My Brother Made me do it ... and a couple of new ideas(Seeking M)

Started by Evia Wolfricht, November 04, 2010, 12:43:56 AM

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Evia Wolfricht

I am in the mood for a naughty little RP that includes incest, blackmail and BDSM. So here is the idea.....

Ivy finds a link to an adult dating site for those who are into the lifestyle. She is fascinated by the thought of being dominated. It doesn't take long for her to set up a free account and post a profile. She quickly has several replies requesting nude pictures and web cam shows. What she doesn't realize is that her brother frequents the site looking for gullible girls to see just how far they are willing to go on cam for a perfect stranger. TAKEN

Over the last several months puberty had blessed plain little Lily Jacobs with some very womanly curves. Of course this means that all the guys who had never even noticed her now could not take their eyes of her sexy body. She decides to use this new found sex appeal to get exactly what she wants from the guys she meets online. While she is still a virgin, she teases these men into thinking that they will get the chance to be her first. It isn’t until her father catches her in the act one evening. Enraged by what she is doing, he quickly puts an end to her show and decides that she needs swift and severe punishment. TAKEN

Gwendolyn is a cruel young woman who likes to humiliate others. When she decides to turn her attention to the mysterious stranger that purchased the dairy farm just outside of town, she gets in way over her head. She soon finds out how it feels to be humiliated when she wakes up bound and gagged in the old barn. The man had plans to turn the vicious little vixen into nothing more than a mindless animal.  Specifics on this will be provided upon request.

And now for something completely different...

The story is about a young girl named Milia who is about to be wed to a man she despises all because he made a deal with her grandfather. Instead of marrying the ruthless brute, she decides to run away in the middle of the night just days before the wedding is to take place.
It is not long before her intended dispatches the news to several men who have done deeds for him in the past to find the girl so he can marry her. One of the men stumbles across her in the marketplace. When she notices him, she quickly tries to escape. Unfortunately for her, he corners her in an alley. She tries to convince him to set her free, but the bounty for returning her is all he cares about.

In the several days that he has her captive, he begins to see a side of the poor girl that brings out emotions that he thought were long dead. When he finds out the horrible truth about the life that awaits her when she returns, he begins to wonder if the gold that he stands to gain is worth more to him than rescuing her from the terrible fate.

If you like where these are going, drop me a message. We can discuss any details there.   There are a few things to keep in mind though.
Only contact me if SERIOUSLY interested in one of the plots. If you are selected and do not reply to the message in 3 days you will lose out on it.
I HATE short overly short posts. If you want to do one or two lines, then please don't reply.
I expect you to be familiar with spell/grammar check. I do my best to avoid making the mistakes and would like a partner who does the same.
I try to post equally. I do have a couple of RPs that are currently going on. I will not skimp on the replies just to get something out of the way.
I NEED someone who is EXTREMELY comfortable being dominant.
I HATE when people introduce new characters in without discussing it first. I tend to like to nail down certain details and stick with them.
I NEED someone who can post frequently. I would love to have someone who can be on most evenings and post several times.

"The Perfect Bondage" is said to be one man and one woman, the complete master and the complete slave, ideal and perfect for each other's needs." Page 442 - Slave Girl of Gor


Hello Evia,
                 I expressed interest in your incest /blackmail/BDSM RP featuring Ivy. I explained how I saw it playing out, and received a mass message stating that I was in the running(something like that). Now I see that it's still open.What gives? Have you closed it, or did the last pool of applicants not do it for you?