My shot at a dominant one on one

Started by SpirituallyAddicted, February 09, 2007, 08:55:37 AM

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 The story in a sum, mortal guy meets vampire girl in a bar, vampire girl then drugs guy's drink. Guy wakes up the next night to find out he has three days before he turns and in that time must deal with her jealous followers who thinks him unworthy of their Lady's attention.

More in depth version, two hundred years ago a couple who shared an eternal love was ripped apart by the single arrow of a vampire hunter. But before his death her lover swore that through his blood he would return to her. Which now brings things up to the modern times where the exsistance of supernatural creatures have been reduced to myth and campfire tales. How does a vampire hide so easily amongst the humans, open up their own night club of course allowing their minions to run the joint. Occasionally picking off a quick snack here and there, the place and location is more then a little shadey so the disappearence of a few nobodies goes under little notice by society.

Yet one night someone different enters the club, one who doesn't harbor the sent of sex and substance abuse as the rest do. In fact the scent he does carry was inticing enough to call the club owner out of her office, which was hardly ever seen. A sweet scent of old carried by a young man in his prime who doesn't know why he's ventured into a place like this. Something has lured him here unaware or perhaps the faint sense of realization. Though nothing will prepare him for what happens when out of everyone there our lovely vampire chooses him.

That's my idea, funny I couldn't think of a dom role with just a normal human girl.  :-\


Heh, I love the concept. Granted that being dommed is rather out of charactor for me. I'll PM you with some questions hehe.
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