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Started by Lilly Dela Cruse, October 23, 2010, 04:24:29 PM

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Lilly Dela Cruse

I am still a bit new so I'm trying to find other scenarios that intrigue me.
Here is my wish list of scenarios I would love to try.

  • I want to do a erotic take on the urban legend of the woman hitchhiker who disappears  from the back seat.  in this version  a guy picks up a beautiful young woman on the side of the road and offers to take her where she wants to go. She thanks him and of they go. In this version the hitchhiker is a Succubus who gives the driver more than he bargains for. Details will be given to those who are interested. Bondage , sex and torture may occur

    Woman who is a bit plain saves the life of a warlock /witch  and he/she rewards her with what she wants the most to be   beautiful and desired. The warlock/witch  becomes jealous   and wants her for themselves  takes her  and keeps her locked away to carry out their desires and whims. some bondage  kidnapping . looking for male or female who are dominate but not cruel.

    Woman sees a man come out of the woods in the park nude  he is very attractive he sees her to and it just so happens he is  a werewolf. she goes back hoping to see him. She finds him there the next day tossing a Frisbee around with his dog.She approaches him ... we will hash out details lots of ways it can go.  may involve sex in semi transformed state , also rough sex  no nc but  am opened to suggestions violence definitely and some fighting

    A thief  breaks into an old house to  steal whatever she can find and happen upon a party inside, where she is the guest of honor.  The lady of the house is a lovely young woman whom the thief finds attractive the young woman is whisked upstairs to dress for the party and is Called  by another name. She soon forgets why she was originally there. she joins the party not realizing the danger she is in ... could be a ghost story could be  a vampire story , but I am seeking a  female who doesn't mind a little girl on girl fun and doesn't mind  playing submissive, bondage and maybe a bit more .

    Vampire Seduction  have some ideas on this  but would like to hear some new twists on an old favorite open for just about anything please get back to me

    Aravica was born of a union between an Insane mother(or so she was told) and a Demonic Father(she doesn't know that at first). She is heir to his small kingdom and .  She is a thorn in the side of her father's enemies since her blood possess the power to destroy them.The kingdom exists beside our own as each influences each.In her world she is teased an tormented by everyone in the town she lives in, not only because of her mother  but because of the strange scars between her shoulder blades. She may be beautiful but no one will date her or talk to her she is lonely , until Gabriel comes to town. He talks to her defends her and spends time with her  he's almost like her guardian angel. 
    well this can go a few different waysbut I am seeking Gabriel action kidnapping light bondage  romance  if you are interested or have any ideas pm me about it   
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