update: WhiteTiger's ideas/characters/ writing examples , also for new ideas:)

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Idea updates:

I am a story driven and lengthy preferred rper. I prefer partners that are literate, educated within reason, emotionally mature, well read as rp partners. I write on average 3 - 6 paragraphs, but such varies as the rp flows. Most of my story lines are hetero in nature, but that doesn't mean my rp partner has to be male to play the role, just good at playing a male role.

I am a dom vs. dom rper as I prefer strong story driven characters. I enjoy complex, layered stories and complex characters and emotions. This gives them life and depth, in doing so. I like to work in advance with my rp partners planning and developing the story, and details, I love details ;D I prefer the High-Fantasy genre with realism.  When it is time, within a well developed story for sexuality I love it, but the story, itself is where I like the focus, not on the sexuality.  With enough planning, I can work with just about anything. I don't write or enjoy extremes of any kind though...ex: scat, water sports, etc.

update: writing reference from here on the boards: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=88998.msg3896931#msg3896931

With this in mind I also have a few story ideas I have:

1)Cruel Politics: Yuri based if possible:

I have a potential idea and would like to post it.  I would like and rp based on say early medieval times as a general back drop. Cultures have options or a created one. I ruling nation, falling apart, and is continually undermined by a dom character male or female, as , for ex: a Baron or Baroness, (who is also a master of the magical arts), who uses the destructive energies of magic for his or her own gain, within the countries infrastructure, that is ambitions. Constantly working to tear the kingdom apart with his or her spies, he/ she and finds a new focus, a neighboring aging Baron's kingdom. His kingdom is very prosperous and imports almost nothing and always has plenty for trade. He has only one heir, a young daughter or sen (depending on my rp partners preference). While working to continue the campaign against the country, seeking eventually the crown for his/her self, his/her sites are temporarily set on this neighboring Baron's and has kingdom for the benefits and greed in their heart and decides to kidnap the princess. While under his/her care, he/she is also lustful and manipulative by nature and cruel. As such... well then I'd give it all away then wouldn't I ? XD

I would initially like the Primary dom...as baroness, if in Yuri context. Otherwise, a male has their choice of roles and his will also be a dom and strong willed.

2) Double Jeopardy:  and rp about social taboos and the repressed animistic nature of humans:TAKEN

Two identical twins, looking about 17 or so in age. Both have long blond hair and bright blue eyes and perfect angelic skin. The look identical, and both lithe and slight of build. The only difference being in his broad hidden muscular shoulders and body, and hers being sultry, small breasted and slip hipped. They both emanate innocence, look fragile but incredible seductive energy.

I would like a modern day opening, taking place while they are in the midst of hunting and after they have taken their prey back home, they eat their fill and section and quarter it for storage, a human being, probably a male to begin with as their first victim. Then after eating, the twins make passionate raw animistic love to each other as the address each other as brother and sister.

After, slipping into sleep, they dream together of the many thousands of years ago when they were strong primal spirits of this and other realms. The great gods in the form of black panthers. Worshiped by ancient man and sacrificed to over and over again, the fairest virgin members of the tribes surrounding areas, over time, so much human flesh began to have an affect on them, until one day, a perfect set of albino twins was offered to them. Drawn in by their beauty, the gods/spirits descended from the tree and inspected them, intrigued by them. As they probed the energies of this unusual pair, the effects of so much human flesh hit and were suddenly bound within the two, replacing the spirits of the teens.

Learning through time that if they do not continue to eat human flesh, they will return to a physically manifested form of 2 black panthers, they must eat regularly.

Now... in the past, they were captured by the old Catholic church and locked up for many many centuries in their animal forms in a special facility and fed only animal meat. The guards were tough and harsh and all they had were each other and their once sense of joy was when they mated.

As the centuries past and old beliefs became myths, a new guard was assigned to the old falling apart facility where they were caged. Their new primary guard, a logical and reasonable man, found nothing there but a pair of black panthers and thought all the mumbo jumbo of the past was garbage. He proceeded to befriend them, and feed them and pet them through the rotting bars and cell they were kept in. So gentle, warm, timid and loving they were...after a time, he thought it would be safe to go in there. Once in, with the door wide open, they immediately attacked and ate him.. and were once more able to transform into their human form.

Now the old spirits were many, and as black panthers, they were creatures of earth and water. Every energy has an opposite, and their enemy was and is a great phoenix, taking form as a large bird of prey, when hunting the skies to destroy them. So while they hunt, they also have to also be careful that they too are hunted by this creature of fire and air, a Phoenix.

3)Clash of archetypes:

Hidden within a forest exists a temple dedicated solely to the worship of major Goddess. There, the high priestess is in charge of keeping track of their entire library of knowledge, the history and legacy of their culture and the nuns that live there. She is a scholar, a sorceress and a master of martial arts. No human male has ever stepped foot there nor is ever allowed to.

From a tribal based society, their head warrior hears the rumors floating around by word of mouth, of a distant temple of women held in high regard and no man may enter. Being in a culture that sees women as nothing more that tools and slaves, he is both intrigued, disgusted, lustful, and hungers for domination. He is a sorcerer, strategist, master of the martial arts and is strong. Gathering together a large group of his best and most highly trained warriors, he sets out to find this rumored temple.

