Naughty D&D 3.5

Started by NicciKotor, October 31, 2010, 12:53:31 PM

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Always looking for more people to experiment with and try out some naughty adventuring. I can do both DM and PC duties, and I always have a large collection of ideas to fall back on. Just PM me or send a message here if you are interested.
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I am interested in DM and PC but I don't really know what's it like so if you don't mind to tell me, that'll be wonderful :)

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If you still want more give me a whistle.
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Its always more fun with more girls, If you will have me anyways  ;)
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I'm new to the 3.5 campaign but would love to play if your willing to be a little patient with me.


It has been a while since I've played any D&D setting, I would love to get my fix settled. Would have to go as a player. I wouldn't have the time to DM.


3.5 is always a fun system. course what I be will depend on what books you allow.. so many ways to break the game in 3.5. I could be a player.. and can always be a consult for plot or encounter ideas.

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I would also only be able to be a player, due to time constraints.

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Well, I'm jonesing hardcore for some tabletop stuff. I can play, or I can DM. If DMing, I can run Eberron or Forgotten Realms pretty easily, though it'd be more in the nature of episodic content rather than a coherent campaign. If playing, I call dibs on the Cha-based casters. :P


Well nerts. I may as well try my hand at running a small group once again. The last time I tried it imploded on itself rather quickly.

I do have a idea for a plot that I've been itching to use. Here are the rules:

-All female party. Maybe one guy if I reeeeealy need him.
-Only three of you.
-Level 5
-14000 starting gold
- One extra 'personal' item, that you have to justify with a back story. Nothing insane like a ring of invisibility.
- 5d6 rolls, drop lowest two, reroll ones and twos. (I like over powered characters for my party, that way I don't feel bad when I throw weird shit at them.)
- One of you has to be a priestess of a goddess. Feel free to pull which ever deity you want from any of the books for that. So something like cleric/favored soul would work for class.
- No evil characters. They only serve to annoy the DM and make her have to do things with canes.
- There will be plenty of NC material in this, so if you are not comfortable with the more rough naughty kinks, this is not for you.

If I get more then 3 people for this, then I guess a healthy dose of bribing and sweet nothings will go a long way. What would go a long way for you to get into this, if all three of you ended up worshiping the same goddess, but in different fashions. Like a cleric character, monk character, and a favored soul character. That would make the plot hook I have in mind sink in all the more easily. It isn't required, I just think that three priestesses wandering the land together and getting into trouble is adorable. If you do decide to go this route, the three of you have to agree on which goddess you are worshiping.

With that in mind... GO!
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Give me toys and anime figures and I'll let you spank me as often as you want!

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