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Author Topic: RS Mistress looking to play without her master! (male or female wanted)  (Read 1165 times)

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Offline RS MistressTopic starter

I am looking for a new RP to keep me busy over the holidays.

I do prefer dominant partners who are good creative writers that don’t mind some spelling or grammar mistakes (I tend to make some) as long as I can understand what is going on. I also like partners that talk to me about the story. I don’t like to be left in the dark about any ideas you might have or be left wondering what happened when I haven’t heard from you in a month or so. Mainly I want open communication for a story we are supposed to be creating together! I don't mind playing with male or female characters or male or female players. I mostly play female characters but wouldn’t mind trying a male if I can come up with a good enough story and only if it’s M/M. Most of the characters I play are also naive or have some sort of innocence and need seducing. But it doesn’t mean they are spineless, they have a little spunk. 

If interested let me know in a PM. Or look me up on MSN (just say you’re from E.) We can work out a plot based on just a pairing and/or a setting. I am flexible to what you want kind of character you want to play just let me know in your PM whatever ideas you have thanks.

Want to know what turns me on? Or off? Please Read My O/O's! Thank you.  ;D

(I almost feel like this is a menu. Pick one from each column lol)

Current Cravings: Werewolves! Or any were-animal, both or just one character. Fantasy/Historical Setting!  A school or work setting RP.

Settings I am interested in at the moment:

Fantasy (high or just some fantasy elements)
Werewolves; or any were-animal really (just no sex as animals please)
Historical times; (almost anything but if it’s too off from what I know I will have to do research.) Roman Empire, and the middle ages/ dark ages are my favorite!
Western; old west or modern country (like a ranch or some such) I would like to rope myself a cowboy (or girl)
Modern times, or slightly in future.

Pairings that I have a craving for right now (in order of want. I will play the second one unless stated):

Owner/Slave or Master/Servant
Ninja/non-Ninja (I’ve been watching Naruto, but I don’t want any of the canon characters unless it’s Kakashi but could work outside of the Naruto world.)
Superhero or Villain/Normal human
Regular customer/Waitress
Police officer/Speeder (can be just a bad driver or on purpose to catch his eye.)
Servant/Master or Slave/Owner

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Offline RS MistressTopic starter

Re: RS Mistress looking to play without her master! (male or female wanted)
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2010, 02:30:11 PM »
New plot ideas:

Two: I play a Princess it the royal emperor. He is my Uncle so I do not see him often nor do I have much to do with court life. Orphaned young I have spent most of my life very sheltered. Being raised in a monastery by nuns and having little to do with men. Now with a twist of fate the Emperors two sons have died leaving me the only her left until he has another child. Worried for my safety I have been moved to a nearby castle and been assigned a personal body guard. You would play the guard sworn to protect me. 

Three: (one shot) hotel mix up: I am travailing along an old highway when a bad storm hits. I pull into the closest hotel to wait for it to pass. We both mistakenly get the same room but with no other available have to share.

Four: your character male or female has acquired a dog somehow. She is nice for a dog but there is something strange about how well understands what you tell her. My character the dog is actually a werewolf, were-dog, or has some sort of curse that turns her into a dog during daylight hours and back to human at night. Can be set in any setting modern, future, past, fantasy and if you want can also be another kind of animal. The roles can be switched as well. Note: no sex in dog form thanks.

Five: my character has been mistaken for a princess when she is only a servant. The dragon who made the mistake now has introduced her to his fellow dragons as his captured princess (a big status boost). Now they have to hide the fact that she knows nothing about being a princess. She can only think of escape or rescue. I would like your character to be one of these possibilities but if you have another idea I am open to that to. Possible partners; the dragon who can change shape (male or female), a fellow princess (female unless you can find a way to have a male), or an adventurer looking for a dragon to kill to make a name for himself and gaining a princess by mistake (male or female)
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Offline YoungNWet

Re: RS Mistress looking to play without her master! (male or female wanted)
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2010, 02:58:21 PM »
Servant/Master or Slave/Owner
Owner/Slave or Master/Servant

Within a Roman setting, I would love to play a secret lesbian ;)

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Re: RS Mistress looking to play without her master! (male or female wanted)
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2010, 03:10:16 PM »
I'd like the Dragon/fake Princess one. I say make the dragon one of the weaker members in his tribe, adding that this boost in status means a lot more to him since he is now finally seen as a true warrior or something along those lines.

Offline RS MistressTopic starter

Re: RS Mistress looking to play without her master! (male or female wanted)
« Reply #4 on: November 29, 2010, 01:18:49 PM »
New Plot ideas:

Six: USPS bride

The west is being settled by ranchers and farmers. The banks and trains are still plagued by outlaws. He is a rough rancher (or lawman or something) who finds himself in need of a wife. (Just tired of your own bad cooking, wife died, or whatever) Thinking to get a woman who knows about running a house; he finds an ad for one in the paper that sounds too good to pass up. After a few short letters where we both lie quite a bit. We decide it’s time for me to make the trip out to the west and get hitched. Once I step off the train we realize that we both got more than we bargained for. He is not pleased at first and is very cold. She feels guilty knowing that she deceived him until she finds out how he deceived her.
I can play either one of these characters:

She wrote about how she worked as a housekeeper for a rich plantation owner in the south; a strong determined woman who knew how to take care of a house. In reality she is a young girl who hasn’t had much experience of the outside world except from books. She wanted to get away from home; tired of her father’s snarky comments and her sisters outlandish boasting of beauty. Shy and quiet more of a book worm she decides that her only way out is a daring move and places an ad as a mail order bride.

Or: She was a feisty saloon girl and prostitute, being left on her own when young made her a survivor. When the saloon where she lives and works is burned down she looks at is as I sign to gain a different profession. She chooses the one of wife as it has the best long term benefits. When most of the men who know her would rather be shot before marrying her, or are already married, she has to find another way and quickly. Posing as a good churchgoing girl who needs a wife she puts out an ad as a mail order bride.

Seven: It’s not stalking if you really, really love them. (Non-Con)

We work as coworkers (or live next door to each other) and see each other almost every day. I find you attractive but for some reason won’t make a move (I will deicide why after we figure out our characters a little more as this can be for so many reasons.) You like me but I have turned you down saying that I am already seeing someone. You know this to be untrue as you know most everything I do because you have been stalking me. Your stalking gets worse and you can’t take just watching me anymore. You find me alone one night and decide that you won’t take no for an answer anymore. It would be NC, at least at first. I would like some force and light bondage maybe even kidnapping. Check out my O/O’s for more.

Offline RS MistressTopic starter

Re: RS Mistress looking to play without her master! (male or female wanted)
« Reply #5 on: December 10, 2010, 09:33:33 PM »