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September 27, 2022, 08:22:31 am

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Author Topic: RPs I want to play (?I hate lame thread titles)  (Read 997 times)

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Offline BlesgardTopic starter

RPs I want to play (?I hate lame thread titles)
« on: October 29, 2010, 05:28:07 pm »
I read a lot of request threads, and there really are some very interesting ideas... but I think I just can't start taking them on before I don't get my own Ideas of my mind ;)

I didn't succeed in making an O/O thread yet, but I filled out that helpful Ons & Offs charts at least, reachable through the link under my avatar ^_^
My Ons and Offs are more of a general guideline anyways, however, I of course don't have to have all my likes in all my RPs and can do some of my dislikes if the RP gains from it ;)

Also: ALL my RPs can develop into much more and muchly different RPs than I listed here as, depends what we come up with together and was think is fun ;) Especially the first parameter is generally open to discussion.

(M/F; no D/S; light-ex; Action (Martial Arts, Spy Fiction); Earth:Contemporary or Earth:Futuristic)
This one is pretty classy. A female assassin is secretly in love with the nice guy from across the street without them both knowing each other well. One day however she gets order to dispose of exactly that guy. Of course she can't and now has to face him, admit her feelings and make him flee with her.
This is where the RP starts. I would like to play the female assassin and am searching for someone who wants to play the nice guy.
The point of the RP is that the assassin got to protect her love, so the nice guy being a cop, soldier, secret agent or something like that would be kinda contra productive. I was more thinking along the lines of accountant (in a secret agency maybe), Scientist or Programmer.
The game would somewhat revolve around figuring out why the nice guy shall get eliminated, who the employer of the assassin is and what they are up to. Non of which I planned full in advance yet, but I would like to develop that together during RPing.
Knowing me, the Assassin will be pretty devout, please do not mistake that for submission, cause that would end badly ;)

(F/F or TG/F; no D/S; light-ex; Romance, Low Fantasy, ?Gothic; Earth:Hidden World, Earth:Alternate History and/or Earth:Historic)
This RP takes place in the Victorian times in England. For some reason the young girl didn't make it home in time, the night is up already and the dark alley scare her, especially the news paper stories of that infamous serial killer who targets young women go through her head.
That is when she comes by a large mansion, and in a first floor window there is still light! Maybe in the big house there is a little chamber free to shelter the scared girl for the night.
The Lady of the house doesn't like the late disturbance at first, but looking at that beautiful young maiden, scared and lonely she just cannot deny her entrance.
This is is all about romance, and I am seeking someone who plays either an experienced seductive Lady or a shy, naive girl (Victorian Age looks upon any female from 16-21 as 'young girl, almost a child'.). Since the setting favors it, this can include low Fantasy elements (e.g. witchery), Tragic Elements (which make it Gothic) and similar.