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Author Topic: A Degree of Exceptionality (Ro and Klamity)  (Read 820 times)

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A Degree of Exceptionality (Ro and Klamity)
« on: October 26, 2010, 03:57:42 PM »
The city was bustling in the midday sun. The man entered from the South East gate, headed through the market place. Dust floated a bit in the air, giving everything a kind of hazy view. People carried about as normal, trading, talking with neighbors, children playing in the streets. But he got glances. Ternor didn't come to the city often: he didn't care for it. But today was also different from the other times. He was wearing what looked like battle gear. Sure, here and there adventurers stood in groups with their weapons and such, but he looked like death walking, grim faced and all. Leather straps held artfully stained leather armor pieces to him, over top of dark forest clothes. His boots came up just below the knee, cords pulling the mouth tight to his calf. A long green cloak floated behind him in the light breeze of his passing, its hood up over his head. He bristled with weapons. Two short swords at his hip, a dagger over each breast, one on each forearm. A bristling quiver hung from his belt at his right, and a bow hung it a case on his back. Wisps of hair fell out of his hood, resting on his lowered bandanna before being blown back into the hood. People did not want to get in his way.

He made his way for the military section of the fortress in Aradel. Aradel, the shining jewel in the Southern Realms. Not that it much mattered if he didn't get to see the person he needed to. When he entered the barracks, even the men there looked surprised. "I need to see Lord Guntry, now." The deskman stammered a bit "L-Lord Guntry is in the hall right now but-" He was cut off as he charged past, up the stairs that led from the military area, on the lower end, to the higher area of the fortress, the area more like a palace.

He walked through the bright halls, a grim beast stalking its corridors with a purpose. He found Guntry in a smaller hall, talking with a few other lords, a few had Ladies on their arms, and even a few ladies by themselves. By the way he was moving his arms and moving about so, he knew he was telling an embellished story of the few times he had been out in the field. What a toad. He strode up, and Guntry didn't even pay him any attention. "Guntry." He said in a low voice. Guntry sighed and finally, reluctantly, acknowledged Ternor "That’s Lord Guntry to you Ternor. Now what is it?" "I need to speak with you, now. Probably better away from the Ladies ears." "I dont know who you think you are-" "Look, I didn't come all the way from the Reaches to chit-chat." With that, Guntry managed to compose himself, and follow Ternor, only out of earshot of everyone else.

"They're moving. I saw them, massive hordes of orcs and goblins are massing. It could be over in half a year." Guntry guffawed "That’s such a claim. I don’t know why you even bother me with this." "Well maybe if you gave me command of some forces, or a better budget for training I could do something about it but I can’t you pompous ass!" The conversation turned into mainly a slurry of insults, with Guntry looking over his shoulder to make sure that his friends were still there.
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