F/F OR M/F Wanted- Very Tumultuous Plot! {NC-EX-VAN}

Started by Pixilicious, October 24, 2010, 11:07:23 AM

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One wrong mistake...

Kellie had gone to a party one night and gotten drunk.  Very drunk.  So much so that she ended up cheating on the love of her life that night who was supposed to be out of town.

Christina had decided to leave her week long convention early so that she could spend extra time with her lover.  Never had she expected to come home to find the woman of her dreams in bed with another person.

To say that her life had been shattered was an understatement.  She walked in that night, only to walk back out. 

Three days later, after having some time to think, she realized that she wasn't ready to let Kellie go and give up on their relationship.  However, she couldn't readily forgive her for what she had done.

So, she came up with a plan to get revenge and give Kellie a taste of her own medicine.  Going back home, she laid down her cards.  She would give Kellie a second chance and forgive her if she was able to endure a week of whatever Christina decided.

However, what she didn't bank on was Kellie's fatalistic attitude.  That is...Kellie staying quiet and taking whatever she dished out without any protest because she felt that she deserved what was happening to her after she did what she did.

It was then that she realized that things needed to be fixed between them.  Only now, she hoped it wasn't too late...


I'm looking for someone to play the role of Christina in this plot.  I don't mind if you're a female playing a female or a male playing a female.  That stuff really doesn't matter to me! 

Also, I wouldn't mind trying this as a M/F pairing as well! :)

If anyone is interested, PM or IM me and we can discuss it further! :)

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