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Author Topic: Choking Darkness  (Read 719 times)

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Offline RahvunTopic starter

Choking Darkness
« on: October 29, 2010, 11:56:38 PM »
The year is 2436. After the human race used up nearly all of the Earth's resources and polluted it to a point nearly beyond living they took to space and started space colonies. Unfortunately, only those who can afford it live in the comfort and luxury of a space colony. The rest are left on the stinking cesspit that is Earth.

Earth has become a deplorable place. An ever dark hell. Due to the pollution that was all left behind the world is in a perpetual state of darkness, the Sun blotted out. The difference between night and day is minimal. The air is foul and if one is not used to it, stings the lungs. All those unable to afford life in the space colony make due with what they have. A single large urban centre has emerged. Nearly all of the current population resides within the sprawling metropolis. Dilapidated skyscrapers rise up where the original city was founded, threatening to crumble at any moment. The streets are riddled with cracks and potholes, in a state of disrepair. There is no such thing as property ownership. Atleast not when it comes to shelter. Most buildings can have any number of residents in them at any time.

Because of these horrific conditions the people still on Earth have become hard and unforgiving. Greed runs rampant, with most people looking out for number one. A wrong look can end you up with a cracked skull... or worse. There is no law enforcement. Any attempts to police the rotting city fell apart long ago. Violence has become a common place thing and the gangster is king. Mob bosses are the closest thing to government and enforcement the city has and most people are ok with this. Atleast it provides some protection, right?

Through all this darkness a popular past time has arisen; something of a gladatorial style cage match. Two combatents enter and duke it out for cash. It is a no-rules type affair that can become quite gruesome. In order to win one combatant has to incapacitate the other. This does not necessarily mean death, although it is a common occurence. The combatants are not allowed anything except their own fists.

Why would anyone enter into such a dangerous bout? A number of reasons, but most often it is for some quick coin. People love to watch others be brutalized: it is simply human nature. This has been quite amplified by the harsh conditions of Earth. So the gangsters started to put together these matches and charge admission to watch. The winning fighter would earn a certain amount for the win. This drew huge crowds. The purses for winning grew to impressive numbers. The gangsters then started to develop the whole thing. The cages were put into clubs, complete with loud, pounding music, bars and strippers. The crowds flocked. A system for betting was set up. The gangsters who set up the whole thing became wealthy, even by space terms. They simply prefer the money - and the lifestlye - of this new Earth to the posh lifestyle of the colonies.

Of course, the money isn't the only reason. Some people just like the feeling of beating another person - or being beaten. These types can be seen once in a while. Others do it as a sort of initiation. Whatever the reason, some people think anyone who enters is crazy. But everyone watches. Everyone always watches.

(Well here is the prompt. I hope I have provided enough description to get something going. Feel free to ask questions if you want clarification though. A very dark, dangerous, futuristic RP. Open to everyone)


Garren could hear his adversary choking on his own spittle. He had left the man on his knees, clutching his throat desperately trying to catch a breath. Garren wasn't concerned with him anymore though. The man was as good as dead; Garren had shattered his windpipe. The only thing left to do was pound on the thick steel door - the only way in or out of the collosal steel cage -  signifyiny his win. The deep DUM DUM DUM of a bass heavy song was unable to drown out the racous cheering for him. Of course, the crowd would cheer for whoever won, even if they had lost a bet.

The door clicked as the lock was turned and opened. Garren walked out. He headed over to a couch, his large bare chest heaving from the effort of the fight. Out of the corner of his eye he could see his adversary being thrown out a side door of the club. His body would be picked up and disposed of far away from the club. Typical procedure for a death. Garren reached the couch and pulled his tight black shirt over his shaddy brown hair.

"You know I'm just going to take that off you later tonight, right?" The voice of a woman sitting at the couch asked. She was wearing a short black miniskirt with a brown top that covered the top half of her stomache and ended just below her breasts. Wide straps criss-crossed and covered the breasts and disappeared around the back of her neck. The showing stomache was firmed and just slightly toned. She had her short, raven black hair styled in a way that said Fuck You. Or maybe it was Fuck Me.

The woman uncrossed her long, sexy legs and stood up. She wrapped one arm around Garren's waste and placed the other on his chest. Garren leaned in a kissed her, "wouldn't you like that," he replied nonchalantly, then moved away from her and went over to the bar. The next bout was about to begin and there was an excited electricity in the air as people started placing and changing bets. Garren ordered himself a drink and pulled out a cigarette. The bartender gave him his drink and he left the bar and found a couch. Sure, people cheered for you when you won, but they sure forgot about you fast. No one paid him any mind anymore. The random girl from before was no where to be seen. Playing hard to get seemed to have backfired this time.

Garren sat on the couch and lit his cigarette. He could see the owner of the bar sitting in his VIP section, placing a bet on the new fight. It was about to begin and Garren sat back and prepared for the action.

Offline Detrunorm

Re: Choking Darkness
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2010, 12:36:46 PM »
It was Kate's nature to turn away from the fight when the man went down; in all honesty, she had spent most of the night trying to avoid the arena. But her friends that had dragged her to the god-forsaken place had made sure that she watched at least one match. She wasn't one for violence - she had her own reasons for that - and so she was currently feeling quite ill. Sighing softly to herself and turning away from the crowd, she made her way through the masses of people to try to get to the bar.

