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Author Topic: A Sampling of Dark Ideas  (Read 543 times)

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Offline DarklingAliceTopic starter

A Sampling of Dark Ideas
« on: November 05, 2010, 01:49:54 AM »
So perhaps it is the influence of the gray skies this time of year, but a trio of dark fantasies have presented themselves to my mind. All three of these revolve around fantastic themes and none of them are tailor made for happy endings. I have a real desire to play the victim in any of these three scenarios. Although in the synopses below I have generally presented my character as female, I would be open to playing a male in any of these roles. Likewise, I have no real gender preference for my partner's character.

If any of the following catch your eye, please PM me. If there are any general questions feel free to ask here or PM me.

1. Conditional Surrender

Setting: A medieval world where a battle between the forces of light and darkness has been waged for centuries.

"And on that day, as it is told in the chronicles, she lay down her crimson sword and walked, of her own will, into Shadow. None knew what awaited there, and none dared to speculate."

Once upon a time, far, far away, there was a kingdom. It was a place of peace, beauty, and art. It was ruled by a princess (or prince) famed for her benevolence, chastity, and nobility. But nothing lasts forever. One day a darkness begins to creep from the fens. One day people begin disappearing in the woods. One day some thing is seen stalking the darkness on the edge of a small town. Ever so slowly, and yet inescapably, a Shadow falls.

Of course, she tries to stop it. She leads the royal guard, assembles an army, and wages bitter battle with the darkness. However, nothing avails against this otherworldly power, and before long all begin to despair. Then the offer comes. It's a simple deal: She gives herself over to the enemy and her kingdom will be spared. She hardly hesitates before laying down her sword and making herself a sacrifice for her people. She never returns.

This would be the story of what befalls our innocent princess (or prince) in the hands of evil, sorcerous enemies. I've intentionally left details a little vague so that my partner can decide on the exact nature of the foe and what they intend to do with the brave, yet naïve, regent. This can range anywhere from [NC] to [EX] and I would be happy if it included certain elements of humiliation and/or corruption along with a healthy dose of fear and pain.

2. Devil at the Crossroad

Setting: The American South sometime between 1890-1920.

"Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste. I've been around for a long, long year, stole many a man's soul and faith."

This is probably the most straightforward idea of the three. A young woman feels trapped in a life of rural poverty and her father is pressuring her to marry. She decides she would do anything to escape such a fate, even sell her soul. So one night, when the moon is full, she slips out and heads to the crossroads. There she meets a dark stranger and makes a deal: power and freedom in exchange for her eternal soul and her virginity.

Once again I see ideas of pain, fear, humiliation, corruption all being fun ideas to play with in this scene. Unlike Faust, there will be no deus ex machina to save her, and when it's all over I would like her to be horrified at what she has done and more than a little broken.

3. So you had to be a hero...

Setting: Trite, generic fantasyland.

"What's this? Clearly a graduate of the famous adventurer's correspondence school!"

This one is kind of a twisted parody of RPG tropes. I honestly can't say what really inspired me to this. I would like to play an idealistic hero/heroine who sets out with high hopes of ridding the world of evil, being remembered in legend, and gaining enough XP to level up! Of course, things don't go as planned. Whether devoured by a dragon, kidnapped by kobolds, manipulated by mind flayers, overcome by orcs, etc. our hero/heroine finds herself in a hopeless situation meeting a terrible end. Possibilities for hard or soft vore, mind control, humiliation, torture, death, etc. I am really open to all sorts of weird ideas on this one and interesting situations/monsters are a plus!