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Started by Jester, November 07, 2010, 09:47:11 AM

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As I am getting married in the not so distant future I thought I would start some wedding themed games!

1. Don't tell the bride TV Show - Adult Version

A young couple agree to join a TV show in order to get their wedding and honeymoon free of charge. They dont realise they have signed up to the adult version. The concept is simple. Series in which the groom must choose every detail of his wedding, from venue to cake to wedding dress. However in order for it to be free it has to be adult and filmed for the viewing public.

Suggestions are:

a. What does he arrange for her hen party?
b. What does he choose for and her bridesmaids to wear?
c. Bridesmaids invited to the stag do! and chosen by the groom...
d. Whats involved in the ceremony?
e. What does she arrive in?
f. What venue and food is chosen for the reception?
g. What are the entertainement?
h. How does he arrange the end of the evening?
i. The honeymoon? Where and who with?

How does the bride cope with all of his decisions!

2. Cheating Fiancee/ Cuckold Husband

A young couple are to be married but the fiancee realises that she has not been very adventrous in her life and tries to fit in as many men as possible before their wedding day.... 

Possible scenes could be (these are just suggestions) :

a. Drunken humiliation at hen party
b. The preparation for the wedding   - scene with bridesmaids.
c. The father in law visits...
d. The groomsman visit
e. The ceremony.
f. Ex- Boyfriend after the ceremeny.
g. In the wonderful hotel she finds the best man fingering her during the speeches. Pausing only for his speech.
h. The Vicar leaves and she rewards him by depthroating him and letting him cum on her dress.
i. She finds herself drunk in the toilets and drinking two guys pee.... or the girls?
j Orgy on the dance floor?
k. Sitting on hubbies face and making him lick her out after a long day in their wedding bed.

3. A difference in cultures

A beautiful young bride to be finally meets her man's family. They are vastly different from her own family and she learns to adjust to the new culture. ...
A suggested list is:
a. How does she prove his family she is worthy of their son and brother?
b. Her future sister in laws show her what a hen party should really be like!
c. Her and her bridesmaids see what they are expected to wear...
d. She hadnt expected wedding day preperations to include that!
e. The ceremony is more adult that is used to!
f. The after ceremony entertainment is a bit shocking.g. You mean we wont be alone in our wedding bed tonight??

3. A Royal Wedding

Prince William and Kate learn that a Royal Wedding is not as they thought it would be. Kate soon founds out that she has to keep his family happy and realises she has committed  herself to being very much an object of the nations passions and desires.

I am looking for someone  to play Kate.

4. Wedding Day Rape

Its your wedding day. You are so happy and you can't wait to get married to the love of your life and on your wedding night you will offer him your virginity. Just imagine then how you feel when you are raped before the service.....

I love the idea of a Bride standing at the altar after having been taken roughly by a stranger....

5. Giving daughter away

You and Daddy have always been close. Best friends for your young life and today is your wedding day. It has been months in the making and you cannot wait to have your daddy give you away.

He comes to see you ready to escort you to the church. His jaw drops and his eyes widen when he see's how beautiful you look. He cannot hide the lust and desire that seeks to overwhelm him. He has always wanted more of you and you of him. Will yougive him what he desires before he loses you for ever?

Looking for a daughter who loves their daddy too much....

Please let me know if you want to change or modify any of the above and we can discuss it. I am only suggesting different scenes. It is not set in stone.


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Do not rush, you posted that just only yesterday and all people do not check new games everyday  ;)


Well my wedding is just next month. So just want to check there is no interest in these games??

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It seems to be sadly :P.


Zaer Darkwail

Quote from: Jester on April 27, 2011, 01:12:52 AM helpful zaer


I try my best. I spam your thread and help keep it on top at least :). Perhaps you find some interest now.


I like the last one. New culture one.


Added some new ones


I am also interested in the new/different culture arc. Seems promising, lots of different directions.
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I might be interested in the Daddy-Daughter one. It may be a theme I would like to explore. Not completely positive though.
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I like the daughter and daddy one. Is that one still open?



sorry both taken now. thanks though. xx