She was small for a nineteen-year-old, but she didn't look young. Her hair could be considered blonde in some places, but brunette in others; occasionally there could be a flash of red. It was natural, however, and fell a little way past her shoulders in a mass of layers. Slightly messy because of the heat and all the people, Kate decided to quickly tie it up to try and cool off a little. Her teal-green eyes soon found the bar and she approached it, glancing around for a bartender.

"Just a glass of water, please?" She smiled her thanks as the bartender handed her the drink, looking slightly annoyed; it was a little scabby to order tapwater, but Kate had no money with her, and she didn't even want to be out in the first place. Turning, she leant against the bar and surveyed the room, savouring the cold water as she began to drink. She looked fairly average, wearing a long t-shirt and a pair of leggings, slightly boyish in nature. She frowned a little as she recognized a man on a couch not too far away, and then realised that he had been in the arena. Feeling brave, she decided to make her way towards him.

"Doesn't it weigh on your conscience, killing someone?" She still held her drink in her hand, maintaining a safe distance from the man ahead of her. Her eyes were more curious than accusing, not wishing to argue.

Offline Kairi

Re: Choking Darkness
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2010, 10:32:38 PM »
A Girl with waist length blond top and purple under hair and violet eyes walks up to the bar "hey could I get to sodas please... make that three" She is eyeing the handsome fighter and the innocent looking girl who started talking to him, 'Well I guess it would be a good idea, after all I am trying to make friends...' she thinks quietly to herself. She turns and hands the bartender some cash and some change for the drinks leaving him a little extra for a tip and begins to meander over to the other two stuffing one of the drinks in a jacket pocket. "Hey nice win I just won some money off of that fight of yours. I'm definitely glad I bet on the cute guy this time." winks and turns to the girl, "here I noticed you weren't able to get a drink so I figured I'd help out," goes to hand her a soda. "Don't worry I didn't do anything to it, I told the guy the tip was from you. I figured I don't have much better to spend the money on plus I wanted to have an excuse to come over here." Looks over at the fighter thinking his rock hard body should be excuse enough. Kairi turns back to the girl and smiles with her violet eyes waiting patiently for her to take the soda.

Offline Blist

Re: Choking Darkness
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2010, 10:49:09 PM »
Up by the cage itself the mood was far more intense. And sitting there at a small table surrounded by other was a girl of twenty years. She had pale skin and bright green eyes which seemed almost aglow in her excitement. Her hair was straight and cut in an edgy fashion reaching down a little past her shoulders, deep brown in color but with brighter red streaks through-out. She wore a pair of old jeans that fit nicely, even though they were rather beat up and frayed, a white tank top and dusty black boots. Her arms were adorned with random bracelets and fingerless leather gloves, while a simple string-tied pendant hung on her neck. She was a far step from the more glamorous girls around her, but then she wasn't here to put on a fashion show or hunt men. Most knew this, as she was at some cage-fight or other almost every night.
"Oh hell yeah! Look at those muscles, tattoo boy there is so gonna win this one. Better start pulling out the money kittens."
Jayana was ecstatically watching as the new fight unfolded, making her bets with those around her as the battle began.  These two were new players in the game it seemed, for she did not know them. And being a regular on the fight-scene, she knew pretty well who was who. Most forgot fighters quick, the majority of peoples attention spans being unable to withhold such things as names for too long. Jayana knew better then this. If you remember the name of the winner, it lets you know who to bet on next time that same winner decided to re-enter the matches.
And they always re-entered. That was how it went. Money was a powerful thing. A solid motivation for a winner to undergo the gruesome acts again for another chance at getting paid. It was a vicious circle, and she lived for it. It was like breathing to her. For when the winner got paid for a fight well matched, she got paid for a bet well placed. And whoever stated money couldn't buy happiness was a sore and pitiful loser. Perhaps it couldn't buy happiness all-out, but it could buy cigarettes and chocolate which in her book was basically the same thing anyways. Also, winning a bet was an adrenaline rush. And adrenaline was her drug of choice, that combined with her store-bought happiness made for a very fulfilling evening.
Though, admittedly, not as fulfilling as she'd like.  These cage fights were popular, and she visited them nightly, but more often then not it was an exclusively male-fighting experience. She liked placing bets, enjoyed watching someone get the shit kicked out of them, rejoiced upon winning a bet but what she really wanted was to fight herself. Oh she had done it before, sure. But female battles were a bit harder to come by.  Most girls were happy to leave such things to the boys and get their pay-offs in, well,  in other activities. And co-ed battles were practically inexistent because to be honest, it didn't matter how tough a chick you were, a two-hundred twenty pound mountain of a man would still break you in half with minimal effort. All in all she had only been involved in three cage-matches. And she had won them all, and craved more. I mean why not? She hadn't killed her opponents, she had knocked one unconscious for awhile but thats just how it goes. There was no real harm in it as far as she was concerned and if there was so what? You accept that fate when you entered the cage. Win big or die trying, it was practically the code of the universe now.
A loud uproar drew her up and out of her thoughts and back to the match at hand as a particularly violtent punch was made. She had been right in choosing the man with the tattoos and for a moment all else was forgotten as she stood from her seat and screamed out encouragements to her newest money-maker.


(( Hello! Hope you don't mind me jumping right in! I love the story-line of this rp. It's been awhile since I've seen a good futuristic roleplay! ))