New Submissive Slave in Need of Hard Training.

Started by Obito Uchiha, October 26, 2010, 08:37:52 PM

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Obito Uchiha

I have been trying to find someone with the dominance I would like for my role play as a submissive slave. I'm very open to what people are aloud to do to my character and very little I will not try. Master or Mistress Will work for this depending on the way you would like to have the role play work, and I am willing to try and do a group Thread as well if it is something you would like.

I would like to have my character be played as a Sissy Boy. Now i don't mean a baby acting adult i mean more along the line of a guy who likes to cross-dress and be treated and seen as a woman to dominate. Now I Know this idea won't appeal to many people and that is fine as I will also play as a female character so that no one is feeling uncomfortable.I'll probably mention this a lot, but everything is up for discussion to find out what will work.

I've had a few ideas for how this should start but they are still all up for discussion:

1. My character could have been already abducted and chained up in a basement full of other slaves for sale and drugged up to keep quiet and drowsy. The Master or mistress could come by and search through till he was found in the sissy department chained against a wall already in girls clothes and dressed real slutty how a owner would want their slave. (would have to be broken in...Also can change to a girl)

2. Slave is already broken in a little for usage but wasn't properly trained as he was only used for whoring out. It was decided he would be put up on Auction for sale and there are plenty of buyers lined up. One of these buyers could be his new potential owner, or if not then he is picked up by someone outside the auction.

3. Could be out for a stroll and the new owner could come up and find some way to make the possible slave pass out. He takes her back to his home and throws the new toy into a basement chained up or possibly a cage till she awakes.  After having the person awake, there could be a person waiting or she would have to await till someone comes to get her. More slaves already down there as well or possibly just the new one to be trained and used as a maid for the Master's life.

4. Somehow become a slave of a wealthy owner. The slave will be trained by the owner who also has multiple other slaves already (can be any gender) that help or just forced to watch as the new toy is trained. Then they can be taken to events for other peoples pleasure to use or torture and could even be forced to participate in bonfire bestiality fucking by one dog after another to find out who can go through the most dogs before passing out. 1st place makes a lot of money for owner.

5. Willingly becoming a slave through BDSM chat room. She has to choose between being flown out and then forced to become a permanent slave for the persons pleasure, or either end their sessions together over the Internet. She decides wants to be with him more then her own life and leaves it all behind to meet him. Either play nice till back at home or can start right from the airport.

6. Secret slave from their parents as the maid or butler takes control of the stuck up rich girl. She could be caught doing something naughty and then in return forced to do anything the Servant asks otherwise she could loose her trust fund. She is in full slave mode while the parents are away on business and they keep it privately while the parents are there.

7. Friends for a long time find a new relationship blooming. The soon to be new slave is practicing some self bondage on herself in her living room when the friend soon comes by for a visit. Finding the door unlocked they enter and look around to find their long time friend in a exposed position and starts to feel power over them. Everything goes from there.

If anyone would like to try this you can either PM me or reply here and I'll PM you when I am online. My only restriction is no nasty things, scat, puke, etc etc.... if you need more clarification you can ask if something is a no and I'll let you know before you do it.

Something new i was thinking about is using Piercings as a possible way of torture, but also as a way to show ownership. Having rings pierced into the nipples and used for holding weights or just as a way to show how much of a slave she really is. (this could mostly be for the female character but still works partly for the male character.) I don't mind if there is multiple characters, just run it by me what you are having in mind for that and I'll give my input. As well i have seen this happening a bit on the site, please no god modding. It's my character so please let me control cause if it happens too much then it makes me wonder why I'm even role playing in the first place.
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Obito Uchiha

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