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April 10, 2021, 09:13:59 am

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Author Topic: Female searching for new stories...M/F and F/F A few plots, more added!  (Read 817 times)

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Offline MissInkTopic starter

Good morning, Afternoon, Evening, wherever you may be! Plots first then odd pairings and Manga/Anime at the bottom! New added to list!

I am on the hunt for new rp partners. I have a mixture of plots here,
some sex based, others adventure with sex in between. I do MxF and
FxF, but I can do a side relationship of MxM only if MxF is in there
I am semi-lit or Casual, whatever you want to call it. I can bang out
3-4 paragraphs for an intro on a good day, and at least 1-2 paragraphs
per post.

I only rp over PM or Email. Since my internet is currently down, and I
am only able to use my iPhone, I would say email was better for me at
the moment, but PM is fine.

Zoo with a twist-
(Not anthro, think more Neko.) MxF & FxF.
Sex based

You are fresh from the lab being transported to these where you will
live out the rest of your days.
It is an island in the middle of the zoo, surrounded by water. It had
an out door and indoor bit but there is no privacy but for a cave,
that leads to a small room underground.
It is already home to a female wolf girl who isn't pleased about seeing you.
The keeper will give them luxuries if they do something for him. The
keepers get a pay rise, if they can attract alot of attention to their
exhibits so the keeper (I would like to share this role) will ask the
two do things for the crowd, which can be anything, fighting, bathing,
interacting with the public, escape, being intermate...Anything!
(hence why I want to share the role)

My demon and me- Modern Fantasy plot -
MxF or FxF. MxF prefered.
Sex Based
Dom - You are not needed to be Sub. Looking for someone who can stand
his ground.
Bondage/Anal/Rough/Group/anything else you want to throw in

You have a girlfriend who is sweet, caring, loving towards you but she
wants to remain a virgin until she is married, But every so often, the
demon that possess her comes out. She is fowl mouthed, rude,
dangerous, violent and horny. She wants everyone and everything until
her power has weakened and your girlfriend returns. She isnt aware of
the demon and she still thinks shes a virgin. After a while, the demon
demands to know which one you choose! Which one will you choose?
Remain a human with your sweet, caring girlfriend? Or become a demon
with a lustful greedy inhuman?

KingxMaid -
MxF only
Adventure Based - Romance & Love

Instant romance time! Only for a short while, hear me out. The King is
married to his wife, living in a castle with no children. (I'll play
the wife, hence the instant romance...but it doesn't need to go very
far or it can if you want) The queen has a personal maid, who is told
to wear her unicorn mask at all times, unless otherwise told. She
assists the queen and the queen only and is under strict instructions
not to talk to the King unless otherwise told. T(Please stay away from
cliches. Kings are not always old men with long wispy
creative. Aragorn wasnt that kind of king was he?)
The queen gives her maid a task. To serve her husband a drink, with
first she must pour a vile of omionous green liquid into it first. She
promises her maid a higher position and a place in the royal court.
When the maid goes to do it, she refuses, and confesses to the King
who has her and his wife arrested. She pleads with him to let her live
and carry on serving him, and he does, since it was her whom saved his
She serves him still wearing the mask and he orders her to throw it
away. As she continues to serve him he begins to fall in love with
A war starts, and he goes to the front line, to fight with his people.
Stupidly, the maid joins the fight too (her background story depends
if its Fantasy or Non Fantasy). We'll decide if they should die or

MxF only (MxM on side)A
Adventure based - Romance & Love

Mr. Angel has been sent back down to Earth to redeem himself via
Guardianship. He must watch over and protect a mortal female (who,
conveniently, can't remember a thing from her past.), in order to make
things right again and become a full fledged respectable angel. Not a
Fallen. Apparently this girl is magnet for demons, trouble, and just
bad people all around and everyone keeps calling her 'The Crow' But it
turns out she has a family history riddled with angels, demons, and
everything in between. She is pretty much the door between Heaven,
Earth, and Hell. The gateway between the three worlds, and demons want
to use her to invade heaven.

Rich BoyxMaid-
MxF only
Submissive - looking for Dom.
Anal/Bondage/Group/Rough/ anything else you want.
Romance & Love

A girl gets a job in a rich familys home, needing the money to carry
on studying and paying the rent on her flat. Their son is studing to
take over the family trade. Desperation sets in and she goes to steal
something from the house, only to be caught by the son. He blackmails
her, making her do all manner of things...but later, begins to fall in
love with her. As he comes to terms with his feelings, a childhood
friend whos mother owns a large company, appears and the sons father
pushes him to marry her in order for their companies to combind more

MxF (Preferred) or FxF.
Sub - Looking for Dom
Anal/Rough/Bondage/Sexual Torture/Anything else you want

You are a business man, you own a large company of whatever you want,
and you have a large building which your office is the very top. You
are married, but stopped sleeping with your wife about a year ago, and
you are looking for a new Personal Assistant / Receptionist for your
top floor office.
You interview one girl and give her the job, making her sign the
contract that also binds her to you for as long as you want, and there
isn't anything she can do about it.
You treat her as you please, weather that be, keeping her under your
desk sometimes, or sexual torturing her by making her wear vibrating
panties, or a love egg, and controlling it from your desk, while she
sits at hers on the desk in front of your office.
You dont have to 'fall in love with her' but you do care about her
more than your own wife, and give her presents and even take her on
But what happens when your wife gets suspicious? Will you divorce her?
Or will she kill you first?

Princess x Thief (MxF or FxF)

Tonight is a party happening at the castle for all the nobles who can make it.
You are a theif and you are going to the ball to see what you can pickpocket.
But you are found out, and you quickly dash for the exit, grabbing what ever
you can before you leave, which is a young princess! You kidnap her and take her
to the city by the sea to sell her! But she is strangely grateful? Why?
Can you really bring yourself to sell her after all the events that happened on your way
to the city?
Lets find out...

I have other pairings that I dont have plots for

PrincessxServant MxF or FxF
HumannoidxHuman (Humannoid - Demon, Nymph alien ect) MxF FxF


Feudal Japan (Samurai/demons/priestess ect)

Manga/Games -

Fruits Basket
Gears of War
Fallout 3/New Vegas

These are guidelines, you may add or change.
I will not be on this board so do not post here, please pm me. I am
also welcoming your plots as well!!!