the energy supplements he was ingesting at rapid-fire pace, keeping his balls heavy and his cock hard for his favourite toy.

Eve’s arms were wrapped around Jona’s neck as her lips suckled on his neck, biting and nipping at him as she forced her tight pussy around his girth, repeatedly. Any normal, flesh and bone woman would have been exhausted by now, and most likely raw, but not Eve. The joys of being an Artificial Intelligence meant as much stamina as Jona wanted.

And then, as her internal ‘pleasure meter’ filled once again, Eve came, hot, electric energy flooding Jona’s cock, causing him to gasp out and cum violently. Leaning back, suddenly, Eve’s one had supporting her on the dashboard, she pointed to her pelvis, where, to Jona’s pleasure, he saw his cock, through her now semi-translucent body, lurching and spewing out cum in to Eve’s cunt, and he could see how her ‘muscles’ contracted and milked him for all his worth.

“Space-shuttle Gemini, this is Yokon Flight Control, you are clear to land in Port 7. Welcome to Okaz.”

Slightly out of breath, Jona flipped on the communicator and spoke a few short words: “Roger, Yokon. Thanks,” he said, flipping off the switch and letting his body melt in to the pilots seat.

Eve was still resting on top of him, still impaled on his cock. As always, she was ready to go for another, if he was.

Patting her ass with a free hand, Jona groaned. “No more tonight, Eve. You’ll burn me out for the families, and I can’t let that happen.”

Laughing, Eve nodded, giving him an electric kiss before de-phasing, returning to her virtual world to await her master’s next need.

The Galaxy: The Orion Arm is a small part of the galaxy, but is still home to over 500 planets with sizable human populations on them. Most of these planets follow the religion of the Divine Empire of Her Holy Creation, and the few that don’t are marginalized and on the very edges of explored space. Humanity is still the only known intelligent race, but that does not mean division does not exist.

Much like Medieval Europe, which was devotedly Catholic, war happened between states very often. So too is the case in the Orion Arm. Her Holy Creation is a guiding principle in the daily lives of the Galaxy, but not the ultimate power. No single entity has complete control, although many would like to pretend they did, and Her Holy Creation has the most control over the populous.

Society: Human society is fairly unified, due to the pervasiveness of Her Holy Creation. As a form of control, intellectual pursuit is marginalized for the masses, reserved for a select few chosen by Her Holy Creation to be placed in positions of power. In place of this need for knowledge, Her Holy Creation preaches sexual liberation and self-indulgence as a holy act. As such, society in the 131st century is one of decadence and pleasure. As a way to continue this covert control, the Divine Authority has developed ways of cheap, superficial genetic augmentation, and, in the six thousand years since this augmentation has been introduced, the concept of ‘ugliness’ has been stricken from the mind.

As an example of the kind of pleasure-focused society that exists, there are many establishments that are designed to serve sexual needs; restaurants where you get to fuck the waitress while waiting for your meal, and have her feed you; hotels that provide men and women with your room that are your personal servants for the duration of your stay; public areas designated ‘orgy spots’, where one goes to indulge their voyeuristic and exhibitionist needs; sex-clubs where the main source of entertainment are many naked, willing fuck-buddies.

Divine Empire of Her Holy Creation: This is the religion that humanity follows. Its origins are lost to legend, but it has been an ever-present aspect of life for the past six thousand years. It is headed by the Divine Empress, a woman selected as the embodiment of the Goddess of Creation. It is a major aspect of every-day life. News is disseminated by the Divine Authority, they are the source of most forms of entertainment, weekly worship (attending a Sanctum) is mandatory… On some worlds the Authority has more control than others, and on far-flung worlds there is barely any Authority presence, although Her Holy Creation is still faithfully worshiped.

Faster-Than-Light: Faster than light travel is impossible. However, the equivalent is the use of WebWeaver Engines. These Engines link to an ancient, alien system of nodes in space, and creates a pocket dimension where space is condensed, thus allowing a ship to travel great distances in days as opposed to thousands of years. Every few decades, new nodes are discovered, and the dominion of Man slowly grows beyond the Arm.

Please, PM me or post here if you're interested! You should also add me to AIM and YIM, if you have those messengers; they can be found under my Display Picture.

I hope to here from you soon!

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Re: Space 'Sword and Sorcery' (LF female CHARACTER, UN, up-to BON)
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2010, 09:23:54 pm »
Added a little one-shot to peek the interest. Still looking.

Offline Rachubka

Re: Space 'Sword and Sorcery' (LF female CHARACTER, UN, up-to BON)
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2010, 12:50:16 am »
I'm interested! Should I PM you or something? Seems like an awesome idea! I'm a little swamped, though... so maybe someone else could pick it up. I dunno. Just wanted to state my interest. lol

Offline AKunoichi

Re: Space 'Sword and Sorcery' (LF female CHARACTER, UN, up-to BON)
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2010, 11:21:08 pm »
Seems interesting if you don't mind a male playing a female.