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Female Writer Needed. [Victorian Era, details within.]

Started by Dahling, October 28, 2010, 03:44:55 PM

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I' a craving for something a little bit Victorian and to write for one of my males.  Alan Bramwell, a bastard disguised as a gentlemen.  I'd like to do something with him battling his morality.  A steady patron of the arts, faithful christian, devoted husband.

His wife is barren, her health failing and there delivered into his hands a blessed gift in the name of innocence.  She was the daughter of a no one, just the offspring of one of many servants, left orphaned with the death of her mother.  It's his duty then, isn't it, to see that she's taken care of.  After all, God set her upon his path, didn't he?

But his eyes linger too long and her naivety appeals in many, many ways.  It's not just her fall from grace, but his.  The only problem is that once the malady sets in...for him there's no salvation from it.

Potential to contain: Manipulation, Corruption, Non Con, Black Mail, Humiliation, Light Bondage, D/s

The Golden Touch

-Eyeballs, ponders-

I'll get back to you.  Let me take my ASVAB and see if I'll have time.

"Yesterday was the easy day."
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Oh my.  Sounds promising.

And lots and lots luck with your ASVAB. -leaves snugs.- ^^

The Golden Touch

I am really very interested in this idea.  And for some reason, I'm seeing silk scarves and the like.  >>;  Over imaginative Muse.

"Yesterday was the easy day."
Ideas (Open) /What Floats My Boat\ Absences


Mm, your Muse sounds...right on point, actually.  <.<

-slips off to send you a PM.-

The Dark Raven

If you need another taker, I volunteer.  I miss writing Victorian historicals.

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