A Broken Love Letter

Started by Marguerite, October 28, 2010, 06:31:32 PM

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A Broken Love Letter

I am drained.
I cannot take this anymore.
I will not keep listening to your words and your lies.
Oh, your beautiful and wonderful lies.

Do you not understand?
You are a vampire.
Drain me of my energy.
Of my strength.
My love and my need to save you.

A person who I thought was a friend and a lover.
You are just a fiend.
One who uses me.
Abuses my trust and love.
You have me.
Do you not see?

I am right here to help you.
Take my damn hand and let me help you.
Let me shelter and comfort you.
Someone who I love and care about; please, let me before we both perish.
Before our friendship and love burns away.
Burned and picked up by the wind never to be seen again.

Just stop it!
Stop your lies and your doubts.
Those doubts which whittle away at your self-esteem.
A self-esteem based on attention and praise.
Praise does not warm you at night.
I do.

I want to be the one who holds you, kisses you and loves you.
Yet, it is not enough.
Never enough.
Always want more.
More people to surround you.
Love you.
Tell you sweet words and lullabies.

When will it ever be enough?
Ten years from now?
It will never end.


Background Story:

I wrote this today after realizing that many people have come in and out of my life. People who I admired, loved, lost, hated, despised and many more items.  A lesson I was given was individuals come into your life in two ways. One, the individual comes into your life for a little while but are not meant to stick around the long haul. Usually, those individuals are there to teach you an important life lesson about them and your relationship to that individual. The second individual comes into your life and will stay by your side through the good times and the bad; at the end of the day, that individual is meant to be in your life permanently and will teach you many life lessons and not just one.

This poem was to realize my feelings towards the individuals who I wanted them to stick around, fought for them but knew in the back of my mind, they were not supposed to be here because they were not the right individual to have in my life. Now I do not believe in a God but I do hold the belief that many individuals in my life have a purpose and only with time, will their purpose show up whether they influence me in a good way or a bad way. Right now, I am at a cross roads with many friends and lovers; I wrote this to figure out where the friends and lovers will end up and I only hope it is not in the broken pile.
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*R.R*A.A*O.O*Wiki*Bordello*Whip and Apple*
You Keep On Crying, Baby, I'll Bleed You Dry
Mar Is Currently: Taking On Threads
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