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Author Topic: My Brand New RP Requests Thread!  (Read 927 times)

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Offline pleaseteasemeTopic starter

My Brand New RP Requests Thread!
« on: October 31, 2010, 06:24:38 PM »
Intro / Current Cravings

Hey all,

Welcome to my brand new ideas thread!

Seems recently a lot of people I've played with have vanished, so hopefully I'll be able to attract some new RPers.

Hopefully you might find something that interests you here, and please do feel free to browse my ONs and OFFs, and my Rabbit Hole. (Links in my Sig!)

I'm perfectly happy to play with both males or females playing F characters, however it's very rare that i do anything but heterosexual roles. Basically who is sat behind the screen makes no difference to me.

These roles aren't set in stone either, I'm happy to hear any ideas you may have, or alternate ways of playing out my ideas.

Thanks a lot for reading, if you're interested in any of my ideas then please feel free to send me a PM. :)

(Note: names are changeable and are just to help me describe the potential setting a little better.)

Recently I've had a massive craving to do a RP where a guy is seduced by a woman whom is very sensual and very much into using the mind as a powerful sexual stimulant to excite and toy with. I would see it almost like an education of sorts where the female would take him away from the norm of getting off as quickly and often as possible, and taking him down a new road, a road where orgasms are treasured and few and far between for him, instead concentrating on the feeling and the pleasure that he would usually take for granted. I very much see the couples relationship to develop throughout the RP, though things in the bedroom would move quite slowly, in the way that there would be lots of kissing and foreplay as well as some intercourse, but his sexual release would not come often, his new woman making him experience the powerful feelings of being constantly charged with sexual energy for extended periods of time. The exact scenario and the way the characters meet is still very much up for discussion and open to any suggestions.

A Different Future*CRAVING*
20 years into the future, and the power of the world was been shifted, not from the traditional world super powers, but from men to women. Almost every country is led by women after a mass uprising at the way men were deemed to have ruined the economy. Laws were quickly changed and rewritten, the powers and privileges of men reduced in varying degrees from country to country, women firmly positioning themselves in charge of all things important. In the RP we follow the life of Paul Sawyer, a young man growing up in this world. Being only 18 he knows nothing of the previous society that existed on earth, instead we follow his struggles and torments by the females in his life.
It started on his 16th birthday when he had to undergo the compulsory chip implant which female scientists developed. The chip is able to monitor a persons location,  and temperature amongst other things. The worst part of the chip was that it could record whenever a male ejaculated, and unauthorised ejaculations were a serious matter indeed. You see, the powers that be had decided that the best way to keep the men of the world in line was to take control of the 1 thing they cared about most, their penis. If a man was to have an orgasm without permission there was a compulsory £500 fine, as well as other factors that could increase this figure such as repeat offenders, and the manner of the ejaculation.  So, if a man wanted sexual relief all he had to do was find himself a woman kind enough to allow him one, or go along to his nearest tax office, where for the sum of £450 he would be given permission to relieve himself once. The money from this all went straight to the local government and it proved to be a popular way of gaining finances for those in charge.
I'm looking for someone to play a female character in his life, be it friend, relation, classmate, and we follow him on his journey of sexual frustration!

Tease Island*CRAVING*
Tease Island is a gorgeous island out in the warm seas of the Caribbean.  It has sunny skies, golden beaches and clear blue sea, not to mention quite possibly the most luxurious 5 star hotel known to man. As of this Tease Island is only open to the richest of holiday makers, or should that be the kinkiest of holiday makers?
When applying to visit Tease Island one must fill in a detailed questionnaire specifying turn ons, turn offs, the length of stay requested as well as your more general holiday information. Guests that are accepted are asked to abstain from any sexual relief for up to one month before arrival so that they get the full effect of what it's like to stay here...
What makes Tease Island so special is its staff, or The Teasers as they are more commonly known. The Teasers are made up of some of the most beautiful men and women you could ever find, or maybe even imagine, and there seems to be someone to satisfy every kink or desire.
Upon arrival at the Island the guests are paired with a Teaser that is best suited to their desires and becomes a ‘buddy’ in a sense, albeit a buddy designed to tease the guest something rotten. All guests are free to enjoy the hotel and its facilities, and even the other guests if they so please, and the Teasers are there to cause sexual havoc and play out the fantasies and kinks of the various guests.
The main idea is for it to be almost an Island or Orgasm Denial, however with how it works it's very easy to add other kinks and ideas too, as well as just some flirting on a tropical island in a gorgeous hotel.

