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Author Topic: Judge's Orders - Need OC Females  (Read 1327 times)

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Judge's Orders - Need OC Females
« on: November 01, 2010, 12:04:13 pm »

I have issues. Someone really just needs to take my DVDs and TV away...Anyway, as the title of the thread says, I need a House Maid or Servant Girl to help take care of Judge Turpin's household.

Having lived in the Judge's home since she was a child, the maid/servant has found herself smitten by her Master. She thinks very highly of him. Seeing him as an upstanding man for keeping Johanna after her mother went insane. Doing everything he could to keep the young, blond girl safe from harm. Thinking him to be an amazing man to do such services to the community by being a judge, even if she doesn't completely agree some of his 'rules', such as women keeping quiet and having to silently obey their husbands.

Being about 5-7 years older than Johanna (who will about 13 in the game, meaning she won't be taking part in ANYTHING), the two would of been good friends if it wasn't for the Judge's rules about being kindly with the servants. So all the maid knows is that Johanna is a poor, orphaned girl that the Judge was so kind as to take in. So any bad behavior on Johanna's part, the maid takes great offense to. Feeling completely invisible, the maid just continues her silent fantasies about the Judge. Oblivious to all the horrible things he's done.

Meanwhile, the Judge hasn't been all that ignoring of her presence. She's the age he enjoys and she is quite pretty, though not nearly as much as Johanna (at least in his opinion). Since his ward is still out of his reach, age wise, he silently enjoys watching her. At least that is till his interest is finally peaked. He hosts a dinner at his house with one of his Council men and finds himself with a lap full of wine after the servant girl stumbles and drops the pitcher all over him. He doesn't know that it was his 'friend' Beadle that caused her to drop it by grabbing her backside while she was pouring a glass. He is ready to punish her, but can't ignore how it feels to have a woman bent over his lap (she is trying to clean up the mess, completely forgetting that she's running a cloth and her hands all over his lap). He dismisses her for the night and she goes to her room fearful that she is going to be turned out of the house because of her accident.

The game would not be Light, most likely Non-Con or Bondage. It would end around the time the movie takes place (when Johanna is 15). Mostly likely with the maid being turned out of the house (pregnant or something) or being killed because she has too much blackmail on him by that time.

PM me or post here if you're interested.

I had this game put away for a while because I absolutely adored who I was playing it with at the time...but they have either gone inactive or wandered I really want to find someone to play this with!

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A Modern Horror
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2010, 02:56:17 pm »
A Modern Horror

In 1846, a man named Sweeney Todd (now known as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street) killed a total of twelve people, including a well respected judge. It was later found out that he'd given the bodies to Nellie Lovett and had her put them into pies. Whether Mrs. Lovett had knowledge that the meat was from human bodies or not was never found out. The last known person to see Sweeney Todd alive was Tobias "Toby" Ragg. The reports say the boy went mute after the police found him in the bakehouse with the bodies of Sweeney Todd, Judge Turpin, and Lucy Barker laying on the floor in front of him and the body of Nellie Lovett burning in the oven.

Since that night, the Meat Pie shop and the Barber shop above it have been abandoned. No one wishes to live there or do business there. It's rumored to be haunted by ghosts of all that died (and most of which were eaten) there.

Nearly 200 years later and the shops remain untouched. It has been ransacked, but a few of Nellie and Sweeney's possessions remain. The chair he slit throats in still sits in the middle of the upstairs room and Nellie's meat grinder (free of bodies and blood) still sits in the bakehouse. Many leave the build as it is because of the tourist attraction it has become.

Many people seem to agree that while the Judge Turpin had lusted after his ward, Johanna, he did not wait for her to become of age to find pleasure. In later years, many whorehouses kept books with records. Some of these records indicate that Judge Turpin was a frequent client. Paying greatly for virgins and virgins only. Usually pretty blonds.

