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Author Topic: Wet-dream Coma (BON at most, Incest, multi-character)  (Read 913 times)

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Wet-dream Coma (BON at most, Incest, multi-character)
« on: November 02, 2010, 07:44:23 pm »
What happens when you’re in a coma? Do you simply sleep, do you dream, or do you live some half-dream? Norman Crane is an eighteen year old; black hair, on the thin side, and a geek through and through. A week ago, he was hit by a truck on his way to school. By some miracle, he survived, but was knocked in to a coma that he may never wake up from again.

But really, he probably doesn’t. A natural extension of the half-dream of your coma world is the half-wetdream, a world where your brain takes all your secret lusts and wishes and tries to work them in to something you’d recognize. That is what has happened to Norman.

To him, it was all real. When he got out of the hospital, the first thing he realized was the 10/10 nurse fretting over his stitches. The next was his family; his mother, and two sisters, and his girlfriend, all with relieved smiles on their faces.

The thing is, his mom looked twenty and could kill a man with those eyes, her big sister, even with the plain clothes she was wearing, could give any man a boner with those curves, and his little sister, endless creamy legs poking out from the shortest black skirt Norman had ever seen with a little black silk shirt melting against her delicate breasts, clearly braless from where he sat. His girlfriend was a median between his two sisters. Where his eldest was, apparently, built for sex, and his little sister had a boner-inducing sensuality hidden behind her innocent look, Norman’s girlfriend was a beautiful, hot, woman with just enough curves, and she wore the most revealing of all.

When he was home and in front of his mirror, he saw a boy with a healthy tan, a trim, athletic build, and an epic (Norman’s words) cock that would have any straight woman drooling over, especially in Norman’s wet-dream world.

Norman assumed that getting hit by a car simply opened his eyes. He had been so introverted before that he never really looked at the world. However, the change in behaviour from his family and girlfriend wasn’t as easy to put off as ‘revelation’.

He got hugs from his big sister all the time; the kind of hug where you were pressed right against her, and you could feel her huge tits and you knew she could feel the ghost of your cock, his little sister would walk in to his room to talk to him in nothing but a nightshirt and her pink panties and give him vaguely sexual looks that he couldn’t be sure were real.

The most jarring, though, was the fact that his mom let his girlfriend sleep over, in his bed, whenever she wanted (which had been the entire week since the hospital), and she took full advantage of that, making sure Norman was completely exhausted by the end of each night. Thing was, Norman distinctly remembered his girlfriend being very, very reserved sexually, and the few times they had had sex it had been the most vanilla thing ever, nothing like the woman who turned in to a complete whore for him on command.

This story would involve me playing the part of Norman Crane, living out his day-to-day life within the confines of his comatose world, crafted by his subconscious. You, in a way, would play Norman’s subconscious, as you’d be writing for Norman’s family, girlfriend, friends, and anyone else he runs in to that would be significant to him. Obviously I have some prior-creation for the characters, and I do have suggestions on their portrayals, but they are your characters and I will not godmode them.

While this is a very sexual idea, it isn’t going to be 100% sex. He won’t find that his teacher is bending over for him in the middle of the class, and his girlfriend isn’t going to tolerate him being an idiot. The characters are, simply put, hyper-sexualized versions of their real-life counterparts. For example, Norman’s big sister is fully a prep. She’s not going to suddenly love comic books, or anything else Norman likes, but she’ll still try and get in to his pants. Inversely, his little sister is a geek, like Norman, and that isn’t going to suddenly change either.

Post here and PM me with any interest, comments, or concerns! My YIM is and my AIM is dopplereffective. Hit me up there, too!


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