High School Seduction*CRAVING*
Every school seems to have a girl labelled as a cocktease, and this one was no different. Her name was Emily Webster, and she was everything a boy could want in a girl. She was pretty, funny, sweet, cute, and damn sexy to top it all off, the kind of girl most of the guys at school fantasised about to be blunt. Most girls seem to get labelled a tease if they don't give it up after the first date with the football player they're out with, the difference with Emily was, she actually was a tease. She loved nothing more than to get a boy all hot and bothered, and then send him home like that, however the guys she seemed to end up dating hated it, and she was getting quite fed up with it. That's where Michael came in, he and Emily had known eachother for a while, their parents had been friends for a number years, and they'd gone through junior schools together as well. Michael wasn't like the other guys she had dated, he was sweet, he was kind, he'd do as she said, he'd be ideal for what she wanted. Basically I'd like for Emily to come onto Michael, flirting subtly at first, but as their relationship begins to build the teasing intensifies, and so does her control over his cock. As time goes on I'd like it if she could introduce Tease & Denial, and Orgasm Denial, basically getting Michael very excited when they're together and not getting him off very often. Other kinks and fetishes can most certainly be included too.

Thanks again for reading, and please don't hesitate to PM me should you be interested, or for anything else for that matter.  :-)
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Offline pleaseteasemeTopic starter

Re: My Brand New RP Requests Thread!
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2010, 09:38:09 AM »
A couple more ideas I've had, and I've cleaned up the opening a little too.  ;D

Stepmother From Hell
He could never get his head around the fact that his Dad had managed to get with the gorgeous woman that was now his Stepmother, let alone marry her. He'd never had any problems with her, she was funny, she'd do anything to help him out, she was like the mother he never had, well, sort of. The problem was he was quite attracted to her ever since he had discovered his sexuality, and over the past few years he'd find his fantasies running wild with ideas of the two of them in various situations, and he was sure she must have seen how he looked at her. Back to the present day, and his Father has been away on business a lot recently meaning he spends a lot more time alone with his Stepmother. As they've spent more time together he has felt as if she was started flirting with him, just saying and doing things she didn't usually do. He always dismissed it as his imagination being hopeful, but he was wrong, how wrong he will find out over the coming weeks. What follows is his Step Mom teasing him something wild, doing her best to ensure he has a constant case of blue balls.

Teasing Teacher
Ms Holliday was a well respected English teacher, she got the best from her students and her students would in turn get the best from her. Like most schools though there are always one or two exceptions to the rule, and in this case it was David Jones. The problem with David wasn't that he was stupid, it was instead getting him to exert himself in class, for he was just happy to do the bare minimum in order to get by without getting into trouble. This was the sort of student that Ms Holliday loathed, the ones who could do the work, but didn't want to, and she knew just how to get David more interested in her lessons.
What I would like to happen next is for the teacher to keep David behind and initiate her plan to get him to work harder. She would start by flirting and teasing him, hinting that if he did well he might get a little something else from her. Of course David then does that, however he doesn't get anymore from her, just more teasing instead. I'd like it to build to where Ms Holliday convinces him to stop masturbating, telling him to wait until his reward, and in the mean time she flirts with him more and more, driving the young man wild with lust and desire.
Depending on my partners preference perhaps even the two of them could meet out of school, where things could be a little more, hands on, however the teacher still refuses to give him relief, and such is his longing for her agrees despite her torturous teasing.

The Interrogation
A spy/pilot/enemy soldier has been captured by the government. This could be a perfect way to get some top grade enemy intel, if only they could get the captive soldier to talk. Annoyed by the lack of progress with the soldier's unwillingness to comply, he puts his best agent on the case. She's sex on legs, 100% pure woman, curves like you couldn't believe, and never, ever, has she failed to make a suspect talk over time, and she plans for this to be no different. Using her own special methods she tease and denies the soldiers orgasm, teasing him to the brink of insanity, until he finally cracks and blabs. However it doesn't end there for the poor solider, he's kept in such a state should anymore information be needed in the future.

Offline WhiteTigerForever

Re: My Brand New RP Requests Thread!
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2010, 05:28:51 PM »
Your Sensual Tease idea looks very appealing. ;)  Are you still looking?