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Started by Rochester, January 30, 2007, 11:06:45 PM

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Okay, so. I don't know how you guys work, so I'm going to trial-and-error it. I mean offense to no one by opening my own roleplay if I'm not allowed. But here it is.

Erotique Digitale
Man vs. Machine: The war against artificial intelligence

The Setting
Futuristic; though there is no specified year. Man hasn't left Earth, but rather expanded into the skies with higher and higher buildings. People live in skyscrapers and pollution forms in rings of smog that stripe the atmosphere like the layers of an onion. Major technological strides have taken place, but most notable of all of these strides is the creation of artificial intelligence and the robot, which then progressed into the android. Our story takes place at the center of this technological revolution: New York City, New York, United States of America.

The Plot
Even in a futuristic world, nothing has changed. Poverty runs rampant, people are dying on the streets, which are covered in total darkness. Money makes the world go round, and people are reliant on technology to run their lives. The problem is that in the ever-evolving quest to improve technology, the line between man and machine became just that side of unclear. It scares man to think that we might have created life in an inanimate object. Even worse is the threat that AI could be if it began to disagree... and of course, whatever can go wrong, invariably will. Man has set out to destroy AI. AI fights for its life. And of course there are rebel factions who believe that the government is overlooking the possibility of humanity in the machine. While the law to destroy all AI hasn't been passed officially yet, it's definitely in the works, and commonly accepted that if you disagree, you're a rebel. You're either with the bots, or against them. And either way, it's a bloody battle.

The Twist
In this futuristic world, there's a bit of fantasy. The undead and fantastical exist, and have come to be accepted as commonplace. They're scientifically accepted and even printed up into appended text books. There's a scientific classification for the lagoon monsters, a genus and species name for the common house sprite. This is not only a world of the future, but a world where mythology and reality collide.

The Rules
oo1 Hi, I'm LD50. I'm the self-proclaimed moderator of this thread, seeing as I created it. That means what I say, goes.
oo2 No godmod(d)ing, powerplaying, autohitting, etc. If someone dies, it better be because the two or more players discussed it OOC via PMs first.
oo3 Be. Literate. I can understand typos and occasional grammatical errors, but so help me, if I see one emoticon or 'plz thx omg lol' in my forum, I will hunt you down and kill you. Also, if you PM or IM me and use chatspeak, I might eat you alive. And I chew. Just a friendly warning.
oo4 If you're Elvi (or Elvi on another username), you can't play. Got a problem with that? It's the internet, get over it.
oo5 PM me your character profile, filled out exactly as I ask for it in the profile skeleton below. Do not begin posting until I've replied to your message and approved your character. I might ask you to clarify or alter a few things. Title your PM to me "Real eyes realize real lies" so I know you've read and agree to my rules.

The Character Profile Skeleton
Puppeteer: Your username.
Name: Straightforward, I should think.
Alias: From high-school nicknames to military codenames, those go here.
Age: As old or young as you choose. I want you to play it, though.
Race: Species and ethnicity both go here.
Occupation: What do they do as a job?
Gender: Male, Female, Both, Neither, etc.?
Sexual Preference: Homo, Hetero, Bi, Trans, Pan, etc.?
Position: Are you someones master or leader, second, follower, what?
Height: Obvious.
Weight: Obvious.
Blood Type: A, B, AB, O, +/-
Eyes: Be realistic. If your character has red or purple eyes, it's because they're albino or have really good contacts. And no, vampires do not have red eyes. If you are lycanthrope, your animal form may have a different eye color than your human form. If this is so, indicate such information here.
Hair: If your hair is any unnatural color, it is because it was dyed that way, or has reverted that way after centuries without sun.
Please Note! If you are a demon, a gargoyle, or a fey of some sort, you may have unnaturally colored hair or eyes. If this is so, be specific.
Distinguishing Marks/Body Modifications: Even minute things. If your character has a birth-mark on their left ear, I want it to say so here. This includes tattoos and piercings.
Clothing: Be serious. If your character is law enforcement or military, flak jackets and minimal SWAT armor is acceptable. I do NOT want any stay-at-home moms with riot armor running around. And think for a second, if you were a vampire, would you really wear a cape?
Demeanor: General personality. This can be fairly vague, although if your character has any personality tics, as well as like or dislikes, list them here.
Weapon: Any special abilities or signature artillery should be listed here. If your character has a lucky gun, I want to know all about it. If you are a vampire with enough years under your belt, here is where you tell me about your special power and/or animal to call. If you're a human with extra special abilities (ie: necromancer, empath, psychic, etc.), tell me here.
Religion (If applicable): This one's obvious for most. This is applicable to you if you are a demon, contrary to popular belief. It's chill to be a generic demon or whatever, but if you looked your character up from some obscure book of death or gnostic underworld mythology, tells us about it. We might appreciate your genius.
Reason for Survival Thus Far: Be creative, but honest. If your character isn't old or powerful enough to strike out on his or her own just yet, say so. It doesn't have to stay that way forever, but not everyone can be a leader. No disgrace in being cannon fodder, I always say.
Character Image: Insert a picture of your character here.

The outline codes are included below for cut and paste idiot-proof-acy:

[b]Sexual Preference:[/b]
[b]Blood Type:[/b]
[b]Distinguishing Marks/Body Modifications:[/b]
[b]Religion (If applicable):[/b]
[b]Reason for Survival Thus Far:[/b]
[b]Character Image:[/b]

Please be as creative and specific as possible. Have at it!
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мαġηα εŝτ vεяιτąŝ ετ pяαεvąℓεЬιτ
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart.
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You know I'm in when this hits the threads LD :P
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oo4 If you're Elvi (or Elvi on another username), you can't play. Got a problem with that? It's the internet, get over it.

*laughs so much that she has to go to the toilet.....comes back reads again and continues to laugh*

Oh and if you aren't sure about setting up a game AD, then this thread may be of help....
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мαġηα εŝτ vεяιτąŝ ετ pяαεvąℓεЬιτ
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart.
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