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Author Topic: System Games: WTB Female Character(s)  (Read 618 times)

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Offline mystictigerTopic starter

System Games: WTB Female Character(s)
« on: October 29, 2010, 10:25:17 PM »
I've had the urge to run something for quite some time now - what that 'something' is, I'm not entirely sure. I'm not a fan of freeform; a system provides a framework for a story and adds an element of chance. It's like having a coffee-cup holder in a Ferrari - it's not the reason you're in the Ferrari. The list of stories that I'd like to tell would include:

Swasbucklering heroism!
I'm itching to tell a story involving gratuitous heroics, intrigue, pirates, musketeers and of course corsets and heaving cleavage. The sort of thing I have in mind would be something similar to d'Artagnian's story in The Three Musketeers - 'farm girl makes good'. I like the idea of starting off at the beginning of the game with the heroine having attitude and potential, but not much more, and then ending up as one of the finest swordsmen in Europe. Or with their own ship. Or whatever. Basically something freeform, sandbox, and exciting.

I have in mind trying to tell a story that works along the same idea as above - starting off as low level in a tiny village somewhere. Moving from noob with a sword up to competent mercenary, and then ending up owning a castle - you know the cliche D&D stereotype. This'd be 3.5 D&D, probably set in Forgotten Realms. And there would be dragons. I like dragons. Dragons are good. The other option that I quite like would be running Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Perhaps my favourite genre of all time - this would be a mix of gritty future intrigue, violence, exploitation, and crime. Any story is a good one when it involves cybernetics, megacorps, high-performance engineering, and biotech.

Something highly cinematic, involving Bond-esque levels of suave sophistication, one liners, and fast cars. This would be something set either in the 80s (The Soviets provide such a useful enemy) or in the present day.

I’m pretty sure that I can do better than Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, or whatever that mythical fourth Indy film was called. I have in mind something involving mysteries, the paranormal, archaeology, and Nazis. Lots of Nazis.

I'm a big fan of the Old / Original / Real World of Darkness, in particular Demon the Fallen. I recently acquired Scion (also by White Wolf), and very much like the idea of having a crack at running that

I have plenty of ideas about plots, and would like to include eRP therein. These are stories that happen to have an adult element rather than a string of adult scenes thinly linked together by a few lines of dialogue.

I live in the UK, so playing the timezone shuffle might be problematic.

PM me should you want to know more - let me know the ideas that appeal to you, the thoughts that you have. Tell me the kind of character you want to play, not your class. To show you've read this post, please include in your reply to me your favourite colour.

I want posts that are witty, and descriptive. Examples of the Kind of Thing That I'm Looking For:
Sniffing in disinterest as his comment, still slightly peeved, Sabina finally begins to rise up from the depths as he offers to scrub her back. Taking in the sight of him in the sunlight, for one brief moment; she forgets she is supposed to be angry. All things aside, he really was breathtaking. Remembering herself, she merely spits out "Englishmen." with another sniff before obliging him and turning around, pulling all that long dark hair over her shoulder. "Your lucky I'm so attracted to you, else I'd be drowning you right now." She threatens emptily; closing her eyes as she awaits for him to wash her, almost wishing that she had challenged him to wash her front first.
Vivienne held her breath as she sneaked up to the goblins. Adrenaline and early feeling of victory filled her as she realized how easy it was - one girl against six clueless goblins. She was right behind them, and they continued yabbering with each other in their strange crude language, not having a clue of something being out of place. They got their first hint when Vivienne thrust her rapier swiftly and decisively right through one of them. The thin blade emerged from its chest, and it gurgled, and coughed blood staring at the reddened blade, not able to understand what had just happened. Then vivienne yanked the rapier straight back so that the goblin collapsed on itself, dead.

Offline Behemoth

Re: System Games: WTB Female Character(s)
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2010, 05:25:35 AM »
Hey there mystictiger. I'm interested in playing a sexy heroine, and I see you've listed a number of games and settings I really love. PM coming your way shortly.

PS: My favourite colour is green ;-)