4) Anthro Wars:.... let's brainstorm!  ;D XD

Anthro/Furry potential story line:

We have two main wolf/feline characters... a strong very masculine wolf or feline and a wolf or tiger anthro... I prefer tribal cultures in such settings and directly connected to the environment. I like to establish the landscape, setting, the conflict, character and personality details, the historical details, a good historical back drop for reference in the rp, other prominent and not so prominent characters, politics, everything... tons of details and a good story line laying over all of it...seeping into the crevices of all the things we established to draw from in the rp.

In anthro wars.. it could be an environmental and territory crisis as say amphibians are trying to change the landscape, take over their territories and upsetting the balance...tribes can be set off based on types: felines, wolfs, dogs, felines, and all such land mammals and the reptiles, amphibians, and everything in between... and of coarse each kind of living being has a status among the inner circles of their tribe also.
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update: ;D

complex story lines, deep characters, lots of plot twists and turns... sex not the focal point but a nice part of a good story: ;)

anything fantasy that is original with human, mythic, mystic, or legendary beings:

*pairings all hetero...

and mix and swap a variety of :

*good Anne Rice based Vampires

*Warrior Angels and Archangels





*elemantals:  beings of fire, dragons and ; beings of water, undines ; beings of air, faries; beings of earth; gnomes beings of the forest, wood nymphs

*beings between the realms

*Gods and Goddesses

*transformation (non sexually induced)

*witches and warlocks

*sorcerers and sorceresses

* historical characters

*historical or modern settings

*self created historical settings


*predator, preferably feline anthros

*martial arts

*limited types of superheros... no superfriends...


*pagan based priests and priestess

*monks and nuns( non Christian based)

there is probably more but I will add them later and another dragon based story I am interested rping out(which I will also add later :-))
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Not accepting new roles but Photoshop riches await you instead.


I thought I'd give some examples of my work for reference as I have none yet here: 

This is from a prompt:

Throughout the quiet of the humid summer night, not a sound was heard but that of the crickets as they sang.  Wanting to toss and turn, Tomoe Gozen ended up staring at the ceiling most of the evening.  Excitement simmered through her blood stream for it has been a month since her master, Minamoto no Yohsinaka had been home.  Entertaining her mind, she focused on creating haiku after haiku, then meditated on the absence of self for a long time, returning then back to forming a haiku.  Being his concubine was a fulfillment of her dreams, but yet carried shame as she had not born him a child .  Working hard in her training as an onna bugeisha, a female samurai, the only one known of in her time, she drove her self harder and harder every day to please him.  Arriving a few days ago, the messenger pigeon gave them notice of his return home.  Today was the day of his arrival and happiness flooded her, but she would dare never show any emotion or express herself inappropriately, lest bring shame and dishonor on herself, her Master and her family.  Creeping ever so slowly up and above the horizon, the sun finally rose, but Tomoe was already up and had changed out of her sleeping kimono and into one of her best cream colored outer kimono, embroidered with spring peach blossoms and peaches while her inner one was a solid peach in color.  Having her maid  work on her long black sleek hair, making the design perfect and adding just the right decorations into it, she then finished her makeup, noticing the fine pale skin and small delicate features she has, carried on from her mother, a great beauty her self in her own time.   Double checking over the entire estate, as was her responsibility as a concubine to the Shogun, she made sure everything was perfect and serene for his arrival.  Aching while she moved, not a word or a sign of pain she showed.  The greatest honor of all was the battle she had been in, fighting side by side with her master as they had fought and chased the Heike far to the Western Province.  Fighting strong and well, her archery and sword skills were hard to match, but in heat of battle, she had dodged a katana, repaying the samurai's strike with the loss of his head, but had dislocated her arm in the process.  Quickly she reset the bone into her rotary cuff before anyone had a chance to see, but the ache of it still hurt a month later.

Cresting at it's zenith point, marking midday, the scouts sent out to look for him and run to let them know ahead of time were running in.  Quietly, without a word she regarded them and nodded her head, allowing them to speak, telling her that her master would be here soon.  Arriving soon after, the entire house paid respects as he and his top ranking soldiers and escort dismounted from their horses, bowing to him waiting for his unspoken approval of his greeting.  Speech was dishonorable and would bring shame upon you as you should already know what your husband wants and he should of you.  Knowing what he needed and wanted was required and her utmost delight in fulfilling for him.  Opening the doors, the maids bowed to both of them as the entered, her following just behind him as was her place and right.  Sitting down on his knees at the table, she delighted in serving him a perfect tea ceremony as his eyes peeked at hers from above the hot brew he was drinking.  Not seeing him do this, but knowing, she waited for him to finish his infusion as she joined him, ending with the service removed.  Standing up from the dining table, she walked tiny steps the to the screen that was the entrance  to their bedroom and bent on her knees and opened the door for him to enter.  Standing up again and following him, bending down once more to close the sliding rice paper door, she rose again and looked at her master and husband.  With no emotions showing, she looked at him deeply for she loved him so much hoping this would be the day she would begin to carry his child within her.

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