It is also well known that Todd's daughter, Johanna, did manage to get away from it all. Running off with a sailor that was commonly seen looking up at her window, but no one knows what happened to the couple.

In 2010, a young woman, early to mid twenties, has come to Fleet Street and purchased Mrs. Lovett's Pie Shop and the barber shop. She intends on making them both into sort of a museum, much like the Sanderson Sister's house in America. A tourist attraction (more so than it already was)

While she doesn't tell anyone, she is the great-great-grandaughter of Sweeney Todd, a decedent of Johanna and Anthony. The two had escaped Fleet Street and fled to America. She'd been told all her life the story of how her great-grandmother Johanna had been locked up for years in Turpin's house and how Anthony had rescued her from the evil man's clutches

While recreating the shops, the girl happens upon one of Sweeney's old razors. It had fallen and slipped under the mechanical chair and become stuck all these years. She uses the things she finds and old reports to set up both shops as they'd been when Lovett and Todd lived there.

All the while she feels as if she's being watched. Not the neighbors with their questions or anything like that. But as if someone who doesn't want to be seen is watching her. She catches sight of him once or twice and finds his features to be familiar. Not in a visual sense, but as if the way he looked had been described to her before.

The boy, of course, would be the decedent of Judge Turpin. The product of one of his nights with a whore before he was killed. His appearance is much like Judge Turpin's and since learning of his history he has wanted revenge on the Todd/Barker family. Convincing himself that Turpin would of taken his great-grandfather in as his proper son had he not been killed that night. Basically blaming Todd/Johanna/Lucy/Lovett for all his problems in life.

We can work out in PM how he'll figure out that the girl is the grandchild of Todd. I would prefer to play the OC decedent male, but I can play the female too.

PM me or Post here with interest.

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A Lesson Learned
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2010, 09:39:34 am »
A Lesson Learned

Despite not being the most obviously attractive man for his age, Judge Turpin is well known for being a harsh disciplinarian. In his courtroom he upholds the law to the strictest of manners. Yet the small circle of men that know him personally, or as personal as one can, know him to be a rather vulgar person. Once in a while, the men get together and attend masked donkey shows and other inappropriate events. Smoking cigars and throwing small change at poor prostitutes. And even making those poor women do the most horrid of things to please them.

Knowing this about the Judge, one of his 'friends' brings his younger daughter to Turpin. He says that he fears his daughter will not be able to properly please her future husband and with so many becoming divorced these days, he doesn't want that to happen to her. He wants her to be a proper, correct, and good wife for her future husband. In this, her father decides that she needs a firm lesson in how to be a proper woman and in how to please a man. Having been to a few of the 'parties' that the men hold and seeing the Judge at them, he can think of no better person to train his daughter.

The girl is, in appearances, a perfectly acceptable woman. Young, soft skin, long soft hair, bright eyes, and dressed in the best of clothing...yet she tends to be a bit clumsy, outspoken (not well liked of women back then), and hasn't a clue what to do with a man. It's his job to teach her how to not only act properly in public, but in private as well. Teach her the finer points of being a Victorian woman and all that the privacy of a bedroom can hold.

This game will be consensual, but the girl will be fairly nervous about things. Once the Judge is satisfied with her, she would be sent back to her family. Kind of like a Lady in Waiting, though not being taught by another lady and being taught how to pleasure as well as taking care of a household. The game would likely fit best into Bondage, cause even in the 1800s they had those sorts of things. ^^

The game can take place either before Turpin rapes Lucy or during the years that Johanna is being kept at his house (the game would not involve Johanna at all as she would be too young).

PM me or post here with interest.
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Re: Judge's Orders - Need OC Females
« Reply #3 on: November 05, 2010, 11:42:36 am »
being a sweeney todd fan if you don't find any interest i would gladly play this out with you :)

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Re: Judge's Orders - Need OC Females
« Reply #4 on: January 26, 2011, 01:52:57 pm »
Added 'A Lesson Learned' to the third post. ^__^