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Started by Arander, November 05, 2010, 11:38:01 AM

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A few of my games have died off unfortunetly, as they are ones I had a good amount of interest in. I'm looking to revive them in one form or another, and thus am looking for some female partners to join with in in developing a few good stories. Below are two ideas that I'd like to work out. Please PM me if they are of interest to you. The pictures I've found are ones that i think fit female characters fairly well, but feel free to throw other ideas you might have for me

A 'Fairy' Tale

This is a fairly open story for many different play styles. It could be medieval or modern times. Romantic or more NC, D/s. I just love the idea of Fairies and find them incredibly sexy, thus I'm quite willing to try out many different plot lines for this. Check out my O's & O's and I'm sure we can work something out.

The Fallen Knight
The idea for this story is much more fleshed out. A disgraced knight, exiled from the capital, finds himself wandering the countryside of the outer districts. For years he's tried to come up with a way to win favor with the king, regaining his title and lands once more. A chance stop at a small inn gives him such a way. The innkeeper's daughter is of a beauty almost unheard of in the far reaches of the kingdom. Pure and innocent, she is the type the king would gladly accept as a prize, as he has a lecherous desire for such flesh. Kidnapping the girl, the knight decides to take her back to the capital and give to his king. His own desire for the girl is too much to bear however, and he soon finds himself taking the girl himself and keeping her for his own.

The world will be more fantasy medieval than historical, thus leaves open the possibility of numerous fantasy creatures to bring into the story. Beastman, fairies, nymphs, satyrs, etc...  I'm sure we can find room for all kinds of stuff. Feel free to PM me if you're interested. I can go into more depth on what I have in mind for the story, and certain elements I'd like to see.
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Your Fairy tale one looks interesting. Would you want me to be a real fairy, or a girl that you had kidnapped and altered to look like a fairy.


I am deeply interested in your Fallen Knight story. I tend to match post size, just so you know, and, after looking at your O/O, I think we could definitely work something out. I love playing virgins who are deflowered, and are very submissive. It would be fun to work in some fantasy creatures too... give me a PM if you're interested.
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Are you still looking for rp partners for this?  It looks really creative and lots of room for growth!  ;D
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